On July 20, practitioners from Germany came to Berlin for an "SOS" walk. Wanting to spread information about the situation in China, we passed out many newspapers to the people on the street. Five practitioners collected 15,000 petition signatures for the minister, Joschka Fischer. Finally the SOS parade arrived at the Chinese Embassy and joined the practitioners that have been staying there and appealing for over 200 hours. The practitioners did the exercises and handed out flyers.

In Berlin on July 21, we walked from the Alxanderplatz to the Chinese Embassy and back again to Alexanderplatz, where we had an information stand. This parade was attended by fifty practitioners.

On Sunday, July 22, we paraded for two hours on the west side of Berlin on the Kurfrstendamm. Most people who saw our parade were interested in Falun Dafa and our Dafa newspaper. Altogether, we gave out thousands of newspapers to the people.

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