On January 19th, 2000, six practitioners from Baiguo Township, Machen City went to Beijing to appeal and clarify the truth about Falun Dafa. As a result, Xu Shiqian, the Politics & Law Secretary of Baigou township government, and Qiu Yuanqing, head of the local police station, were criticized at a local congress meeting. The Baiguo Township government fined them 6,000 Yuan. In order to vent their personal grudge and to prevent practitioners from going to Beijing again, the lawless scoundrels from the Baiguo township government kidnapped a large number of Dafa practitioners and forced them to go to a brainwashing class on January 20th. The brainwashing class was set up in the local home for the elderly.

Upon Dafa practitioners entering the brainwashing class, the officials didn't ask their names, but beat them mercilessly. Next they ordered local thugs, who had been jailed previously, and some other people to take part in "assisting practitioners." They forced the Dafa practitioners to kneel on the floor, then used the practitioners' shoes to batter their faces. While torturing them in this way, they tried to force practitioners to curse Teacher Li Hongzhi and Dafa. When they refused, the officials stuffed paper or coal ashes into their mouths. They also refused to allow family members of injured Dafa practitioners to visit them in the jail.

In the brainwashing class, the officials extorted 8,000-13,000 Yuan from each practitioner (The average income for urban workers is 500 Yuan per month). The thugs in the local government and vicious police openly robbed Dafa practitioners' homes. When seeing an electric appliance such as a refrigerator or a color TV in the home, they would loudly say, "Hey! This family is rich. Fine them 10,000 Yuan." One Dafa practitioner became wealthy by growing mushrooms. The unscrupulous officials took advantage of him. They illegally detained him over and over again and forced his family to pay over 10,000 Yuan for his release each time. If the family did not pay the money, they would brutally torture him. Xu Xiangqian broke the practitioner's leg and hit him on the head with a drinking glass, causing a severe cut which required stitches. The officials still did not stop the torture until they had forcibly extorted money from him. They boldly claimed that the XX (party name omitted) party could make him rich, and it also could make him poor.

The thugs tied male practitioners' hands to motorcycles and drove around very fast, dragging the Dafa practitioners back and forth on the streets. The people who witnessed this brutality were all extremely terrified.

The scoundrels also forced Dafa practitioners to study and recite materials slandering Dafa. Whoever refused to do so was beaten mercilessly, and not allowed to sleep. They also force-fed practitioners alcohol as physical punishment (Falun Dafa practitioners do not drink alcohol).

After all of this, the officials shamelessly claimed publicly that they never mistreat Dafa practitioners but just kindly educate them. In the end, practitioners had no choice but to go on a hunger strike to protest these brutalities. The officials took pleasure in other's misfortune and said, "We do not care if you starve to death. The higher authority said it is not against the law to kill you, let alone allow you yourselves to look for death!"

This brainwashing class, in which many Dafa practitioners have been detained, has been going on since January of last year. Recently, the police prohibited practitioners from using water to wash themselves or to drink. They do not permit practitioners to use the bathroom outside either. They also locked practitioners in isolated rooms. One can smell the stench from a far distance. Practitioners are provided only a little food for each meal and have to sleep on the cement floor every night while suffering the bites of mosquitoes.

Dafa practitioner Yang Yufeng (also named Yang Guihua), a female doctor, was detained for seven days for organizing a Fa-studying session at her home at the beginning of 2000. Later her family paid 1,000 Yuan to get her out. On January 19th, 2000, she was forced into attending the brainwashing class for no reason. Because she didn't cooperate with the persecutors, they tortured her and sent her to a detention center. During the seven-month-long illegal detention, her health seriously deteriorated. Now, she is partially paralyzed, cannot take care of herself, and cannot even eat food. She is very skinny.

Her family members appealed to the local government, but the officials in charge said it was not their business and sent them to the police substation. But the police said they had nothing to with the matter either. The officials kicked the ball back and forth like this. Her family said in grief and indignation, "If you don't release her, she will die in the detention center." But, the head of the police substation said, "It is not a big deal if she really dies. So many Falun Gong practitioners have already died." In the end, because her family strongly requested her release, the police extorted 1,500 Yuan from them and then released her. All her neighbors cried with sympathy when they saw her poor condition.

During the period when Yang Yufeng rested at home, the local police and the residents committee checked on her at home frequently. In October 2000 they again arrested her and sentenced her to two years in a labor camp because she continued to practice Falun Gong. Her husband divorced her and left their 10-year old son at home alone.

Another Dafa practitioner, Luo Xuelin, a 69-year-old male, benefited from practicing Falun Gong and encouraged his whole family to practice with him. In the middle of January 2000, he went to the township government office to appeal. As a result, he was illegally sentenced to three years in a labor camp. After he was taken to the police substation of Baiguo Township, vicious police led by Qiu Yuanqing interrogated him one after the other, not allowing him to sleep for three days and nights.

Please Help Rescue Deceived Children!

The lawless people from Baiguo Town, Machen City claimed, "It is a piece of cake to force students to sign against Falun Gong. The action of scolding and flouting Dafa will be rewarded." Middle school students are being taught all kinds of so-called "advantages" of slandering Dafa. Three articles written by middle school students Liu Wei, Wan Qiong, and Zhou Can were published in a government periodical. The contents of the articles are extremely ignorant and filthy. The township government requires all the students to write this kind of article. Those students whose articles are considered to be good are rewarded. There are nearly two thousand students in the Baiguo Middle School. Previously there were over one thousand Dafa practitioners. After the government persecuted Dafa, some people were beaten to death, some were tortured to death, and some have been detained until now, suffering all kinds of tortures. We hope fellow practitioners who read this article can help save these student by appealing to their true natures and purifying their polluted souls.

July 16, 2001