[Clearwisdom.net] Some of our fellow practitioners have been disappointed by the apathy of everyday people. They have concluded that a person controlled by demons is not redeemable and have felt unable to eliminate the evil. In fact, this is because they have not changed their human mentality. They have not realized how to use their enlightened side.

It is like the Sun. The Sun is bright and it casts light on everything. Whether it is windy or stormy, cloudy or clear, whether you are a good person or a bad person and regardless of your color and race, the Sun is not affected. It always rises in the sky and lights everything. It always eliminates the darkness, because that is how the sun is.

That brings me to our eliminating the evil and saving people today. We should not have doubts nor should we quit when no immediate effect is seen. We will shine wherever we are. We will be compassionate in all difficult situations. We will eliminate any evil regardless of how huge it seems. We will save any person however he or she is deceived, because we are Dafa particles. We will be like this, no matter what the result is.

Master once said, the light of the Gods is boundless, more powerful than the Sun. We should always let our divine side shine forth, leaving no room for human mentalities and human notions. Let the Buddha-light of Dafa disciples illuminate the human world.