I am a Falun Dafa practitioner. When Dafa was slandered, I went to the government office to clarify the truth. The police did not listen, but instead they arrested me and sent me to the Wanjia Labor Camp in Harbin, Heilongjiang Province.

The guards at the labor camp used every means imaginable to torture Falun Gong practitioners. They asked us to write statements renouncing Dafa. When we refused, they punched and kicked us. The most unforgivable act occurred when several guards threw a female practitioner into a male cell, where three inmates gang-raped her. This practitioner told them, "You are committing a crime and will receive retribution in the future." They said that they were not afraid and continued to ruthlessly torture her.

As of May 24, 2001, several practitioners in our cell were six to eight months overdue for release. When we wrote a letter to report this situation, labor camp officials suppressed it. They strictly blocked information from leaking out, forbidding us and family members from communicating with the outside world. We had no choice but to start a hunger strike, hoping that our suffering would awaken their consciences. However, after four or five days, the guards dragged us out and force-fed us. When they failed, the guards began to beat us mercilessly. One practitioner lost consciousness and became incontinent.

Even under these circumstances, we still continued to tell them about Dafa and reason with them. They forcefully stuffed our mouths with socks, handcuffed us, and taped our mouths shut.

When we refused to write statements renouncing Dafa, they hung us up for several days and nights by our handcuffs. Some practitioners lost consciousness and became incontinent as a result. They poured cold water onto our bodies and shocked us with electric batons, then turned on air conditioners to make us colder.

We still did not succumb, and the police forced us to squat for 30-40 hours continuously. Afterwards, our legs were extremely swollen, and we could not walk. They also forced us to sit on small stools for more than 20 days without standing up. In order to deny us sleep, they played music at the highest volume continuously in our cell. Some of us were so tired that we fell asleep on our feet, waking up only when our heads struck the floor.

We hereby warn these people at the Wanjia Labor Camp: you will receive just retribution for what you have done.