More than 140 Dafa practitioners are being detained in the Changlinzi Labor Camp of Heilongjiang Province, where they are brainwashed and tortured each day. The camp officials often torture practitioners deep into the night, forcing them to stand facing the wall and denying them sleep. Some practitioners are forced to spend two weeks in custom-made cages. These cages are 5 ft by 5 ft by 5 ft, so that the person locked up inside cannot stand up or sit down, but is forced to remain in a crouching position. This is extremely painful and caused many of the practitioners to experience severe swelling all over their bodies. After these two weeks, camp officials transferred all of the practitioners who refused to give up Falun Gong to the fourth division to perform heavy physical labor from 5 am to midnight everyday.

The camp assigns one bed for every five practitioners, and meals often consist of only gruel made from sorghum husks. When it is time to eat, the officer in charge lights a cigarette. When he finishes it, that signals the end of the meal. The bathroom break is included in the mealtime, so a practitioner is expected to eat and use the bathroom in the time it takes for the officer to smoke one cigarette. In addition, camp officials frequently order other inmates to beat practitioners. It was under these conditions that all of the practitioners went on a group hunger strike.

Kong Deyi (also named Kong Xiaohai), male, a native of Harbin City, was sent to the labor camp for going to Beijing to appeal and speak out the truth for Dafa. During the hunger strike, he was force-fed with a tube that was inserted, taken out, and inserted again repeatedly. After twenty minutes of this, Kong passed away, never giving up his beliefs to the very end. To cover this up, an officer gave a shot to Kong Deyi and declared that he died of a heart attack.

We would like to solemnly warn the Chief Officer Shi Jing and all other officers in the Changlingzi Labor Camp, "There's no escape from justice. Good is rewarded with good, and evil is met with evil."

In another case, Mr. Liu Guoliang's original sentence had expired, but his term was extended by three months. Liu started a hunger strike in protest, and he was locked up in a cage four days later. At the time of this report, he had already carried on his hunger strike for eight days and spent four of them locked in the cage. The lower part of his body has swollen up severely, and his life is in serious danger. We hope that all Dafa practitioners will send forth righteous thoughts on his behalf.

Phone numbers at Changlinzi Labor Camp:

First division: 2037101 Second division: 2037102 Third division: 2037103 Fourth division: 2037104 Fifth division: 2037105