Falun Dafa practitioner Kong Deyi, male, 28, (also known as Kong Xiaohai, translators note), died after being brutally tortured and force-fed in the Changlinzi Labor Camp.

Kong Deyi was illegally sentenced to a labor camp for making an appeal for Falun Dafa in Beijing. During Kong Deyi's detention, the head of the labor camp, Shi Changjing, placed him in a small confinement cell as a punishment for no reason. Kong Deyi's hands were cuffed and he was hung up and was forced to stay in that position for 7 days in extreme agony. When he was finally taken out, his feet were covered with large blisters, which soon became abscessed. His feet were so swollen that he was unable to wear shoes. He found it very difficult to walk or stand; even so, he was forced to do hard labor for long hours.

Due to the escalated persecution and torture, Falun Dafa practitioners in the labor camp started a group hunger strike in May of 2001, asking for basic human rights protection. On the second day of the hunger strike, the police guards began force-feeding practitioners. The head of labor camp, Shi Changjing, arrived in person to encourage this action. Doctor Ma didn't follow the normal procedure of force-feeding; instead, he (or she- translators note) used force to shove the tube into the practitioner's nostril, shoving it in and out many times. All of the practitioners vomited blood after the force-feeding. After the force-feeding, Kong Deyi was in extreme pain and vomited a large amount of blood. When he was returned to the classroom, he slumped over the desk in agony. Neither the leading officer of Team 4 nor the guards paid any attention to his condition. Kong Deyi suffered like this for a day and a half. On the day that Kong Deyi died, he had been helped out to the court to watch a basketball game, he collapsed upon arriving at the court. They sent him to the hospital and on the way he died.

In a meeting, the head of the labor camp, Shi Changjing, told practitioners that Kong had died from a heart attack. Just like the death of other practitioners, the authorities always attribute it to an apparent heart attack or suicide.

Here we urgently call upon the support of all kind-hearted people and human rights organizations in the world to help stop the torture and killing of Falun Dafa practitioners and to hold President Jiang Zemin and his accomplices accountable for their human rights violations.