(Clearwisdom.net) During October 2000, a criminal inmate in cell #203 in Chaoyang district detention center, Beijing, beat a Falun Gong Practitioner to death with the connivance of the police.

This male practitioner, about 50-years-old, went on a hunger strike after he was illegally arrested. Police ordered the criminals in the same cell to force-feed him, but the practitioner firmly refused. During the struggle he spit out some instant noodles being fed to him onto the face of a criminal named Yu Tao. That criminal was furious and embarrassed. He severely beat the Dafa practitioner to death.

After the incident, the detention center helped to cover up the crime and attempted to seal the information from getting out. They also made up lies that the death was due to a heart attack and immediately destroyed the body and evidence. They paid 8,000 Yuan RMB (about 1,000 USD) to the victim's family members. They separated inmates from cell #203 by transferring them to other cells. One of the transferred detainees confirmed that he saw the incident and that the practitioner was beaten to death.

The disciplinary guard for cell #203 is Li Xinzhuang

Telephone: Dial Chaoyang Detention Center main number and transfer to line 2 for Li Xinzhuang