(Clearwisdom.net) I have come to understand many principles of the Fa through doing truth-telling work. Once when I was sticking a flyer on a bus, I used one arm to block the view of others while with the other hand I did the work, all the while worrying that passengers would see me. After I had put the flyer on, I still hoped others could not see it. "It is better if they can see it only after I get off the bus," I thought. When I got off the bus, I immediately realized that these complicated thoughts were all caused by my attachment of fear, which might have caused a delay in saving the lives of predestined people.

The next day, I once again put Dafa materials on a bus. A student sat next to me. I put on the wall a piece of Dafa material right in front of him. I also gave him a copy and told him, "I hope you can read this. It will be good for your life." He unfolded the Dafa material right away and started reading. I realized after this that when one's heart becomes pure, Dafa could function to rectify any impure field.

Since then, whenever I am distributing truth-telling materials, I often send forth righteous thoughts. For instance, I frequent major groceries, supermarkets, and book stores where a lot of people gather. I stick Dafa materials at places beside the stairway or handrail. I then send forth righteous thoughts to let people with a predestined relationship see these materials. On the way back, when passing the places where I had put the Dafa materials, I often saw someone reading them. At the same time, others turned their heads in other directions and were not able to see the materials. Once, I was sticking truth-telling materials on telephone poles along a road with other practitioners when a person shouted "Falun Gong" from behind. I turned back and looked attentively at him with compassion and then kept going. The man walked away without saying a word.