[Clearwisdom.net] I turned on the TV the other day and it happened to show programs slandering and attacking Dafa (great law and universal principles). I felt deeply saddened and grieved. Ignorant? Intentional? Pitiful? Contemptible? In the evil's persecution of Dafa, this TV station has been a pioneer to spread slanderous rumors. How many lives has it deceived and entrapped, and how much karma has it accrued? In the meantime, those who are involved in it are also poisoning themselves. Watching this, I had no hatred or anger, one thought emerged: those slandering the Fa (universal law and principles) and the Buddha will get immediate retribution in this lifetime. So I sat in the lotus position (legs double crossed), held the palm vertically and recited the Teacher's verse. My heart was full of compassion, pure and determined thoughts came out naturally: those who slander Dafa get their due retribution, those who were still not enlightened after the retribution and continue to commit wrong doings get heavier retribution.

After finishing this, my mind was still peaceful, far-reaching, and vast, just like the boundless cosmos after the Fa-rectification. I knew that after this, the very faint yet concrete existing sense in my vague awareness--the sense that to let a life get retribution is not very compassionate--had been completely eliminated. I understood better the great responsibility that "real Buddhas are guardians of the cosmos," and the real meaning of "eliminating evil is thus doing Fa-rectification, and is also saving the world's people and sentient beings."

I also understood better why Gods and Buddhas arrange to eliminate karma for human beings. The ways of eliminating karma are not only small sufferings like diseases, but also great natural and man-made calamities like earthquakes, wars, and plagues. This is actually compassionate to human beings, and saving human beings from being destroyed very soon. If those who committed wrong doings still have human nature and righteous thoughts, after seeing the immediate retribution, they realize and thoroughly rectify their errors, or restrain themselves from doing or doing so many bad deeds, aren't we saving them and giving them a chance? Aren't we compassionate to them?

In ancient times, humans' moral standards were very high. Humans believed in the existence of Gods, Gods also disciplined humans, and thus there was much immediate retribution, which gave people many opportunities to realize and amend their acts. Nowadays humans don't believe in Gods, their morals degenerate everyday, the Gods don't discipline humans anymore, so there is less immediate retribution, and thus fewer opportunities for people to realize and amend, which is very dangerous for human beings.

The Fa-rectification is the sacred and great historic responsibility the Fa has entrusted us. In the Fa-rectification, Teacher guides us to create the future of the cosmos, and set up references for the history of the future cosmos. "In different historic times of the future, if in the cosmos damage to Dafa occurs or when beings perform differently, how Dafa will rectify the Fa and make everything perfect and indestructible is extremely important." (Master's article "What are Supernormal Abilities") As Dafa disciples, we should conform to the requirement of the Fa with no hesitance, to assist Teacher in the Fa-rectification. This is the inevitability of our cultivation. Only in the Fa-rectification, can we truly dissolve in the Fa and truly become particles of Dafa. In the Fa-rectification, we will realize and understand the broad and profound inner meaning of the Fa from the perspective of the Fa-rectification and its participants, from a new realm; we will re-realize the inner meaning of cultivation, Consummation, and letting go of life and death. I only remember the rough meaning of Teacher's words that no other Fa, no other enlightened being can save humans in today's society, but Dafa can. Now we understand that Fa-rectification is also the route for a cultivator to let go of notions, karma and everything from the past, and thus improve to reach the standard.

Through studying the Fa we learned that all sentient beings have long ago deviated from the Fa. How are these beings, which were created after the cosmos has already deviated from the Fa, able to comprehend and reach the standards of the cosmos at its original state? In Fa-rectification, they can! Teacher asks us to study the Fa more, to look inward and cultivate, and to get rid of bad things. At the same time, in the Fa-rectification, Teacher leads us to eliminate all the unrighteous things within ourselves and in our environments. We are asked to meet the original standards. Isn't this what we need to reach and what we are reaching during the Fa-rectification?

At one stage, I felt that I had a certain level of understanding of the Fa. I felt that I had true understanding about life and death and thought that I could let go of life and death. After some candid and deep trials within my heart, I believed that while facing evil and vicious persecution, I would pass the tribulation, I would keep righteous thoughts, I would not betray Dafa and I would not do things that are unworthy of Teacher's disciple. Isn't it just torture? Isn't it just beating? Isn't it just being beaten to death? Isn't it just discarding this flesh body and that is it?

I felt that all these could not shake me at all, not to mention those wicked and ridiculous tricks played to brainwash practitioners. I felt assured and gratified for my enlightenment and determination. Now I realize however, that this is not enough, this lacks the comprehension of the Fa-rectification, this lacks the understanding of Dafa disciple's responsibility and realm. If facing evil and persecution, living beings of all realms just passively endure, no matter how steadfast they are, they only endure, then what will happen to the sentient beings? What will happen to the cosmos? This kind of endurance does not live up to "Truthfulness-Benevolence-Forbearance." In the current Fa-rectification period, the evil beings have gone into a frenzy, what we are confronting is not just for personal endurance. The evil forces have been rampantly persecuting Dafa. The standard that Dafa establishes for the future cosmos is not only to endure, but also to eliminate evil.

When we send forth righteous thoughts from the perspective of safeguarding Dafa and the cosmos and being responsible to sentient beings, when we deal with all things as genuine Dafa particles, would we still worry about whether our righteous thoughts are effective or not? Would we still doubt our abilities?

In the Fa-rectification, I can feel more explicitly the reality and effectiveness of the Law of the universe, of the fundamental characteristics of the universe. It is supreme and omnipresent, it is perfectly harmonious, complete, and inseparable. It is forbearance; it establishes and supports the structure from particles, molecules, to the vast boundless cosmos without decline. It is benevolence; it creates myriads of living beings and enables them to live along in harmony. It is truthfulness, it is unchanged after thousands of havocs, when sentient beings deviate from the Fa, it saves, resolves well, and recreates. In the Fa-rectification, every particle is bestowed all the wisdom and power of the realm one belongs to.