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  • [Beijing] Every District and County Sets up Brainwashing Classes
  • [Gansu Province] Yongchang County Practitioners' Plight and their Stories
  • [Wulumuqi City, Xinjiang Province] Wulabo Detention Center Guards Brutally Torture Dafa Practitioners
  • [Anhui Province] What is Really Happening in Anhui Province's Female Labor Camp
  • [Hefei City, Anhui Province] Police Illegally Arrest Dafa Practitioner Song Liang in Hefei City

[China] Minghui Net Fax Number

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[Beijing] Every District and County Sets up Brainwashing Classes

Internal information reveals the following: On orders from the "610 Office" (the office founded in June 10, 1999 which specializes in persecuting Falun Gong), every district and county is to set up brainwashing classes. Every street administrative office must supply their district's "610 Office" with a list of the practitioners' names, including those practitioners who went to Tiananmen Square to unfurl banners, who were once detained, or those they considered very determined to continue practicing Falun Dafa. Since each brainwashing class can only hold 10 persons at a time per session, the local officials have to arrest the practitioners in different groups at different times.

[Gansu Province] Yongchang County Practitioners' Plight and their Stories

Since July 22, 1999, practitioners of Yongchang County, located at "Hexi Aisle" in Gansu Province, have suffered unprecedented persecution and tribulations. Moreover, it is hard to access information from outside the area. Every minute, the intolerable isolation has tested their faith in Teacher and Dafa. Two years have passed. By following Teacher closely and steadfastly cultivating Dafa, most of them got through the hardship.

In small Yongchang County, 11 Dafa practitioners were put into a labor camp. Twelve practitioners were publicly criticized in a county-wide meeting and humiliated by being paraded through streets.

A disabled young man who suffered from paralsyis in his childhood almost completely recovered after he practiced Falun Gong. In order to validate Dafa by sharing his own experience, he rode a bicycle to Beijing to appeal. Afterwards, he was escorted back and forced to attend the brainwashing class for three months. Then he was sentenced to two years of forced labor. In the detention center, the police punished a 60 year-old practitioner by making him do 200 push-ups. After he did 20 push-ups, he collapsed in the snowy field. He suffered from hypothermia from the cold. Nevertheless, he did not give up Dafa nor did he cooperate with the vicious forces.

A 78 year old female practitioner got rid of her crutches after practicing Falun Gong. She went to appeal in Beijing. After she came back, she was twice illegally detained. The policemen handcuffed her and forced her to slander Teacher. She said, "Once he became my Teacher, I will respect him as my father for the rest of my life." She was beaten up.

A senior high school student was taken into the detention center because he clarified the truth to the public. He was detained for three months and was shocked with electric batons and whipped with rubber truncheons. All practitioners who went to appeal for Falun Dafa were fined 2,000 to 5,000 Yuan (about $250 to $62;, $25 is average monthly income in rural China). Those who did not have cash had their personal belongings confiscated and their harvested grains stolen.

Retributions arrived one after another due to the persecution of Dafa practitioners. Since last year, Yongchang County has suffered from severe drought. The underground water level has severely dropped. The east and west reservoirs became dry and the second round of wheat crop irrigation could not proceed.

[Wulumuqi City, Xinjiang Province] Wulabo Detention Center Guards Brutally Torture Dafa Practitioners

Over 100 female practitioners were detained in the Wulabo Detention Center, Wulumuqi City. Dafa practitioners were inhumanely tortured in this detention center.

During several days around February 10, 2001, the guards brought over a dozen practitioners into the office, one by one. They tied practitioners' hands and for a long time electrically shocked Dafa practitioners with two or three electric batons at the same time. The procedure was repeated as many as nine times during the night. The practitioners also had to write the "repentance statements." (A statement declaring that they are sorry to have practiced Falun Dafa and will never do so again). When we saw the practitioners the next morning, we could see the red and black wounds left by the electric batons on their faces and behind their ears. After one month, these wounds faded away bit by bit. Since then, about 20 to 30 more practitioners have been taken into this detention center. In the beginning, almost everyone had to suffer from this kind of "electric shock torture."

Practitioners outside the detention center and the practitioners who went on a hunger strike inside the detention center will collectively break through the arrangement made by the vicious forces. We shall eliminate the evil and exert our combined strength as integrated Dafa particles.

Phone Number of the Middle Unit at the Wulabo Detention Center: 011-86-991-5849149

[Anhui Province] What is Really Happening in Anhui Province's Female Labor Camp

Four or five common detainees have monitored every Dafa practitioner detained since 1999. They monitored practitioners when they ate, worked or used the bathroom, and prevented them from talking with other practitioners. Practitioners were tortured and beaten up whenever they practiced the exercises or recited the Fa. The guards applied the following tortures on the practitioners:

  1. The guards inhumanly beat practitioners. They grabbed practitioners by the hair and slammed their heads into walls. Some practitioners' hair was torn off in chunks.
  2. The guards gave electric shocks.
  3. Handcuffing. Practitioners were handcuffed to the bed with hands behind their backs, in a standing position. Some were handcuffed on the ledges of windows. Some were handcuffed in the bathroom (the dirtiest place with flies and mosquitoes) for several days. Black mosquitoes were all over their bodies and faces. No bit of skin was left untouched by the mosquitoes. The practitioners were not allowed to sleep. In the end, their legs and feet were severely swollen. Female Dafa practitioner Li Mei was tortured to death in this way.
  4. Locked-up in solitary confinement.
  5. Sent to Drug Rehabilitation Centers: If practitioners did not cooperate with the authorities, they would be forcibly taken to Drug Rehabilitation Centers.
  6. If Dafa practitioners went on a hunger strike, they would be continuously force-fed. Practitioners could not breathe during the force-feeding. Some almost suffocated.

Those Dafa practitioners being detained this year were dispersed to different big units where they were brainwashed, and both mentally and physically tortured. Practitioners' relatives and families were not allowed to visit them. Some Dafa practitioners were very determined to remain loyal to Teacher and Dafa. They firmly believed in Dafa, no matter what others said.

Female Dafa practitioner Li Dexia did not write or speak a single word in half a year. The guards pricked needles into her nails. She did not give in, even when her hands were shaking due to the intolerable pain.

Female Dafa practitioner Zai Yanan was put into the detention center early this April. She did not listen to any of their evil persuasions. In the end, in order to practice Dafa, she went on a hunger strike, which resulted in her being in a coma after several days. On May 15, she was secretly sent to a mental hospital for further persecution. Now she is detained on the 6th floor, No.6 Building in Hefei City's Mental Hospital.

[Hefei City, Anhui Province] Police Illegally Arrest Dafa Practitioner Song Liang in Hefei City

Recently, Song Liang from Hefei City was illegally detained again. At the end of 1999, he went to appeal in Beijing. In 2000, he and his wife, Li Juanjuan, were illegally arrested. He was detained for one month and was then bailed out. During the time he was awaiting trial, vicious police from No.1 Section of Hefei City Police Department and its suburban police department often menaced and harassed him.