The labor camp officials have assigned two common criminals to "oversee" each Falun Gong practitioner. They drew a small square around each practitioner, and forced the practitioner to stand inside of the square from the crack of dawn until 11 PM or midnight every day. The practitioners have been tortured in such a fashion for over two months now. The legs of many practitioners are completely swollen. The practitioners are not allowed to use the restroom until midnight every day. Sometimes they are not allowed to use the restroom even after the midnight hour has passed. Practitioners Chen Chunming and Ye Luo could not hold on any longer and were forced to soil their pants.

The guards in the 4th Platoon of the labor camp are the most vicious. The practitioners who are being detained there are tightly watched. The guards hand out two bowls of food for every eight detainees, and the common criminals are allowed to eat first. The practitioners only get a small amount of leftover food after they have finished eating. When it is time to use the restroom, in order to humiliate them, many practitioners are dragged outside while sitting on the toilets. Some practitioners are dragged outside the moment they enter the restroom and severely beaten.

Due to poor sanitary conditions at the labor camp, many practitioners have developed large reddish bumps all over their bodies. Their feet and legs are so swollen that they can no longer fit into their pants and shoes, and it is difficult for them to remain standing. The hands of practitioners Tong Wencheng and Zhen Shuhai are completely swollen. In spite of that, the captain and guards still force them to work long hours every day.

The guards at the labor camp recently purchased fifty new electric batons. Hao Wei (the head of the 4th Platoon) and Shi Changjing (the captain of the labor camp) repeatedly hit practitioner Yan Shanzhu (from the city of Shuangcheng) and Ma Youqian (from the city of Harbin) with several electric batons. The practitioners who refused to give up practicing Falun Gong were placed into isolation chambers for several days at a time. Some practitioners were handcuffed to iron rails for seven whole days and nights (except short breaks during the mealtimes and restroom breaks). The practitioners held a group hunger strike to protest their inhumane treatment and to ask the labor camp officials to respect their most basic human rights. A day and a half later, during the fifth meal that the practitioners had skipped, the captain of the labor camp, Shi Changjing, personally participated in the force-feeding sessions. The practitioners began to vomit blood after the force-feeding sessions, some more severely than others. Practitioner Kong Deyi died shortly afterwards.

The labor camp officials have arbitrarily extended the terms of many practitioners. Practitioner Qu Jizhao finished serving the term of his original sentence eight months ago but remains detained at the labor camp to this day. Practitioner Yuan Qingjiang was supposed to be released three months ago, but the labor camp officials have refused to let him return to his family. The practitioners have started a second group hunger strike to protest the arbitrary extensions of their sentences. They are now on the 16th day of their hunger strike. We ask kind-hearted people everywhere to help them!