[Clearwisdom Net]The number of Chinese sailors is huge -- therefore, overseas Falun Dafa practitioners, especially the practitioners in Japan, Korea, and Hong Kong (where Chinese ships often sail) can take advantage of this and send CDs and other Dafa materials to them. It is better not to give the materials directly to them, however, since some administrators or sailors are afraid of accepting things in person; to avoid this problem, you can slip the materials underneath their doors. You can also leave a couple of CDs in the dining room. Sailors are usually willing to talk about Falun Dafa with each other since they are far away from Mainland China. If there are practitioners on the ships, they can broadcast the truth to shore or to other fleets via VHF. This method has a very good effect, especially along the coast of China. For normal work, however, it is better to avoid using the frequency channels.