(Clearwisdom.net) After Teacher published several recent articles, we all could sense the rapid progress of the Fa-rectification. We also recognized the issue of not being able to keep up with the progress of the Fa-rectification. Teacher has endowed everyone with supernormal abilities so that we can send forth our righteous thoughts to eradicate all evil in the Three Realms that damages Dafa. Teacher also told us what supernormal abilities are, and how to exercise our supernormal abilities to do Fa-rectification. In addition, Teacher has opened up our supernormal abilities, i.e. divine powers, which had been locked in our cultivation. All of these are intended to enable Dafa practitioners to validate Dafa and eliminate the evil more effectively.

However, owing to practitioners' insufficient or one-sided understanding of the Fa, our own loopholes have been used by the evil forces to undermine Dafa and interfere with Dafa practitioners' Fa-rectification, causing losses to Dafa. For example, recently some practitioners were arrested, and several things happened around me. I would like to share these lessons and experiences with everyone.

Since making Dafa materials for telling the truth, Dafa practitioners have learned many lessons and accumulated many experiences amidst the evil forces' unceasing sabotage. We have also developed many effective ways to clarify the truth. For example, we learned how to maintain a good communication network among practitioners in such a complex environment while keeping it unaffected from problems experienced by any individual practitioner; deliver truth-clarifying information to practitioners while avoiding interference from the wicked; ensure the safety of practitioners; prevent the wicked from knowing about our activities and whereabouts; prevent the wicked from wiretapping our conversations, etc. All of these can be considered as manifestations in the human world of the great wisdom we have obtained in Dafa cultivation. By putting wisdom into action, we have been able to steadily stride forward step by step in the malicious environment. Many practitioners have been doing it this way, thus maximally restraining the damage to Dafa and playing very good roles in clarifying the truth. However, after studying Teacher's article "What Are Supernormal Abilities," some practitioners developed a one-sided understanding of the Fa. When doing things, they were unable to harmoniously and perfectly comprehend the meaning of Fa-rectification. This accordingly has given the wicked a loophole to take advantage of and has caused irrecoverable loss in terms of practitioners and equipment. All the damage that we, including me, have caused was very significant lessons to us.

In "Dafa is Indestructible" the Teacher said: "A Dafa disciple completely opposes everything arranged by the evil old forces." In the Fa-rectification, what exactly needs to be eliminated are the arrangements and undertakings of the evil old forces, including the evil old forces themselves. This is because they intend to damage Dafa and do not want to mend their ways. Therefore, it is necessary for Fa-rectification to eliminate the evil old forces. Thus, manifested in actual practice, we send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil old forces, and meanwhile adopt various ways to prevent them from accomplishing their arrangements. If they want to arrest practitioners, we won't let them find and arrest us. If they want to ruin practitioners' effort to clarify the truth, we will come up with various methods to stop them. If they want to detain and send practitioners to brainwashing classes, we will leave our homes to avoid this. The only purpose for adopting all these methods is to prevent the vicious forces from undermining and interfering with our undertakings in Fa-rectification. This is because what we are safeguarding is the righteous Fa, and we cannot cooperate with everything that is not righteous and we have to oppose all the arrangements of the evil old forces.

Teacher has bestowed upon us the abilities to rectify the Fa and eliminate the evil. However, it is not as if after we understand that we have the abilities, we can immediately reach the standard a hundred percent and be in a state completely like that of a genuine god. Although Teacher has explicitly explained the Fa principles, we are still in the maze and cannot see the entire truth. We need to enlighten to the Fa, to cultivate our level of firmness in the Fa, and to get rid of unrighteous thoughts, degenerated concepts and karma in our own cultivation. We also have to consider things like practitioners' karma and attachments that the evil old forces will use to test and undermine Dafa. Therefore, in such a complex environment, it is a very serious and critical issue to comprehend the Fa-rectification in a perfectly harmonious way, since all sorts of one-sided understandings and extreme actions will provide loopholes for the wicked forces to persecute Dafa and practitioners.

As a practitioner, through using righteous thoughts and divine powers to eliminate the evil, we will ultimately reach the standard of a god, discarding in the process all the concepts, ideology and methods inherent in mankind and the human flesh body. But before reaching the standard of a god, we have to rationally and harmoniously comprehend everything during the Fa-rectification while in the process of our own cultivation practice. The reason we adopt mankind's experiences and methods is to complement the loopholes caused by our own unrighteousness in the Fa-rectification before we reach the state of a god with great wisdom and divine powers, thus preventing the evil from taking advantage of our loopholes to undermine Dafa.

In this process, we are participating in rectifying the Fa, in eliminating the evil old forces, in comprehending the Fa, and in better validating Dafa. Meanwhile, in the process of sending forth righteous thoughts and using supernormal abilities to eliminate the evil old forces, we are constantly reinforcing our righteous determination to Dafa, intensifying our righteous thoughts, discarding all kinds of human thoughts, experiences, and methods, and freeing ourselves from humanness. In this way, we will reach the state of freely exercising all divine powers, and then we will be able to help rectify the Fa as a genuine god. I understand being in harmony with Fa-rectification is exactly this: amidst the unrighteousness, we have to rectify all that are not righteous, including the evil that damages Dafa, and anything unrighteous remaining within ourselves, so that we can attain the goals of rectifying the Fa, protecting the Fa, and eliminating the evil. After all, we are still in our cultivation during the Fa-rectification; we are staying in delusion, and are breaking this delusion while within the maze. However, it is possible the delusion will very soon be broken up as the Fa-rectification progresses.

There exists the same phenomenon in the actual use of supernormal abilities. Some practitioners continue their cultivation unlocked; some practitioners cannot see or feel anything; some practitioners can make their supernormal abilities work while some cannot. In the actual use of supernormal abilities, I realized that the reasons for the malfunction of supernormal abilities are exactly like what Teacher has said: "Incorrect thoughts--such as fearing the evil, wavering in your thoughts when you use your supernormal abilities, or doubting whether they will work--can affect or interfere with the outcome of the supernormal abilities." ("What Are Supernormal Abilities") But we are to continue reinforcing our righteous resolution to Dafa in this unsteady state. For example, whether your supernormal abilities work or not would be a test to see if you still hold a firm belief in the Fa and principles, as Teacher has said. On the other hand, if one can really firmly believe in the Fa, the issue of enlightenment and the process of wavering belief in Dafa will no longer exist. Accordingly, delusion does not apply to him or her any more and his or her supernormal abilities (innate abilities) will naturally work because it is commanded by one's main consciousness.

From another perspective, any kind of one-sided comprehension and actions will create problems. For example, before reaching the qualified state, when some people enlighten to some meaning of the Fa, they will still be unable to completely put it into practice. Meanwhile, they discard all the previously accumulated truth-clarifying experiences and lessons and go to the other extreme, relying on supernormal abilities to solve all problems according to their understanding. This would create a big gap and loophole between the comprehended Dafa principles and the actual practice of them, thus allowing the evil to take advantage of the loophole to persecute Dafa and practitioners. This results because we do not truly comprehend and fulfill the requirements.

Recently, I have heard about the arrest of practitioners doing truth-clarifying work mainly because of this problem. On the other hand, if we hold too firmly to the experiences and methods used in the past, it is also an attachment and a barrier to the advancement of understanding the Fa. Because we eventually will break away from being humans, all these need to be discarded too. For practitioner doing truth-clarifying work, their safety is the issue of most concern and the main purpose is not to let the evil damage the truth-clarification. But when I exchanged experiences and understanding with other practitioners, I also found that to some extent, the consideration for practitioners' safety, the overall situation, and preventing the evil's damage, has also become a very effective, hard-to-detect mask for covering up the fear and attachments of some practitioners. This mask is very detrimental and will also be used by the evil old forces.

In the process of clarifying the truth of Dafa, if we can truly and closely follow the progress of Teacher's Fa-rectification, not let the evil use our loopholes to persecute Dafa and practitioners, and while facing the frenzied damages caused by the evil, recognize and correct our own problems in the Fa-rectification and our own cultivation, and eliminate evil in this superficially wicked environment, that is truly marvelous.

These are my personal understanding of Dafa that I would like to share with everybody.