(Clesarwisdom.net) During the past two years, several hundred Falun Gong practitioners have been illegally detained, sentenced to labor "reeducation," imprisoned and fined by a few vicious officers from the district government and Public Security Bureau in Dagang District of Tianjin City. I am one of those being persecuted. The following is what happened to me.

On April 30, 2001, about ten policemen, led by Wang Dashui from the Dagang Security Bureau and Zhao Wanmin from the Gangbei police station, illegally pried open the door to my house and searched it without letting us know beforehand. They found Falun Gong materials in my house, so they forcibly took my four-month old baby and me to the police station.

In the afternoon, under the name of a "Learning Class," they kept us in the Shihua 2nd Guest House and tried to find out where the Falun Gong materials came from. On the first night, the interrogation went on until 4 o'clock the next morning. On the third day, the chief policeman ordered me to stop breast-feeding my baby, and said that they would not let me sleep for the next five days. If I still refused to tell them anything, they would sentence me to more than three years in jail.

After not-sleeping for two nights, I refused to follow the evil's order. I went to tell the chief policeman that they would be completely responsible if they kept on persecuting me in this way. But the chief policeman said that they didn't care. So, they kept me there for 6 days and then released me on bail, to wait for interrogation.

On May 30th, my 58 year old mother was arrested while she was posting Falun Dafa posters with the words: "The Fa rectifies Heaven and Earth, immediate retribution in this lifetime." After overnight interrogation, she was sent to the Dagang detention center. During the detention, she was interrogated continuously. They didn't let her do the Falun Gong exercises, so 20 days later, her arthritis recurred, half of her body became paralyzed, and she couldn't take care of herself.

After arresting my mother, the Dagang Security Bureau asked the neighborhood community and the police station to keep a 24-hour watch on my house. This disturbed my family members a lot. A few days later, my mother's sickness became worse. Then the police notified us that we had to take some money to the hospital for her treatment. I went to the hospital and asked them to release my mother. Meanwhile, I also clarified the truth to people in the hospital and told them about the goodness of "Truthfulness, Benevolence and Forbearance."

Unexpectedly, the chief of police from the Gangbei station came to the hospital with some other officers. They took us to the police station, despite the fact that my six-month old baby was frightened and cried all the time. The next day, they kept me in the 2nd Guest House again. Because I refused to give up Falun Dafa, they didn't let me take my baby out to get sunshine, and they told me that if I didn't give up Falun Dafa, I would be sentenced to 3-7 years in jail.

My husband couldn't bear the mental suffering, and he wanted to divorce me. Three days later, I could not bear the persecution any more, so I walked out of that place with my child. I am told that those perpetrators are looking for me all the time.

Now, under the burning sun, my baby and I have to wander around. We cannot go back to our own house, and we cannot contact my family members either. My mother is still in custody. I appeal to kindhearted people in the world: please pay close attention to and support Falun Gong practitioners who are under the vicious persecution in Dagang District, Tianjin City.

Following are the phone numbers:

Dagang Public Security Bureau: 86-22-6322051 ext.: Chief officer Mr. Li's office Yao Jiawang - Vice Chief of Political and Security Section: 86-22-63220514 (W) 86-22-63222219 (H) Liu Jinyuan - Director of Yingbing neighborhood community: 86-22-25990567 Chief officer Mr Wang - Gangbei police station: 86-22-25980496