[Clearwisdom Net] Among the four Falun Dafa practitioners who were killed in Macheng City, Baiguo Town, the practitioner who was burned alive was a woman named Wang Huajun. During the initial period when the thugs in Baiguo Town massively persecuted Falun Gong, practitioners in this town were sent in three batches to the Houzishan House of Seniors for detention. Practitioner Wang was among those who were detained in the first batch. She was also one of those practitioners who did not cooperate with the commands and requests of the evil all the time. Finally she was released. Later, for unknown reasons she was sent to the Macheng City Public Security Bureau again, and over there she suffered all kinds of torture until she was half dead.

Starting at 1:30pm on April 18th, 2001, the whole city was under martial law and no vehicles could pass through. The next day a message was circulated throughout the city that a Falun Gong practitioner had burned herself in front of the government buildings on Jinyuan Square. Her face was burned so badly that nobody could recognize who she was. But eyewitnesses said that practitioner Wang was lying on the ground when the fire was started. When the fire started to burn, she moved, trying to get up. The police officers at the scene panicked because they were afraid she would call out the truth. But by this time practitioner Wang was so exhausted, due to being so severely tortured, that she could no longer stand up. Finally, when the fire had gone out completely, it was found that the front of her body was burned while her back did not have any signs of burning. Moreover, there were deep knife wounds on her throat and the back of her head!

Li Xuechun, male, over 60 years old, was a retiree of the Light Industry Department of Macheng City. He was placed on the "Tiger Bench" (a brutal torture device) for 24 hours before he died. He was tortured to death because he stated that he would continue to practice Falun Dafa. A strong and healthy elderly man died like this, leaving only a last letter stating that he had been tortured inhumanly. Later, some thug grabbed the letter away from his son's hands and threatened his son in order to hide the truth. They would not allow anyone to enter or leave the village.

Detailed information about another two practitioners who were killed could not be obtained at this time. The criminal list of Macheng City and its suburb, Baiguo Town:

No. 1 Department of Macheng City Public Security Bureau: Yan Guishan

Macheng City Gulou Police Station: Dai Yongxue, Zou Xiangdong

Baiguo Town: Xu Shiqian, Qiu Yuanqing, Lu Xinghui, Dai Honghui

Not long ago, the chairman of the Macheng City Public Security Bureau lost his son due to an accident, and this caused a sensation in the whole city. At the time, three people were riding on the same motorcycle, but only the son of the chairman died in the accident; the other two survived. This was a warning from the heavens to the thugs that cruelly persecute Falun Dafa practitioners. If they do not enlighten, then the real disasters will begin. They will pay for their heinous crimes through suffering in hell forever.

Also, Dong Shuzhen, a female doctor in Hubei Province's Macheng City Hospital, is being detained in a mental hospital. When the evil persecuted her, she wrote the "guarantee" statement against her own will due to her confusion at the time. After she came to realize the truth, she wrote two statements--one to the director of her hospital and another that she posted on the hospital's gate. The director did not express his opinion, but hospital Security Department employee Zhao Macheng beat practitioner Dong brutally and then detained her in the mental hospital, where she suffers from all kinds of torture and abuse.