1. Florida Bike Team Arrived in Richmond, Virginia on July 14th

The Bike team from Florida arrived in Richmond, Virginia at dawn, July 14th. On July 15th, together with over 30 practitioners from Virginia and DC, they held a press conference and had a group practice at Deep Run Park. This was the first press conference held in Richmond. The local practitioners were grateful for this opportunity created by the bike team and thankful for their effort in clarifying the truth.

Group practice before the press conference

Sending forth righteous thoughts before the press conference

Chatting with Bike team member, Chris

Press conference

2. Bike Team Arrived in Fredericksburg, Virginia on July 16th

On July 16th, DC practitioners held a welcome ceremony for the Bike team from Florida. The Mayor of Fredericksburg attended the ceremony and gave a speech. Practitioners also thanked the Mayor and the people of Fredericksburg for their support.

3. Atlanta Van Team Arrived in Richmond, Virginia on July 18th

On the third day of the Atlanta Van team's journey to DC, practitioners arrived in Richmond, Virginia. After a group practice at Commonwealth University, practitioners paraded to City Hall where they held a press conference.