1. One day after July 20, 1999, my unit leader came to talk with me. The leader said that the Central Government has directives that say practitioners should actively submit their Falun Gong books; otherwise they would seize the books with force. I told the leader that I bought all my Falun Gong books from bookstores. I did not want to submit them because they were my personal belongings. If his leaders told him to seize them with force, they were ordering him to rob and raid, and no good would come from that.

2. I went to appeal at the end of 1999 and was captured. After I returned, the Party Secretary found me and talked with me. He said they would fire me if I went to appeal again, and that the reason that the X Party raised me, gave me a job, and fed me well was not so that I would defy it. I told this secretary, "No one raised me for any reason. No matter where I have been, no matter what kind of government regime I was under, I always supported myself using my own labor. Labor is a human being's most basic right and no one can take that away. The unit did nothing more than provide me with an opportunity and an environment to work for society. While I worked, I benefited the unit and I provided shelter and food for myself. Furthermore, the truth is that people give the government power, food, and clothes, and we do not give them these things so they can torture the people." A few days later, I heard from a co-worker that the secretary was deeply moved after talking with me, and mentioned that the hope of China relies on the people that practice Falun Gong.

3. When I was in the detention center, one day the interrogator said to me that someone (a female) said that Falun Gong was "opium for the mind," and that she was not practicing any more. He then asked why I was still practicing. I was very upset after hearing that. I told the interrogator that he should first make clear what opium is. Opium addicts give up their human dignity to inhale opium. They lie and steal just to fulfill their desires for momentary enjoyment. They are corrupt without feeling ashamed of it.

If we look back at our society, from the upper class to lower class everyone is after money. The government, media, the news reports, and the orientation are all stimulating people to chase after material benefits. A few people get rich, and it does not matter to them if their actions were unlawful. Therefore, corruption and bribery have become rampant. Fake and bad products are everywhere. Under society's pressure and the temptation of material interests, even the technical workers who once conducted themselves relatively well are cheating on their products and making fake accounts, making the whole society void of morality. There is no trust among people. This is the real "opium for the mind."

But Falun Gong teaches people to take fame and money lightly, to let go of attachments to material benefits, to highly value De (virtue), and to be considerate of others. Only the promulgation of Falun Gong can really save human beings and human society.

Upon hearing my words, the interrogator said, "What you said makes sense. I am unable to dispute with you."

These are some of my experiences during my cultivation. Although they happened a long time ago, I feel it is necessary to write them down and share them with fellow practitioners. Please correct me if you see anything here that is unfit.