I am a Falun Dafa practitioner in Mainland China. Last May, I was taken by force to the utterly illegal facility "Beijing Municipal Law and Order Training Center" for brainwashing. I was brought there at around 11:30 PM. The surroundings were bleak and desolate. At the gate, I saw with my Third Eye the opening of a mountain cave. When the door of the facility opened, it led to a different gruesome world where one felt it was like hell. A path lead toward a three-story "ghost dormitory." Along both sides of the path were grisly ghost flames. Each of the "three-star" hotel rooms used as living quarters were actually ghost caves when seen in an other dimension. Right then, it occurred to me that I was there for Fa-rectification.

The following day, we were driven to Xin'an Labor Camp, a labor camp for women. Those who had practiced Falun Gong before, but became evil inside this labor camp were completely different from genuine practitioners. Their skins were coarse and their bodies had turned into skeletons in other dimensions. They had bodies that were coiled up in the other dimension, while the few who were still straight had turned extremely ugly. The last piece of their flesh had fallen off their bones and the bone structure that was left looked much worse then a model of a human skeleton. Their laughter was wild and uncontrolled. One had turned completely from a great deity into an incomparably ugly demon with boundless karma that could never be paid back in full.

It is because of their own pitiful ways that their lives had deviated from the Fa. The part of a life that is impure is the cause for the deviation. The body and mind after brainwashing are in misery. When I examined myself and turned around and looked at this situation again, it was because I saw the Fa once again and I realized that the ultimate destiny of lives should be to assimilate into the Fa. The enlightened original nature knows about everything naturally. The mistakes one makes is with the human side. One blocks oneself with the human mind, which is the impure side that still does not comply with the Fa. The Teacher can help you correct this mistake. However, as soon as you oppose the Fa, sins that can never be fully paid back are brought on. Even after you awaken, the Teacher still bears most of the hardships for you.

When I was persevering in rectifying the Fa, on the first day in the brainwashing class the Teacher was looking at me with a smile. When thoughts of being reformed in the class surfaced, the Teacher's smile turned into a stream of tears, which then turned into blood that was being shed. I did not dare look at the Teacher. Now, as I have realized all of this and have returned onto the righteous path, the Teacher is again looking at me with immeasurable compassionate benevolence. I can see the immense confidence and expectation in Teacher's eyes.

I will "take the Fa as the Teacher" when eliminating the demons and assimilate myself to the Fa. It is also my hope that all the lives that can still be saved can see all this clearly and can come back into the Fa, no longer to be fooled by genuine evil nature in the disguise of false kindness.