Greetings, Teacher!

Greetings, My fellow practitioners!

I have been practicing Falun Dafa for almost six years, since July of 1995. This is the ninth year since Teacher imparted Dafa to offer people salvation and rectify the cosmos. During these nine years, Teacher has born incredible tribulations and sufferings. Dafa practitioners have also shown great benevolence, especially in the last two years of tribulations imposed by the evil forces, and have established unparalleled mighty virtue for the Fa and Dafa disciples.

The fast speed of Fa rectification is beyond the imagination of everyday people. Teacher said, "Dafa disciples' doing Fa-rectification has no precedent in history." Dafa disciples sending out righteous thoughts together three times is an unprecedented great deed as well as an honor to us disciples. It is because the Fa by which we cultivate is so vast and Teacher's benevolence so boundless, that we are allowed to participate in Fa rectification. This is the first time in the history of cultivation. Although we might not see a reflection in this dimension, the power of Dafa disciples' righteous thoughts eclipsed the sum of all nuclear weapons.

Because I am always busy with work and don't have a regular schedule, I couldn't get together with other practitioners in sending out righteous thoughts. But I didn't lag behind. Whenever I had some spare time, even one or two minutes, I would send out righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil. Today, most of the evil beings have been eliminated. But there are still a limited number of stronger ones who survived. There are also those who escaped to other dimensions.

On a stormy night in June, I was listening to Teacher's lectures. Soon, the impure thoughts in my mind were eliminated. Consequently, I entered the state of eliminating the evil. My Primordial Spirit flew out of my body and entered a dimension within the Three Realms. It was a dimension slightly better than what we have on the earth. Without any source of light, the sky was bright, studded with stars. I myself became a warrior in ancient China, wearing a golden helmet and armor, and I was extremely tall. There was a huge sword in my hand evolved from two Law wheels (Falun).

The dark mountains far away started to move. They grew bigger and bigger. Gradually it became clear to me. They were not mountains at all, but several huge black caterpillars. They looked extremely ugly, with mouths widely open, as if wanting to tear me into pieces. The hairs on their bodies were sharp, with venomous fluids spewing out. They were getting closer and closer. The three caterpillars in the front hunched their backs and showered the venomous arrows of their hairs to me. Before I had time to think, the Falun sword in my hand drew a huge Falun in front of me and the venomous arrows were diminished. The caterpillars got furious. They put up their heads and sprayed venomous liquid on me, yet it was reduced to water by Falun. Before they had attacked again, I swung the sword and cut them into pieces. In a while, they all evaporated.

A gigantic demon in the shape of an egg came at me. It was so big that I couldn't even see whether it had a head on top of the egg. It had no feet, but jumped forward like a sparrow. At the belly of the egg, there was a hole, shooting out fire and orange light on me. The light ray broke at my sword. A Falun flew out of the sword and chopped at the egg from the upper left down to the lower right part of its body, and I cut it from the upper right part. Under the two attacks, the egg exploded. It disappeared in a flash.

Suddenly, the ground under my feet started shaking. An alien appeared in front of me. It was a figure in a cartoon I used to watch as a child. It was the kind that admired violence and often fought. Everyday people have no idea that aliens really exist in other dimensions. In order to control everyday people, they manipulate morally corrupt cartoonists to bring them into the human world and focus their attacks on children. Their purpose is to infiltrate their ideas into human beings at an early age and fabricate a layer of their substance in human bodies. Those addicted to computer games are completely under their control. The alien being is called the so-called "transformable Vajra" (or transformable JinGang). From the name given to it we can see that the evil will not give up any opportunity to smear Buddha. The moment I saw that it was much taller than me, my body became tall. It tried to punch me, but I parried its punch. It hit the ground and left a large pit. The surrounding crust of the earth was squeezed and rose up, forming several mountains, some even higher than Mount Everest. Actually, that was how some mountains on the earth were formed. I turned around and hit the waist of the alien with my sword. It was cut into two pieces but still it wouldn't give up. Two columns of deadly light were emitted from its eyes. In a split second, the Falun sword became two law wheels, blocking the light. At the same time, they emitted a yellow light to cover the alien. It was turned into a flare and dispersed.

It was quiet again. But behind the quietness, there was an atmosphere of killing and depression. The sky was still bright. Stars began to blink. I saw some red stuff appear from the sky and the earth all around me. It seemed like they were types of red worms, countless in number and extremely long. They were surrounding me. When they got closer, I was shocked to realize what they were. It was something I had always been familiar with: the double helix of DNA. Suddenly, I realized that the original lives on the earth did not contain DNA. It was something imposed on deformed human beings by extra-terrestrial beings. Hidden in the long chains was the secret of extra-terrestrial beings -- to take over human bodies and escape from the final judgement. Human beings, however, were instructed by the so-called scientists to take DNA as the basic construction unit of our lives, even a factor determining everything in life. In the process of rapid deformation and corruption of human beings, the extra-terrestrial beings have incorporated a self-duplication mechanism into the bodies of human beings so that DNA will be duplicated and passed on to human off-springs to control human beings. In recent years, some people with a devil's mind have been enthusiastic in cloning animals, or even human. They are the representatives of the corrupt beings in other dimensions. Teacher said when he gave a lecture in May 1999, "Gods will not place a Primordial Spirit inside a cloned being because it is created by human beings. Gods will certainly not recognize it. What will happen then? An extraterrestrial will break through at this weak point and place itself as the Primordial Spirit of that being." [unofficial translation of Lecture at the Fa-Conference in Canada (Toronto, May 23, 1999)] It is the same with the cloned animals. Their spirits are all extra-terrestrial beings. The famous sheep Dolly has a spirit of an octopus-like ET. The slowly spiraling DNA's surrounding me had no weapons. But their intent was clear to me. They were relying on their large numbers to bind and suffocate me. The moment they were about to reach me, countless Falun flew out of my sword and formed a transparent shell around my body. Numerous law wheels flew towards the double-helix structures. Falun moved swiftly and dissected the double-helix structures. Wherever the Falun passed, the demons were deprived of power. Later, Falun all over the sky cut the endlessly long demon into small pieces and turned them into a heavy rain.

There seemed to be a shooting star flying towards me at high speed. I stood there, with a pure and concentrated mind. Soon, the demon came closer. I saw that it had only a head, wrapped in a mask similar to the helmet of an astronaut. Its face bore a resemblance to a human face, covered with lines and wrinkles, and was gray like a brain. Its eyes were red. It had a ferocious and horrible expression. On top of its helmet, there was a heart-shaped item, just like the pendant on a necklace. Everyday people on the earth usually take it as a symbol of love. But no one knows that it is also something imposed on the human world by extra-terrestrial beings. In their world, it is an obscene symbol. They have been very happy seeing the promiscuity and incest in the human world. This demon here was desperate, wanting to kill me and die along with me. I stood motionless till it came even closer. From the center of my chest, at the position of Tanzhong acupuncture point, flew out a yellow arrow. It flew slowly towards the demon, waiting for its attack. In a split second the heart-shaped item of the demon bumped into my super power and vaporized into a mass, with an obscure outline. Its speed was drastically reduced. The mass of vapor grew thinner and thinner as it rose up till it became original qi.

I came to a clearing with no grass. Suddenly, I was carried from the ground by a lotus, floating in the sky, and sitting with legs crossed. When I looked down, I saw lightening and fire coming from where I stood. A plant grew out. Its leaves were like daggers, the edge of which was sharp and hard as steel and iron. If it were not for the lotus, I would have been stabbed. I cut it down with my sword. The demon immediately shrank. Some of its leaves and stem fell to the earth and turned into coal. Other parts turned into oil.

After a few hours, I came back, exhausted and even shaking a little bit. In retrospect I recalled what messages the demons had sent out to me when they were eliminated. They wanted revenge. I understand how frightened they were about the Fa rectification by the Teacher and that the remaining demons in all dimensions were gathering all of their strength for a desperate struggle. Some of their revenge was reflected in our dimension, too.

The next morning when I was going to work, I found a hole in two tires of my car. I smiled at it. I had no time to repair the tires, so I drove on the flat tires to a gas station, refilled the tires and drove 20 miles to my work place. When I arrived, there seemed to be no problems with the tires at all. But in the evening when I finished work, the tires had gone flat again. What a weak and useless revenge! The evil forces are crazy and stupid. They themselves know clearly that they will be eliminated in the end. What they don't know is that I am ready to give out everything for Teacher and Dafa, even my life. Meanwhile I know perfectly that what I have done or seen is nothing but a split second in the boundless Fa. I will not use human mentality to think about this.

It is important for Dafa disciples to take every step well and keep righteous thoughts in our minds, especially at this critical moment in history. As long as we do well, the evil will be eliminated completely in the near future. In fact, Teacher is doing everything and bearing everything. All Teacher wants is the pure thoughts we have.

We come from the ancient past to fulfill our sacred vows. Teacher said, "As far as your own cultivation goes, you've already gone through the course of cultivation. You are beings who are being established for Dafa. The last leg of your journey is your elevation to your own original and highest position." ["Teaching the Fa at the 2001 Canada Falun Dafa Cultivation Experience Sharing Conference"] Teacher has used the most original and beautiful things to perfect the cosmos. My fellow practitioners, let's make diligent progress and finish what is left in our cultivation practice in assisting Teacher in the Fa rectification.

The above is my personal opinion. Your comments and corrections are most welcome.