1. Freed from surveillance, I go to Beijing to appeal legally

The Conference of the National People's Congress was held on March 5, 2000. The People's Congress is supposed to speak for the people. As a legal citizen of the country, I have the right to voice my aspirations to the People's Congress.

To speak out the truth to the people regarding Falun Gong, I decided to go to Beijing to appeal again. At around 10 AM on March 4, 2000, the Zhentou Police Station of Shijiazhuang City sent militiaman Zhao Jingchen to my home to keep watch on me. I left home quickly during the break when he was out, and arrived in Beijing after a smooth trip. In the afternoon of the day that I left, Zhentou Police Station authorities kept forcibly questioning my husband about my whereabouts until 11PM.

At about 3 PM on March 5, I met a few fellow practitioners in Beijing, including two third grade pupils with their grandmothers, mothers, and Chinese practitioners from Australia. On stepping out on Tiananmen Square from the underground tunnel, we saw military police standing around and patrolling in large numbers, and plainclothes agents were everywhere. Before we could complete 30 meters on foot, two military policemen stopped us and asked if we were Falun Gong practitioners; we replied, "Yes." The military policemen pushed us to one side of the square. I told them, "You are so young, please don't beat and curse Falun Gong practitioners. We are all good people. Falun Dafa is the righteous way." Using the chance that they might not be paying attention, the Chinese practitioners from Australia and I opened a "Falun Dafa is good" banner, which the military policemen immediately snatched away before escorting us to the police vehicle.

They sent us to the Shijiazhuang City Office in Beijing; it was full of arrested Falun Dafa practitioners. Policeman Tian Xiaosuo from Zhentou Police Station of Shijiazhuang City and the militiaman Zhao Fengyu had been waiting there for me for a long time. Tian Xiaosuo let loose a torrent of abuse before I even got out of the vehicle. He fiercely grabbed my bag and threw it away twice and kept threatening me, "We wont let you off this time. Well see about this!" On the highway to Shijiazhuang, Tian Xiaosuo cursed me for about an hour until he got tired.

After they took me back to the police station, the township authorities and legal secretary claimed they were going to impose a fine on me during the interrogation. I replied, "If I really violated the state penalty clause, you could just fine me and I would have nothing to complain about. But if I didn't violate it and you want to impose a fine on me, that would be illegal activity on your part. Secretary Cui didn't say anything and didn't fine me, but took me into custody for fifteen days.

2. Resisting frequent, gratuitous harassment with righteous thoughts

On May 10, 2000, the director of the group security dispatched two militiamen to guard me at my house. They followed me on motorcycles when I was out on business. After I came back home, policeman Li Qiankun along with several other people from the local police station knocked on my door and ordered me go to the station. I refused and told them it was illegal for them to detain me several times with no warrant. Qiankun claimed they had the warrant this time and let me see it through the gap of the door. He said they would jump over the wall if I didn't open the door. They were smashing the door and threatening me outside, as well as disturbing the neighbors, who came out to see what was going on. I asked my neighbors in the street to watch what was happening. I asked, What kind of crime have I committed? What is wrong with us cultivating or with "Truth, Compassion, and Tolerance?" The police didn't let me explain, they pushed and dragged me into the police car, then illegally detained me for four days. After that, whenever there was a so-called "sensitive period," they would illegally take me into custody and put me on close watch for two days. The police are supposed to safeguard society, but now under Jiang's monopoly rule, the "People's Police" harass people for no reason.

At about 7 PM on June 30, 2000, the local policeman Fan came to my home. He said the police station chief, Yang Shengli, asked me to take a ride to the station. I turned him down by telling him just to speak up if he had something say. He said, "You will know what is going on when you get there." I knew it was a trick and refused to go. Policeman Fan Haiji used my telephone several times to call the station, then deputy chief Wang Qingchen, policeman Li Qiankun, and six to seven militiamen came. Wang Qingchen let Li Qiankun jump into my bedroom through the window. They pushed me and kidnapped me just like the Mafia. Furthermore, they snatched Teacher's photo. I would rather die than let them take it. When they dragged me, I suddenly took the photo back from Li Qiankun's hands. They pushed and lifted me, trying to put me into the police vehicle on the main street. Not cooperating with this illegal action, I just sat by the street. Many villagers were watching nearby. My two brothers and their wives questioned the police, "What crime did my sister commit? Why are you treating her like this?" Out of ignorance, the police responded that they had no choice because it was orders from the top and they were just doing their job. They lifted me up to throw me into the car. I resisted by grabbing onto the car door. I told Li Qiankun, "The worst thing you did was snatching Teacher's photo. You better stop doing bad deeds. Good is rewarded with good, evil is met with evil!" Qiankun said he didn't care whether "Good is rewarded with good, evil is met with evil!" He was going to take me and search my house. I told them, "Who dares to search my house?" Under the deterrent of a Falun Dafa practitioner's righteous thoughts, they quit. Then they detained me for twenty-six days until the evening of July 24.

The director of the group security, Zhang, always let militiamen guard my house. Once at midnight, militiaman Zhao Fengyu woke me up. I asked him why. He said nothing except that township secretary Cui made him check to see if I was at home. Then, coming to knock on my door became their routine, which continuously upset the neighbors. One night my son came home late. Seeing two ghost-like shadows at the door in the darkness, he was scared and dared not tell me for several days. At 1 AM another night, my son had been watching TV, then came to wake me up. He told me someone was knocking on the window of the smaller building. I told him not to bother about it and just go to sleep. The police constantly kept an eye on me either openly or under cover.

3. In Beijing I witnessed the Peoples Police trained by Jiang Zemins line, Ruling the country with virtue.

To clarify the truth and save people, my husband and I went to Beijing to appeal again on December 5, 2000. Once we opened a Falun Dafa is good banner in Tiananmen Square, four of the Peoples Police came who were trained by Jiang Zemins Ruling the country with virtue line. They punched and kicked me, then forced us over fifty-year old seniors half way down to the ground and pushed us into the police vehicle. Then, the vehicle full of Falun Dafa practitioners left for the Tiananmen Police Station. The practitioners were jailed in the iron cells, in the basement, and in the backyard. The fellow practitioners were all honest and serious with banners in their hands. They were reciting Lunyu and Grand Poem with bruises on their faces and with bloody mouths and bloodied bodies. Six of us were transferred to Chongwen district police station. The policemen first illegally searched us when we went inside. When they started to search my shoes where I kept some practitioners phone numbers, I quickly put the paper in my mouth to protect fellow practitioners. Two young cops threw me to the ground on my back, seized me by the throat, and pinched my nose to make me spit it out. I felt suffocated; it seemed like the worst way to go, yet I realized it was only death! I wouldnt give the numbers to them even if I died. Once the righteous thoughts came out, I didnt have the feeling of suffocation any more, and swallowed the paper. They confined us in the iron cell. We argued strongly on just grounds for our freedom and for a judgment of not guilty. They dragged us out of the iron cell to the backyard and handcuffed five of us to the big trees with our hands behind our backs. We were calling out, Return our Teachers reputation! Return the reputation of Falun Dafa! The cops cursed and gagged our mouths with cabbage twigs and rags. There is no virtue among todays Chinese police.

Because we refused to tell them our names and addresses, the policemen again illegally sent us to the Chongwen detention center. On orders of the police there, the prisoners fiercely beat and cursed the Falun Gong practitioners. In the cold of winter, the inmates poured basin after basin of cold water on us. They poured dozens of basins of water on one of the practitioners, while I was drenched with two. They forced us to fly like a dove. Because we didnt cooperate, the prisoners dragged us by our hair, punched, and kicked us until 2 AM. Without any clothes to change into, I had to sleep in a wet sweater, shirt, and pants. Those prisoners claimed the authorities gave the order that whoever could dig out the practitioners names might get a reduced penalty. Regardless of the consequences, the crazy prisoners beat us badly to try for shorter prison terms.

On December 19, we were escorted to Shijiazhuang City Office in Beijing. The policemen handcuffed us to a sofa and forced us to hand over everything we had. I had RMB (Chinese currency) about 190 yuan. The cops promised to return my money when I left, and I believed what they said. But the next day, they gave me a ferocious answer, Who would we return your money to? We confiscated it! Nowadays the Peoples Police are no different from the Mafia. It is really as Teacher says, Governments and bandits, one family(Ten Evils in the World, Grand Poem).

4. Be responsible for the family, for all life, and refuse to cooperate with the evils.

Zhentou stations policemen sent me back from the Shijiazhuang City Office in Beijing. They detained me illegally in the citys second detention center for twenty-eight days and later they forcibly gave me a physical exam. When the doctor learned that I had recovered from eight kinds of diseases including hepatitis B after starting the cultivation, he said to examine the liver the next day; thus I was escorted back to the police station. All of my relatives came, my sisters, my brothers and their wives, my son, my young nephew, and my niece. Some of them kneeled in front of me asking me to quit Falun Gong. The sisters cried and told me my mother was unconscious. When hearing that I would be sentenced to three years in a labor camp, my mother didnt want to live and took out the intravenous needle. I understood my relatives feelings; none of them would like to see me taken to jail and tortured.

Who among a hundred million practitioners has no relatives and friends? In this evil persecution, who hasnt been implicated? It is not just a problem of one hundred million people. Doesnt Jiang Zemin cause all of this suffering himself? He usurps the state machine to force the people to make false statements and vainly attempts with repression to force the Falun Dafa practitioners to renounce Truth, Compassion, and Tolerance. Even more vicious is using the affection between family members and practitioners to force cooperation with the evil persecution, destroying the family members wonderful future. If I conformed to the evil's demand, it would be irresponsible. It would affect family members and all of life, and furthermore, those who have a predestined relationship would lose the chance to hear and attain the Fa.

While all this took place, my husband was under custody in the Zhanhuang County detention center and my son was ready for his wedding and waiting for us to handle it. Relatives wanted me to write the guarantee not to practice Falun Dafa, but I refused to do it. I knew I must follow teacher closely, steadfastly cultivating Dafa. 5. With indestructible righteous thoughts, crush and eliminate the evils intentions

I couldnt sleep on the night that the relatives left. I didnt think I should be imprisoned. I had to go out to spread Falun Dafa further, to expose the evils and save the people. I should upset the intentions of the evil forces. I started to think about what I remembered Teacher saying, something like Every test must be passed, everywhere there are demons. I was shaken in my heart, Pass the test! I thought. So I calmly swept the yard in the police station. The militiaman guarding me was still so I closed the door lightly and walked confidently to the main entrance. I stepped out with dignity after opening the big iron gate. I was thinking, it is about time to make myself a veteran and learn to protect myself. From that moment on I would never allow the evil people to catch me. I have been living a vagrant life ever since then.

Later I heard my husband was sentenced to two years in a labor camp. He was sent to the second group of the Shijiazhuang labor camp. Only my son lived at home, but it was not over yet. The suburban district police department kept my son as a hostage for several days to catch me. The deputy chief trespassed in my house; he searched it several times and took it over, staying there for a month. Jiang Zemin destroyed a good family like this! In China there are many more families far more broken up and ruined than mine.

Good is rewarded with good, evil is met with evil is the eternal truth in the universe. All kinds of natural and manmade calamities and abnormal climates are not by chance. These are caused by the evil's slandering the Universes Fa and by the apathy of the people. It is a warning from the gods. All benevolent people, the mercy of the Lord of Buddhas is incredibly immense. As long as you keep benevolent thoughts in your mind and safeguard justice in the world, you will get the chance to be saved. Wake up! Please make the right choice!

(Translated on July 17, 2001 from an edited version of http://www.minghui.ca/mh/articles/2001/7/16/13504.html)