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Day -2: Around 3pm, it rained for about 20 minutes. We surprisingly found on our left there was a double-layered giant rainbow in 400 meters apart. One 60-year-old practitioner said, "I have never seen a double-layered rainbow in my life and it is so big." The rainbow lasted about 20 minutes.

Day -4: After lunch we started a 5-kilometer walk uphill. Around 2:30pm a lady stopped her car in front of us and walked over to us. She introduced herself that she is Senator Peta Seaton and saw us in front of the State House on July 11. She knew that we would pass her district on the way to Canberra. So she decided to meet us here and wish us a success and a safe walk to Canberra. We took a picture together and thanked for her support.

Day 5: We stopped by the road at 2pm. Some local practitioners brought us some homemade delicious food. We enjoyed lunch together as a big happy family.

Suddenly a practitioner said, "Look, there is a big Falun around the Sun." Sure, it is there with stronger colors inside and lighter colors outside. The 74-year-old practitioner also saw many small colorful Faluns inside the big one. An 11-year-old saw Master Li's golden Fashen on the side of the big Falun. Some practitioners took this scene as a courage from Mater Li for their walk to support and rescue practitioners in China.