I am a 57 year-old female Dafa practitioner from Jilin Province. At 2:30pm, June 18, two policemen from the town police substation suddenly broke into my house and illegally searched it inside and out. They also searched my body. Teacher's articles and pictures showing the hand movements were found. The police shouted angrily, asking who gave me all these and ordered me to confess quickly. I said: "I found them under my door, how could I know who gave them to me." Seeing that I was very unswerving and refused to give in, they switched to soft tactics. They said deceptively, "Tell us who gave you these materials. If you give us one name, we will give you 3000 Yuan (about a half year's salary of the average worker in cities of China) and we will not arrest you, just let you go right away..."

I quickly realized that the evil had resorted to the most contemptible means. It was not incidental, but a critical test of my attachment to fear. When I thought of how our benevolent Teacher had endured innumerable hardships and sufferings for us, and that practitioners took great risks to bring Teacher's articles and truth to us, and of how the police wanted me to betray Dafa and sell my allegiance to my fellow practitioners for 3000 Yuan, I told them sternly, "I won't be so conscienceless as to do those things, even if you give me 3 million Yuan. It is just your wishful thinking that I would betray my fellow practitioners." Upon seeing that they could not get anything from me using both hard and soft tactics, the police handcuffed me and took me to the police substation.

Upon arrival at the police station, the police dropped their disguises and started beating me madly with their hands and feet while cursing me. I was about their mothers' age, however they just beat and cursed me regardless. While they did so, they interrogated me: "Where did all these materials come from? Who gave them to you? Confess quickly!" I said, "I do not know where they came from. I just found them under my door." Since I refused to tell them, police Chief Niu Zhenkui (his crimes have been exposed in clearwisdom.net previously) started to kick my face with his boots. At once my face was swollen, my teeth became loose, and blood started dripping from my mouth. Niu shouted, "Confess now! Or I will break your old bones! Confess Now!" I replied, "I do not know. What do you want me to say?" After another round of beating and kicking, flustered and exasperated, Niu said, "I am off work now. Tomorrow I will continue." He then departed, after cuffing me to a chair and leaving two guards to watch me.

At that moment I determined I would not be taken away by the evil. I would send out righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil and get away from this dungeon so as to return to the rigors of Fa rectification. I continuously recited Teacher's verse in my heart, "Fa rectifies cosmos, the evil is completely eliminated." After I recited the verse several times, I noticed that the two guards nervously walked back and forth unconsciously. Soon they went away. I moved my hands a little bit, the handcuffs automatically came loose and my hands were free. I realized at once that Teacher was helping me escape so I walked out of the door and disappeared in the streets. Soon I heard the police car chasing after me.

Now I have again merged into the torrent of Fa rectification. It was the teaching of our benevolent Master that helped me escape from the dungeon. It was the mighty power of Dafa that eliminated the evil. Here, I would also admonish those policemen who have committed numerous crimes to wake up and stop persecuting Dafa practitioners.