Experience (2)

"Throughout my whole life I've been waiting to obtain the Fa and nothing else. It is Dafa and my Teacher who have given me a second life. Therefore, I will protect the Fa with my life."

On March 2, 2001, two evil policemen from the Qingming Police Station of Changchun City, Jilin Province unlawfully arrested me. At the police station, I was body-searched. They took Teacher's articles, my personal phone book and money out of my pockets. They tried to force me to tell them about other practitioners and their addresses but I refused. These vicious police beat me up, causing severe pain in my back and chest for over twenty days. After they got tired from beating me, they applied electric shocks to many areas of my body.

At Qingming police station, the police told me, "As soon as you denounce Dafa and your teacher, we will release you." I simply replied, "You'd better give up because I will never do that." I asked to go to the restroom three times and was refused each time. Later they decided to send me to the Tiebei Detention Center. On the way there, the policeman who escorted me stopped at the police division to get an arrest warrant for me. At the police division, this policeman beat me up and electrically shocked me constantly. He did not allow me to do the exercises. When he asked me to sign the arrest warrant, I told him that I was innocent and he was breaking the law and I refused to sign it. He then said, "I will sign for you since you insist on not signing it." After he signed it, he found out he had reversed the names. He talked to himself, "If I sign this way, don't you become the policeman and I become the criminal?" When he submitted the warrant to the detention center, he asked if it was ok in case the names were switched. His boss scolded him badly and told him that he would be punished for the mistake. This policeman suddenly lost his mind and started slapping himself on his face very hard. All the people there were shocked upon seeing this. I was surprised too. I told myself that this was because of the mighty virtue of Dafa that brought karmic retribution in this lifetime. When we went to get another warrant, that policeman said, "This warrant says I was arrested instead of you. Maybe I was wrong to arrest you." I told him, "I am a good person and I am innocent. Yes, you are wrong to arrest me."

During the 20 days at Tiebei Detention Center, there was often someone asking me to denounce Dafa. The staff knew that they could not brainwash me and sent me to Heizuizi Female Labor Camp (Changchun City, Jilin Province) on March 22, 2001. I kept in mind that "I am determined to cultivate in Dafa and nothing can stop me." As long as I live, I shall never betray Dafa and our teacher. I realized that this was another test on my path of cultivation and I certainly could pass it.

This is an evil hell on earth and has been nicknamed the "Masanjia of Jilin Province" (Masanjia Labor Camp is located in Liaoning Province and it is infamous for its brutality in beating Falun Gong practitioners). Although I had never seen it, I had heard a lot about its brutal torture of practitioners.

The police asked me to sign the warrant of labor education. I told them that I was innocent and it was illegal to put me into a labor camp. The head of the squad said, "You violated the rules of this labor camp as soon as you entered here." The squad head sent me to the instructor (there is one instructor in each squad and they all betrayed Dafa and became vicious thugs) without saying anything other than "she must be brainwashed." I remembered the teaching, "When it's difficult to endure, you can endure it. When it's impossible to do, you can do it." "One's mind must be righteous" and "One righteous mind can suppress one hundred evils" (Zhuan Falun). I am a true cultivator and will never listen to a betrayer. They tried to force me to read the materials that attacked Dafa. I refused and told them that I was illiterate. They then read it out to me. I blocked them out and recited Teacher's articles in my heart. At last, they saw no way to brainwash me and sent groups of people from one cell after another to try to persuade me. They all failed. I know that to say yes to evil is to betray the truth.

At the labor camp, I felt even the field surrounding me was vicious. The instructor spread his nonsense such as, "We are the true cultivators. You are wrong. You have already fallen into the evil understanding of the Fa and not yet realized it." Groups of people talked to me all day long. I was not allowed to sleep. I recited Dafa in my heart. One night I saw myself on the window glass. My face was twisted and horrifying. I asked myself, am I really wrong? No. Never. I told myself that it must be demonic interference. I should not look at the superficial things. Dafa is the foundation of everything. I should let Dafa guide me. My heart became more and more determined.

Upon seeing no sign of my being brainwashed, these vicious betrayers sent the most persuasive people in each cell to try to force me to denounce Falun Gong. These thugs looked so weak and poor in front of Dafa and true practitioners. I told them, "Don't waste your time. I will never give up my belief and betray Dafa." They did not allow me to sleep and force me to stand up all day long. Many people watched me during the day and six or seven people at night. When I requested to sleep, their answer was, "No sleep if you don't denounce Falun Gong."

After all these tortures failed to brainwash me, they brought me to a room and started electrically shocking me. The warden pointed two electric batons at me and ask me whether I was afraid. I said that I would never give up my faith in Dafa. They did not stop shocking me until I finally passed out. Later they brought paper and pen and asked me to write something to denounce Dafa. I threw away the paper and pen. They brought them back and I threw them away again. They finally gave up. Then I was electrically shocked for the second time. They even wanted to stick the electric baton into my mouth and I firmly stopped them. I told them that I would never give up my belief because of torture and suppression. Dafa is my belief. It is the Dafa of this universe that gives me life. I will never betray Dafa even if my life is in danger. And I will follow the path I choose.

Because the vicious wardens were almost at their wits' end, they selected the traitors most accomplished at so-called "transformation" to besiege and infuse me with evil thoughts. I thought to myself that "main consciousness should predominate" and I was able to resist them completely. I told the traitors, "You are no longer qualified to call yourselves students of our Teacher. Your logic is contrary to the law of the universe and is therefore untenable. You must stop doing evil."

The brainwashing lasted for almost a month but proved futile. The one in charge finally said, "We'll no longer attempt your "transformation." Go back and have a good meal, then go to talk with the the Chief after you've thought things over."

I thought that I must leave the labor camp to validate Fa, so from my first week, I ate and drank little or nothing. My health was deteriorating but the attempt to force me to renounce Dafa had failed.

Nonetheless those who succumbed to brainwashing refused to give up trying. They were seeking rewards and continued to persecute me. They accused me of practicing in the labor camp when they found me sitting cross-legged. For this reason I received a third round of electrical-shock. When they forced me to watch the fabricated video slandering Dafa I closed my eyes and advised the other practitioners who were forced to watch to do the same.

Due to abstaining from food for a long time, I was extremely feeble but I still managed my assigned quota of labor. The wardens and traitors told the authorities that I was committing slow suicide. The Chief was angry, "Electrical shock can't make you eat so we can do nothing more." Thinking of the persecution of Dafa, the slander of our benevolent Teacher, and the unwarranted charges against our practitioners by the evil gang led by Jiang Zemin how could I, as an element of Dafa, eat and sleep well?

"You will feel better if you renounce it," the Chief once said to me. "Look, how terribly sick and weak you are now." "Not at all !" I replied. "If I renounce my belief, then I will be only a walking corpse. What I am cultivating is the great Fa of the universe. Cultivation is profound and it is Dafa that gives me true life, so I must be responsible to myself. My Teacher says, "A man must live justly and honorably." (Lecture of Fa in Switzerland),

That day the Chief called me to the office and brought out a piece of paper.

Because I am illiterate, they ordered me to impress my fingerprint on it. I refused and closed my fists and, then put my hands under my arms. However, the Chief and another man forcibly grabbed one of my hands and pressed my closed fist into the ink and then onto a piece of paper full of words. A few minutes later, the Chief announced that I had renounced Dafa and I had impressed my fingerprint on the written statement. I immediately declared to all that it was a lie. I showed them the back of my fist they had forced into the ink and said: "Who ever makes a fingerprint with the back of their hand? This is a lie!" I saw the support in the eyes of the steadfast practitioners. Again, by frustrating the Chief, I defended Fa. This is our responsibility to the positive elements in the universe.

Whenever traitors helped the evil wardens in brainwashing, I told them they were violating the laws of heaven, and they were not only trying to thwart others' cultivation but also destroying so many sentient beings that they would be damned to hell. Without enlightenment, however, the traitors claimed, "We must 'transform' you, even if we do go to hell." So I solemnly warned them: "How can even hell hold sinners like you? The sins you have committed against the Fa and practitioners are so boundless that you will pay for them forever in the place worse than hell, unless you stop these evil deeds."

After May 3, it appeared that I had a relapse of heart disease, with symptoms of low blood pressure and a lack of blood in the cardiac muscles. I knew the appearance was a false one, created by supernormal powers. The doctors in the labor camp had to send me to the hospital for emergency treatment. After my return, I was still under strict surveillance; however, they stopped my physical punishment. The Chief also let some true practitioners persuade me to take some food. Previously these practitioners were forbidden to talk with one another. Thus we were able to improve the environment for cultivation even in the labor camp.

By June 18, 2001, the authorities had tried all possible means to brainwash me, but their attempts couldn't make me yield. Moreover, the steadfast practitioners became more determined and some of those who had previously yielded to brainwashing gradually woke up too. Because I seemed to be in such bad health, the authorities decided to release me for medical treatment. In this way, I walked out of the labor camp openly and above board. I understand that it was the great benevolence of the Master and the great power of Dafa that helped me to finally regain my freedom.

Between April 25, 1999 and June 18, 2001, I was detained in Beijing eight times, in Langfang (a city in Hebei Province) twice and in Changchun (a city in Jilin Province) nine times. Every time, I was able to endure the tribulations through the righteous belief in Dafa. So far I have never signed any anti-Dafa documents. While I still have a lot of attachments to remove, I believe that I will be able to remove them through cultivation.

I thank our benevolent and gracious Teacher again. I only live in the superficial world of human beings, but our Teacher endures more and is always supporting, encouraging and concerned.

Thank you, our great Teacher!