(Clearwisdom.net) My parents have immigrated to America. I was facing a 3 year sentence in a labor camp for refusing to write a "guarantee letter," (a promise to relinquish practice of Falun Gong) so I couldn't go to America to study. My mother flew back from America to Jinan City in Shandong Province to visit me, but she was rudely kicked out because she expressed discontent with the brainwashing class, and was disallowed to see me. On February 21, 2001, I was taken to the No. 3 Labor Camp in Wangcun of Zibo City in Shandong Province. There, the meaning of the term "den of monsters" became a reality for me.

In the labor camp, there were 20 beds and a close-circuit TV camera in each room. Practitioners were never allowed to take showers. We went to bed at around 10 p.m. The light in the room was never allowed to be turned off, and the door was always kept open. As for the firm and steadfast Dafa practitioners, they were forced to write a "guarantee letter" immediately upon their arrival. Those who refused to do so would suffer a combination of electric shock and various other punishments while being placed under strict control. Those who were brainwashed, like robots, studied and wrote articles slandering Falun Gong everyday and helped the guards brutally persecute and try to brainwash the faithful practitioners.

Li Xidai, the section chief of the Travel and Reception Department at the Shandong Coal-Miners' Sanatorium in Tai'an City was sent here for his appeal in October 2000. From the beginning, he refused to write a "guarantee letter." As a punishment, every morning he had to get up at five and sit on a little steel stool about 20 cm in height (about 2/3 ft.). He was forbidden to turn his head, blink, talk or raise his hands away from his knees. Eight prisoners kept a close watch on him and did not allow him to lie down until 10:30p.m. The same torture started all over again the next day. A group of practitioners sat like this for 30 days, and every one of them developed large skin ulcers on their buttocks. Professor Shi from Shandong Education Institution (sentenced to 3 years in the labor camp) received brainwashing everyday after he was first detained there in October 2000, and he was allowed to sleep for only two hours from 3 to 5 a.m. He was tortured like this for 18 days, and in the end he became exhausted and delirious, and in this state of mind, he wrote a "guarantee letter." When a newly arrived practitioner was sent in, there would be eight traitors who went against Dafa that surrounding the practitioner and incessantly "talked" to him or her. The traitors have lost their good conscience and helped the guards abuse the practitioners. When Wang Zongqin (male) from Shandong Provincial Government Kindergarten first got in Group 10, he was severely mistreated by a traitor named Duan Runlai, who forced him to accept evil misunderstandings of Dafa and disallowed him to close his eyes for ten days straight. On the tenth day, fearing Wang's death, the guards let him sleep for half a day, only to be followed by another five day-and-night's sleep deprivation torture, during which the labor camp sent people to talk to him 24 hours a day to "help" him. Aside from this, the thugs also tied practitioners on the door or chair in the detention room for two weeks at a time. The roughnecks even hit practitioners who did Dafa exercises with electric batons until they lost consciousness. They continuously hit the practitioners who continued to refuse to write a "guarantee letter." When the baton touched the skin, the high temperature immediately caused pieces of skin to fall off.