June 28, 2001


I am a Dafa practitioner in Shaanxi Province and also a 50 years old peasant woman. I went to Beijing to appeal in early June. The police illegally arrested seven other out of state Dafa practitioners and me in Tiananmen Square and detained us at the police station. One female Dafa practitioner was so brutally beaten that she could not even stand up straight. Another female practitioner was roughed up and bruised all over her face. The police even put some left over watermelon rinds over the head of a practitioner. Beating and cursing seemed to be part of their natural activities.

Not long after, the police transferred me and another practitioner to a different place. The police demanded that we reveal our identities. Not wanting to cause trouble for our home district governments, we refused to divulge where we came from. In addition to beating and cursing, the police even stripped off our clothes to search us. What they were after was our money. Everyone detained over there has been stripped of all his or her money. Strangely, there were 500 Yuan RMB in my pocket that they failed to find after repeated searching.

The police locked me into a steel cage about 5 to 6 feet high. Inside there was a young man. He looked like 17 to 18 years old but he sat there wearing just shorts, in a daze. I was told later he became this way after he was severely beaten.

When I was interrogated the second time, the police were even more atrocious. They cursed Dafa, cursed our Teacher, beat me on my head and threatened me with their batons. After a while they locked me in another cage. This time there was a 40 year old male convict inside. I started practicing my Falun Gong meditation exercise. After half an hour that convict summoned the police and said, "You locked me up together with a woman, what will happen if she utters rubbish and frames me?" Unexpectedly the animal like police yelled, "We gave her to you as a gift. She is all yours so do whatever you want to do with!" "It's up to you; she is all yours!" They intended to have the convict abuse me and stop me from doing my exercises. They even provoked the convict, "Don't expect to get a reduced jail term if you do not cooperate!" Under this coercion, the convict suddenly showed his lewdness and started laying his hands on me. I rebuked him sternly, "If you act like a pervert, I will die right here and now!" He was stunned. Failing to take advantage of me, he changed his tactics and started talking obscenely and humming some lewd songs for the rest of the night.

When I was interrogated for the third time, I was physically very weak due to my hunger strike and two days of hideous treatment. I had difficulty walking and had to lean against the wall. If I could not hold on to it by myself I would bend down and collapse onto the floor. The police immediately pulled me up. Since I just could not stand there they ended up handcuffing me and literally hanging my body up with the handcuffs. My wrist was swollen. Both my wrist and arm were hurting all over. After several hours, I realized that I must not cooperate with the evil. I protested and demanded them to lower me down so that I could go to the rest room. Only then did they release me. Since I was hung for quite some time I collapsed onto the floor and hit my tailbone hard. The pain was nearly unbearable. I finally crawled into the rest room.

Later, a doctor working for the police came over and said, "If you still refuse to tell us who you are, I will administer shots to you and then you will sing like a canary. Right there and then I made up my mind: I would rather die than go to the hospital. I held onto a concrete pole with all my strength. Four or five policemen tried as hard as they could to pull me away but could not move me. I never thought as a 50 years old woman I could hold on with that much strength. Finally they lifted me up, put me into the car, and forcibly transported me to the hospital. At the hospital they put me down with my hands and feet cuffed to the bed. I could not move at all. I knew that a righteous thought is powerful. Even if they gave me shots I would not allow the drugs to take effect. I would rather die instead of doing things harmful to Dafa. Under my strong protest they never did give me the shots. Teacher said, "disbelieve[s] that psychotropics could play this kind of role." [About Psychotropics, November 24, 2000] Another female Dafa practitioner in the same room at the hospital was brutally beaten. She had bruises all over her body and even had difficulty speaking. Even though she was given drugs via IV transfusion she did not say anything wrong. She remained firm and resolute. She was very clear headed with her main consciousness.

The police did not want to be liable if we should die there. On the fourth day they dragged me and the other female practitioner onto the train (since we could not walk at all). We were finally released. We split the 500 Yuan I had and returned home. My home has been ransacked twice by the police, and I am now homeless and living like a nomad.