While the attention of the whole world was descending on Moscow and the final outcome from the Olympic Committee's decision on the 2008 Olympic bid, Jiang Zemin's group was extending its tentacles to Moscow. They spread the rumor that "Falun Gong would stage a massive rally during the final phase of China's bid to host the Olympics." They took this opportunity to request that the Russian Interior Ministry put close surveillance on Falun Gong activities and prepare for large-scale arrests of Falun Gong practitioners. Thus, Jiang Zemin's group sent a large number of well-trained agents, photographers, a propaganda team, and hired thugs to Moscow. They spread out in all the nooks and crannies around the city, setting up their monitoring and spying activities on Dafa practitioners and their exercise practice sites. They envisaged applying "illegal gatherings" as their guise to frame Falun Gong and to deceive worldwide media. They looked forward to setting up more excuses for their diabolic persecution and ruthless killings.

July 13, 2001 was indeed an unusual day. Eyes from all over the world were focused on the center of balloting in Moscow. Yet, eyes in Moscow were cast on many sensitive places. Russian Dafa practitioners adhered closely to Master Li's words, "Validate the Fa with reason, clarify the truth with wisdom, spread the Fa and offer people salvation with benevolence." ("Rationality") They distributed various materials exposing the persecution and bloodshed by Jiang Zemin and his cohorts. More than 10,000 copies of pamphlets were delivered to Russian government officials, media, more than 200 Chinese company offices and organizations in Moscow, and more than 100 foreign embassies in Moscow. Practitioners adopted novel approaches to clarify the truth to people at different locations. They appealed to the whole world for the urgent rescue of Falun Gong practitioners in China and help to put a stop to Jiang's torture and slaying. On this day, Dafa practitioners continuously sent forth righteous thoughts to exterminate evil. Wisdom, rationality and boundless compassion safeguarded the future enlightened people. The evil's hideous scheme dissolved like bubbles.

On the other hand, the mischievous plot of Jiang's gang inflicted great harm to ordinary Chinese citizens who came to Moscow to support China's bid to host the 2008 Olympics. On that day, the Moscow police arrested more than 50 Chinese citizens. These Chinese citizens were members of a group called "Rally to Support China's Bid to Host the Olympics." Afterwards, these detainees complained, "The Chinese Embassy was guarded like a garrison and they would not accept any civilian visitors. Since we could not find a single TV station doing live coverage of the balloting process, we had no choice but to go to the Conference Center of the Olympic Committee for the final outcome. But the police insisted that we were Falun Gong practitioners and arrested us under the newly established Russian law against "illegal gathering." These Chinese citizens sighed with emotion saying, "China torments Chinese people all the way to foreign countries. What are we to expect and hope for?" When they requested for their release, a Russian police chief scolded them, "If you stir trouble again, we will prosecute you right here. You will serve out sentences in Russia and forget about going home."

The event in Moscow caused substantial pain and sadness to our fellow countrymen. At the same time, it provided a fine opportunity for Chinese people traveling overseas to recognize the truth. The plot to frame Falun Gong by Jiang's co-conspirators completely back-fired. One who conspires against Falun Gong will be the one who suffers.