Masanjia and Hebei Gaoyang are two labor camps notorious for their savage persecution of benevolent Dafa practitioners.

The female division of Hebei Gaoyang Labor Camp is located in a desolate area about 6 miles from Gaoyang City. The brainwashing classes are held in a new building that is still under construction. There is a row of very dirty and shabby storage rooms, and some rings anchored to the floor inside the storage rooms. The rings are in two rows. A person can be handcuffed between the two rings: the person is forced to crouch down and stretch his or her arms, and each hand is handcuffed to a ring. The person is not able to stand up and not allowed to sit down. This torture is called "crouching handcuff." Since the female division was set up in last November, this place has been an evil place where female Dafa practitioners were persecuted.

Around the Spring Festival of 2001, Dafa practitioners were illegally detained in Gaoyang Labor Camp. The practitioners were forced to write pledges against Dafa by putting handcuffs and shackles on the practitioners or "crouch handcuffing" them. Twelve female guards would hold a practitioner, and several male guards used electric batons to torture the practitioners. They pointed the electric batons to acupuncture points on the practitioners' feet and shocked the practitioners. They forced the electric batons into practitioners' mouth and shock their tongues, the smell of burnt flesh in the practitioners' mouths wouldn't go away even after several days. They shocked practitioners' faces, mouths, backs and necks. Some practitioners' necks were all burnt and swelled up to the same width as their head. They also wound copper wires around the practitioners' thumbs to electrify the practitioners with hand-driven electric generators, or they would directly used the utility electricity (220 AC) to touch practitioners' handcuffs. The blue sparks of the electricity could be seen vividly, the handcuff quickly got extremely hot and burnt the practitioners' hands. Another form of torture was to hang the practitioners up (when they were handcuffed) and shock them in their arches and other parts of their bodies. If the practitioner fainted, they would splash cold water on her to wake her up. If the electric torture would not work, iron or wood rods were used to beat the practitioners, or simply punch and kick them. A practitioner's arm was burnt with a lit cigarette.

If the practitioners went on hunger strikes, they were force-feed once or twice a day. When practitioners were put on "crouching handcuffs," they were not allowed to sit or sleep for several days. Their hands and arms were swollen like loaves of bread, and the handcuffs dug into their flesh. A guard said, "You are like birds in cages when handcuffed here. We can treat you as we wish, and you are not even able to commit suicide if you want to."

Some media reported that Dafa practitioners had committed suicide. Kind hearted people, now you can see the truth: through studying Dafa, our practitioners understood that life is precious, and the human body should be cherished. It is those inhuman individuals who are killing us with the brutal torture!

There are two practitioners who are sisters in the Wu family. In the coldest weather, they were beaten and tortured by being forced to stay out in the cold. Their bodies were covered with wounds from the beatings and skin ulcers from the cold. Many wounds festered with pus. They could not walk due to the wounds on their feet. The scars remain.

During April, more than 20 practitioners were transferred from Shijiazhuang City. On the night of their arrival, they were handcuffed to the heating pipes in the office. More than 10 guards surrounded them and insanely beat them. Their electric shocks sparkled all night. They were taken to the storage room and put on the "crouching handcuff." An elderly lady in her 60's could not bear the pain and fainted. A male guard, Fang, kicked her with vigor several times and said she was faking death. He also shocked her many times all over her body. He did not stop until he saw the lady truly fainted since she was lying there motionless after all the torture. Later on, 7 practitioners went on hunger strikes in protest. However, the 7 practitioners were detained in a classroom and inhumanely tortured and verbal abused everyday. The tormentors' guilty consciences allowed them to only torture practitioners at night, when no one else was around.

This brainwashing class was really just beatings. Practitioners were forced to do intensive physical labor, like loading and unloading dirt. The guards, armed with electric batons, watched them, and whenever they saw the practitioners were a little slow, they would beat or abuse them. Finally a practitioner was worn down: she had a high temperature and lost consciousness. Another practitioner was tortured so badly that she fainted many times. The persecutors woke her up by pouring cold water all over her. After the torture, she remained motionless in bed for two days.

If anyone tried to reason with the guards, they would reply with shameless words. For example, a practitioner asked, "You said that you did not beat her, then where did the wounds on her body come from?" He answered, "She did it herself." Another was asked, "As a policeman, you violated the law yourself by beating people." He replied, "Then I will use the electric batons to shock you, and that's not beating, right?" A guard named Zhou Yan often forced practitioners to curse. Even the family members were forced to curse before they could visit practitioners.

Through torturing practitioners, the labor camp pleased its superiors. Many supervisors of other labor camps, CCTV, and officials from the province often came to visit or interview. Whenever these people visited, the guards would force the practitioners to dance and play games. They pressured the practitioners with force, so that they wouldn't dare speak out about the truth. For fame and self-interest, the reporters of CCTV deceived the viewers show after show. When the irresponsible officials from the province asked questions, practitioners did not know what to say, since if they told the truth, endless torture would follow.

Cases of persecution like these are countless in China. The police guards do not realize that they are being used as tools to torture practitioners.