July 2, 2001

Fifteen female Falun Dafa practitioners have died and many others are receiving emergency treatment due to brutal torture in the Wanjia Labor Camp. This is a result of the great atrocities which took place last month at the labor camp in Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province.

(Please refer to http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2001/6/30/11803.html for the relevant report)

This incident has greatly aroused people's attention and concern. Because of its great impact, officials from the central and local governments went to Wanjia to inspect the situation. Government sources took pains to stop the spread of any news following the event. After June 20, staff members and guards from Wanjia were banned from returning home and were forced to turn in their cell phones and beepers. Telephones were sealed off to prevent any possible information from leaking out and no one was allowed to visit. Moreover, the labor camp did not even notify the family members of the deaths of their loved ones. Some local police stations informed the family members upon receiving the news from the labor camp, but later they were blamed by the labor camp for leaking this information.

When the family members would visit the labor camp, the directors would be unavailable. Instead, a so-called representative with an unknown identity would act on behalf of the labor camp. Family members were required to sign statements that claimed that the deaths had nothing to do with the labor camp, and they were urged to cremate the bodies as soon as possible. The labor camp claimed, "According to the government's regulations, we do not need to provide any compensation to the family members. A Falun Gong practitioner's death is worth nothing. Since it's not easy for family members to come over here, we will pay each family 2,000 Yuan RMB for the travel expenses and burial costs. Be aware that this is a special treatment for you." This is how they dealt with the death of Dafa practitioners! When family members argued with them, they said brazenly, "You can use any means to try to sue us."

As the truth has gradually become apparent, people have come to realize that the Wanjia Labor Camp has been imitating the infamous Masanjia Labor Camp. There, determined female Dafa practitioners were thrown into male prisoners' cells and were subjected to all kinds of inhumane torture. In trying to cover up the facts, the directors of the Wanjia Labor Camp show themselves to be very despicable.

After this incident, the directors showed no regret at all, but began to escalate the persecution of Dafa practitioners and redouble their efforts to brainwash all practitioners by July 20.

The dead practitioners whose identities are known:

Zhang Yulan was a 55-year-old practitioner from Mishan city. She went to Beijing to appeal in 1999 for the third time and was arrested soon thereafter. She was held in the first detention center for more than one month, after which she was sentenced to two years of labor "re-education" and was sent to the Wanjia Labor Camp. She was tortured to death on June 20 for her firm belief in Dafa. Rope marks were found on her neck and because of this the labor camp claimed that she, along with other practitioners "committed mass suicide by hanging themselves."

Shao Ying was a 33-year-old woman from Mishan City, where she worked at the Mishan Herd Bureau. In 1999, she was jailed in Mishan, her first detention center. Later, she was released after paying 6,000 Yuan. In the year 2000, she was once again detained. Because she refused to yield to the police, she was illegally sentenced to labor "re-education." She was tortured to death on June 20.

Zhao Yayun, a 54-year-old woman from Lequn Commune in Shuangcheng City, was taken away from her home in July of 2000. She was later jailed in Shuangcheng's second detention center. One month later she was transferred to the Wanjia Labor Camp because she did not cooperate with the police. She died on June 20, with injuries all over her body.

Li Xiuqin, a female from Lishu district, Jixi city, was a retired worker in the Lishu district grain depot. She was arrested because she went to Beijing to appeal in 1999. On October 2, 2000, she was sent to Jixi's second detention center. On December 26, 2000, she was sentenced to 2 years labor education and was sent to the Wanjia Labor Camp. She died on June 20. The vicious police said, "The higher authorities have said that beating Dafa practitioners to death counts as suicide. Do not identify the body and be sure to cremate locally." The police cremated her body without notifying her family members. The family received her ashes in a box.

Two more practitioners from Lishu district were tortured to death. While their ash boxes remain, detailed information on them has yet to be investigated.

Since the labor camp keeps close control of the news and some family members are concerned about further persecution, it is very difficult to carry out the investigation. We hope that persecuted people will wake up and come to understand that there is nothing to be afraid of. Those vicious people who are worse than beasts dare to do things that harm people and are not afraid of retribution. Why should we, people who uphold justice, be afraid of them?

When questioned about the cause of death, the labor camp answered, "They committed mass suicide by hanging themselves with ropes made of bed sheets." However, such a rewriting of the news suggests that the labor camp is trying to shirk responsibility by making excuses.

All the practitioners who have been persecuted in the labor camp know that the guards and criminals watch practitioners closely so as to prevent them from practicing Dafa exercises or studying Dafa. This occurs whether the practitioner is brainwashed or not. Some determined practitioners are even subject to surveillance 24 hours a day. Several dozen people watch in each team, plus there are guards and a monitor system on the night shift. It would be impossible for practitioners to find a time to commit mass suicide.

In order to prevent accidents, there are only beds in the cells. There is no way to find a place to hang a rope, not to mention a place that could be used to hang oneself to death.

After the incident, why would the labor camp block all news from leaking out if they were innocent?

How could these practitioners have committed suicide? Falun Gong teaches that killing is sinful, including killing oneself. If those practitioners were so determined in Dafa, how could they do something against the teachings of the Fa?

Committing suicide is merely an excuse the labor camp gives in order to cover up the facts. It is well known that in the last two years, the criminal gang led by Jiang Zemin has tortured many practitioners to death and then labeled the death "due to heart disease," or "suicide" so as to shirk responsibility.

We appeal to all UN human rights organization, all governments, and kind-hearted people: pay close attention to the safety and lives of the Falun Dafa practitioners ruthlessly being persecuted by Jiang Zemin's accomplices! Let's expose the evil, eliminate the wicked forces together, and stop the persecution of Falun Dafa as soon as possible.

We also sternly warn those persecutors of Dafa practitioners: evil deeds will receive retribution. It is reported that Harbin city is suffering from severe drought and high temperature. Those evil people who persecute Dafa practitioners will receive retribution for sure.

A kindly reminder to the world's people: do not assist the evil in doing bad deeds.


Responsible Parties in the Wanjia Labor Camp, Harbin City:

The Director Shi Yingbai, Tel: 86-451-4101454-3309, Beeper: 97126-7856

The Leader of No. 7 Team, Wu Jinying, Tel: 86-451-4101454-3472

The Leader of No. 12 Team, Zhang Bo, Tel: 86-451-4101454-3471