On April 20, 2001, unable to legally appeal, Guo Xianglin (female), a 60 year-old Dafa practitioner, made some posters saying, "Falun Dafa is Good!" and posted them in public places in order to express her own feelings. Because of this, she was caught and attacked by a group of thugs. After severely beating her, they reported her to the local police. When the policemen arrived, they handcuffed the elderly woman, and the whole group brutally beat her. As they walked her back to the police station, the policemen repeatedly kicked the elderly lady to the ground, until she could no longer stand up and walk. The pedestrians were shocked and scared by the display of the brutality of the "people's police" towards an elderly woman. After arriving at the police station, these "criminals in police clothes" interrogated and tortured Guo Xianglin for four hours.

The following day, these policemen transferred Ms. Guo from the police station to a small room in the yard of the Coal Company. For no apparent reason, at least a dozen policemen rushed into the room, and dragged the old woman from the bed and hit her on the head. Then a policeman grabbed her by the hair, kicked her down, and slapped her repeatedly in the face. After this beating, several policemen shocked her with electric batons. Three electric batons were used at the same time, while another policeman kicked her from behind repeatedly. They did not cease this fierce beating until the old woman lost consciousness. One policeman said, "I think we killed her!" Another said, "Don't worry, she won't die!"

Sometime later, Ms. Guo finally revived and tried to stand up, but two policemen immediately beat her to the ground again. They also interrogated her to get names of other practitioners. The old woman fearlessly said, "Only me. I made the posters and I hung them up. You can do whatever you want to me." Although the police spent many hours interrogating and torturing her, Guo Xianglin refused to comply with their evil intentions. She never gave in, and in the end the police finally exhausted themselves.

In the evening, a group of thugs forced Ms. Guo to kneel down on the ground with her hands above her head while they proceeded to beat her legs with wooden clubs. After the beating, the police viciously interrogated her again for information about other practitioners. She continued to stand firm with a righteous mind and told them, "I will not name others even if you kill me!" The policemen were enraged. They again used three electric batons at the same time to shock her, pulled her hair, and burned her skin with cigarettes. They tortured her the entire night.

On the third day, officers from the county police department came. One policeman seized Ms. Guo by the hair while a group of police surrounded her and savagely beat her. In such a cruel manner, this old woman with small build (less than 5 feet tall, and about 77 pounds) was tortured non-stop for three days and nights straight. Even so, she remained true to herself and with the indestructible righteous mind entrusted by Dafa to cultivators, she thwarted every attempted plan of the evil force.

Main criminals: (Wei County postcode: 075700)

Guo Fengshan: policeman of Nanliuzhuang Town Police Station: 86-313-7280015

Liu Guiwen: Nanliuzhuang Town deputy party secretary, work telephone: 86-313-7280242

Tian Junjie: Nanliuzhuang Town official, work telephone: 86-313-7280242