[Clearwisdom Net] ...In a mental hospital, the ruffians used the force-feeding of medication, injections, an electric shock chair, and other methods to torture Li Hongying. They tied the practitioner in a special chair and used electricity to shock both of the practitioner's temples. None of the second group of practitioners wrote statements in the prison guaranteeing that they would not practice Falun Gong anymore. In October 2000, the Shangdong Province Public Security Department sent the names of 200 Dafa practitioners who had been illegally sent to labor camp to Jinan, the capital of Shandong Province. In October, the vicious people illegally sent some fifty practitioners whom they regarded as the most threatening to labor camp.

On November 2, female practitioners Yao Tao, Yang Ziguo, Xiayue and Zhao Guiju were sent to Licheng Detention Center and detained for 30 days again. Around 2am, when he was doing the sitting meditation, Zhang Weizhong was discovered by the police and beaten up by Director Ji and two other cops with thick ropes made of hemp. Then they dragged him outside and tied him to a tree. A cop kicked hard at Zhang's lower abdomen. Zhang could not but help cry out in pain. Practitioner Zhang Juan from the Jinan 2nd Petrochemical Work Group heard Zhang's cries of pain and bravely stepped forward. As a result, she was ordered to stand outdoors with a thin sweater even as the snow fell. At this time, all the practitioners bravely stood out in the aisle and shouted, "No more beatings! Release Zhang Juan! Practicing Falun Gong is harmless!" The policemen were panic-stricken. The same afternoon, eight practitioners including Li Yuping (employee of Jinan Iron Factory), Zheng Jingmei, and Fan Kuifen (retired employee of Jinan Steel Factory) were sent to Licheng Detention Center with charges of "Shouting Counterrevolutionary Slogans" and detained for 50 days. Zeng Fanmei, a female practitioner from Zhangmatun, was sentenced to 3 years in a labor camp. Those vicious people put Zheng Jingmei, Zhang Chunjie, Fan Kuifen and Li Yuping all in one steel cage. They hung up Li Guangqin, a 50 year-old female practitioner working in Jinan 2nd Petrochemical Works, for two consecutive days. Li Yuping and Liu Ying were beaten badly for practicing the exercises and sent to a mental hospital the next day, where they were beaten even more and forced to take unknown injections. Li Yuping was tied to a chair and shocked with an electric baton five times, causing her to lose consciousness.

Ten days later, Li Yuping was escorted to Liu Changshan Detention Center in Jinan, and eventually, on January 28 2001, with no legal grounds, was sentenced to three years in labor camp along with twenty-eight other practitioners. They were all detained in Shandong 2nd Women's Labor Camp in Shuiquan, Jinan. Some vicious police also forced Zhang Fuzhen, a 60 year-old female practitioner from Hancang of Licheng City, to drink a half bottle of strong liquor. Qu Zeping, a 38 year-old female practitioner working in Jinan 2nd Woolen Mill, went to Beijing to appeal on October 1, 2000 and was escorted back to Jinan. She is now being detained in Licheng Detention Center. One month later, she was forced to attend the brainwashing classes. Qu Yangping was sentenced to 3 years in labor camp on the 28th day of the first month, 2001 (lunar calendar) for practicing Falun Gong and is now detained in the Shandong 2nd Women Labor Camp in Shuiquan with no legal grounds.