1. One female Falun Dafa practitioner in China brought some Dafa flyers to post and give out along the riverside of a city. Later, she noticed a man had been following her for a long time. She tried to lose him a few times without success. She then simply just sat on a bench by the side of the river. Seeing the man running towards her, she immediately sent out righteous thoughts: "Eradicate the Evil, make this person leave." She also asked Master to strengthen her ability if it was not strong enough. At that moment, she saw the hostile man stop, and then turn around and leave as though he were going unwillingly. He turned his head back frequently many times as if an invisible rope was forcefully pulling him away.

2. One female Falun Dafa practitioner was on her way home with 10 copies of Master's new article. She passed by another practitioner's home and planned to drop off eight copies to him; however she discovered that two of the copies did not get printed and were blank, so she left everything with that practitioner and went home empty handed. When she got home, she found that policemen from the precinct had been at her home for a while. They searched her and her home and found nothing, but they brought her back to the precinct anyway. They believed that her husband (a firm practitioner of Falun Dafa) who had left home for many days must be the "core member behind the scenes." Attempting to get the so-called leads, the police pretended to be kind and then used verbal threats. The female practitioner was not moved. She silently recited: "The Fa rectifies the Cosmos, the Evil is completely eliminated." After a while, the police felt silly. They then made noises about going to "play a poker game" and left an elderly guard to watch the female practitioner. The female practitioner continued to silently recite the verse that eliminated the Evil and at the same time sent out the righteous thought: Let the guard fall asleep. After a short while, the elderly guard fell into a deep sleep and started to snore. The female practitioner then quickly walked out of the detention room and went into the yard. She found that by the door all the lights were on. In the room there were dozens of noisy policemen and the door was wide open. The female practitioner continued to send out righteous thoughts: Let them all not see me. She walked out of the main door righteously, got into a taxi and left calmly. A few minutes later, the police realized that the practitioner had escaped and they panicked. They sent out over 10 motorcycles and police cars to search everywhere, but their efforts were in vain.