China's President Jiang Zemin, was scheduled to deliver a speech at the Moscow University, along with President Putin and other VIPs of the Russian government. It was truly a good opportunity to clarify the truth and to send out righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil, however practitioners' requests of doing exercises, unfolding banners and picture exhibitions were rejected by the Russian government, during Jiang's visit. Therefore Dafa practitioners assisted Teacher in the world, in various ways that were within the range of Russian laws.

On the day of the speech, practitioners arrived at the conference Hall of Moscow University very early. Some of the practitioners distributed Dafa truth clarification literature at the entrance and in the nearby streets. Upon his arrival in the conference hall, Jiang Zemin was surrounded by righteous thoughts, sent forth by the Dafa practitioners. During his speech, Jiang hesitated, whenever we sent out righteous thoughts with a pure heart. At one point during his speech he was silent for more than 10 seconds, the audience all gazed at each other speechless. During President Putin's speech, Jiang Zemin' head leaned backward several times, appearing as though he was too weak to hold himself upright.

At the end of the conference the free question and answer session was canceled. President Putin announced in person that he and Jiang Zemin would sing the Russian folk song "Evening of Moscow's Suburb" with the Moscow University Chorus, which had been previously scheduled. However Jiang remained seated in the chair and refused to stand up the whole time. In short, it was concluded hastily.