[Clearwisdom.net] Since Master published his lecture in Canada in 2001 and his later articles, Dafa practitioners around the globe have all experienced Fa-rectification's entering of a new stage.

We should do better when we clarify the truth to save people and send forth righteous thoughts to directly do Fa-rectification, whether we are illegally detained in China or are actively exposing the evil overseas. An important prerequisite here is to deepen our understanding of the Fa in order to match the progress of Fa rectification.

In the new situation, we must further emphasize our Fa study, and follow Master's requirement in the article "Learning the Fa." Meanwhile, we realized that there is deeper meaning to emphasizing Fa study, which is to closely tie our Fa study to the Fa-rectification, and to view the Fa study from a higher standpoint. We must put more effort in the Fa study in order to understand the Fa better. "However much you sacrifice, how ever much you will gain--It's just such a principle." (Zhuan Falun) It is the same with our Fa study.

In the past, because we had not studied the Fa enough and had not had a deep understanding of the meaning of Fa study, we did not make earnest effort in cultivation. This caused some negative effects on Dafa. We can clearly see this from the "solemn statements" in Clearwisdom.net. For being behind in the Fa study, when under huge pressure and in severe environments, some of us did what we were not supposed to do, and said what we were not supposed to say. Some have even gone into evil enlightenment, stepped to Dafa's opposite side, and caused certain damage to Dafa. How did they come back to the cultivation in Dafa? Through the Fa study. Having improved their understanding of the Fa, they caught up with Fa-rectification again.

As Fa-rectification progresses, every Dafa particle has had a completely new understanding on the tribulations that Dafa encountered, on how to better clarify the truth and expose evil, and on the great meaning of Fa-rectification. The lessons in our past cultivation have taught us that Fa study is important, and that it is part of our entire cultivation. Currently, our practice in Fa-rectification tells us that Fa study is important, and that it is part of the Fa-rectification. Master's latest articles reminded us to pay attention to Fa study, and that we must clearly understand the Fa. By putting the Fa study at an important position that cannot be replaced, and working hard in studying the Fa, we can better harmonize Dafa, create history for the future, and take the correct path in our cultivation.