My name is Gao Lingzhi. I am a fifty-one year-old female Dafa practitioner from Xiqingkou Village of Shangcun Area, Suning County. Someone framed me, so the police from Suning County forcibly took me away from my home at 9 PM on June 3, 2001.

In the police station, Li Chenxiang, Zhang Jinzhai, and some other vicious cops tried to extract a confession from me using all means of cruel torture. They verbally abused me using extremely foul language and ruthlessly beat me. I had cuts and bruises all over my body. I felt dizzy and I could barely walk. Zhang Jinzhai pulled my hair very hard. He slapped my lips with the sole of his shoe and scratched my lips with a very coarse cloth. My lips became torn, red and swollen. I couldn't open my mouth and couldn't eat anything for two days. In the beginning, they handcuffed my hands tightly behind my back for over an hour. My hands became swollen and turned dark red since the blood could not circulate. The handcuffs cut into my wrists. It was so painful that I was sweating profusely. My clothes were drenched with sweat. After that, they untied me and inserted a thick wooden pole between my legs. They used the stick to toss me up and down. I fell down to the ground several times. They called it "lifting the stick". After that, they imposed another even more cruel torture on me, which is called "pressing the stick". I was forced to sit on the ground, drawing up my knees against my chest and holding my legs with my handcuffed hands. They then inserted a big stick under my knees and above my arms. Zhang Jinzhai sat on a chair, pressing the stick with his feet. At the same time, he pulled my hair forcing my face upward and burned my nose with a cigarette, choking me with the smoke. Words cannot describe the pain I felt and I could hardly bear it. Then, he rubbed my face very hard with his feet several times. Next, he ordered me to stand up and get on my knees. I couldn't hold out anymore, as I was already badly injured. He said I didn't do it well enough, so he kicked my legs and my ankles. Immediately, my legs and feet became swollen. My muscles twitched and my whole body trembled. My head swung and I couldn't control my own body. However, the cruel men didn't stop. Instead, they said I was merely pretending to act like that. So one called an accomplice over who pulled my hair while giving me electric shocks on my face, arms, and legs. Then they stabbed at my arms with a needle and burned me wherever they wanted with a lit cigarette. At that point, I couldn't even stand up and my body was shaking all over. Still, Zhang Jinzhai didn't stop. He tortured me for another round and tried to coerce me into telling him "who was plotting behind the scenes."

I answered, "As a Dafa practitioner, I volunteered to clarify the truth to people and disclose the evil. Nobody ordered me to do anything." He then pulled my hair and slapped me on both cheeks. I lost consciousness twice. Just when I came to, he started to hit my buttocks with a wooden stick so viciously, the stick broke. Then they dragged me to another room and handcuffed me to the heating radiator without any consideration for my serious condition.

At that time, Zhang Jinzhai became very tired from beating me, so another cop came by. His name was Li Chenxiang. He was even more malicious and cruel. He stabbed my fingers and fingertips with a needle. Even so, he didn't think it was enough, so he pulled my hair tightly and hit my head against the wall five times. Immediately, I felt dizzy and I couldn't open my eyes. Later, I was faintly aware that a ruffian whipped my arms with a leather belt. I was tortured so badly, I was half dead. In the end, I fainted again.

I lost consciousness for a whole day and didn't eat or drink anything. Bearing the extreme pain and suffering, my belief in Dafa was resolute and I directly faced the evil with righteous thoughts all the time. Finally, after 3 days in the devil's hole, I overcame the test of life and death.

Li Chenxiang and Zhang Jinzhai, these scum cops, are extremely malicious. They were heartless when they tortured me, a simple woman from the countryside, to achieve their twisted ends. Because they failed to get a confession from me, they sent me to a detention center where I was illegally detained. However cruel these villains may have been, none could shake my resolute belief in Dafa. I hope people can discern what is righteous from evil, the kindness from the viciousness, by reading this account of my experience.

Now, after suffering this inhumane persecution, I have only a selfless heart to repay Teacher for his compassion and for saving me. All kind-hearted people, I appeal to you with a radiant heart of "Truthfulness, Compassion, and Tolerance." If I could awaken people's conscience, I would even give up my life!

At the moment of my sending out this report, the following practitioners are still being illegally detained, even though they have all completed their terms in Suning County Detention Center He Xiujuan, (Originally, the court tried to sentence her to a five-year prison term. However, they lacked evidence and she was still detained here instead.) Feng Xiufan, (She has been detained since October 28, 2000. Tangshan City Labor Camp didn't admit her. And she has been detained here despite her innocence.) Zhang Guiting, Hou Renxian, Gao Lingzhi, etc.

The following is the contact information of those criminals who are responsible for the persecution of Dafa practitioners in Suning County, Hebei Province.

Suning County of Cangzhou City in Hebei Province. Zip code: 062300

The phone number of Li Zhiyuan, the Chief of Suning County Public Security Department, is 0317-5021552.

The phone number of Yu Jinbiao, the Vice Chief of Suning County Public Security Department, is 0317-5021552.

The phone number of Wu Aijun, the Secretary of Suning County Politics and Law Department, is 0317-5021853.

The phone number of Bao Tiezhuang, the Secretary of Suning County Committee, is 0317-5021292.

The person in charge of the local "Office 610" is Liu Guoqing.