(Clearwisdom Net) I gradually enlightened to the principle of using supernormal abilities to eliminate the evil in my cultivation myself. Now Master has published the articles on this issue and we are more confident in eliminating the evil. I feel it is necessary to share my understanding of using the supernormal abilities and hope we can encourage each other.

One day in March 2001, a practitioner told me there was a huge sign bearing slanderous words against Falun Dafa hanging over the front gate of the provincial museum, and we should remove it. I had a look at it and saw the sign was 2 meters wide and 20 meters high, and it was fixed to a steel frame. Along with two female practitioners, I had already erased some slanderous cartoons and words against Master that bad people had scribbled on street walls in the daytime. But this one was so huge and hung so high, how could we clear it? At that time, I contacted more than 10 practitioners and we agreed to practice "Buddha showing a thousand hands" at everybody's own home at 9 pm that day. Before practicing we sent out thoughts to clear that Fa-disrupting sign. We only emphasized on clearing the sign but not the detailed approach in case our thoughts were not consistent. I went to the museum to check the result the next afternoon, but found the sign was still there. I was very disappointed and thought there might be some problems with our approach or our thoughts. But later a practitioner told me the content of the sign was changed three days after we sent forth the thoughts.

After Master's new article "Dafa Disciple's Righteous Thoughts are Powerful" was published, I cleared one poster that attacked Dafa using my righteous thoughts. Together with another practitioner, we successfully used our righteous thoughts to clear a set of poster boards that attacked Dafa on campus. One practitioner used righteous thoughts to get rid of a series of posters in the yard of a company. There was another story, two elderly female practitioners wiped away defamatory content against Dafa on a blackboard in their institute using righteous thoughts, but were doubtful that it was their supernormal abilities that had done it. They asked each other: "Did you erase it?" When they were sure it was their righteous thoughts that did it, they found another blackboard bearing vicious content. So they sent out righteous thoughts again to clear it. At 7 o'clock next morning, one of the practitioners went out to buy groceries and saw an office clerk erasing the blackboard. She thought: all the staff goes to work at 8 o'clock, why does he start work at 7? She enlightened immediately: Master is giving a hint to me. I should believe in the power of one's righteous thoughts.

We are successful almost every time we do this kind of thing. But due to our xinxing problems, we are not doing that well in prohibiting people from disrupting Dafa directly. For example, one day we heard that a theatrical company was performing a play attacking Dafa, so we tried to prevent it using our righteous thoughts, but we failed. After Master's lecture at the Ottawa conference was published, we found the reason. Master said: "It's only because you are a great cultivator that you have an ability like this. So when you send out that thought it couldn't have been sent by anyone but a great cultivator. That's why when some students use this ability, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. This is where the problem lies." We found that when we sent out the thoughts to prevent the play from showing, many of us had a heart of anger. Of course, using the thoughts to make the people who persecute Dafa have retribution as a warning is not wrong. But the problem lies in the obvious intention of revenge. People getting retribution for their bad deeds is punishment by a heavenly principle rather than human revenge. Dafa disciples offer salvation to sentient beings out of their compassion and take responsibility for all the positive factors and all the sentient beings. A heart of revenge does not meet the standards of great cultivators. With such a mentality to send out thoughts, it will not work.

Master said: "The various correct states that you are displaying at this time in each and every regard, and how you handle things in all kinds of situations, are all being left for history. So they're both serious and crucial." ("Teaching the Fa at the 2001 Canada Falun Dafa Cultivation Experience Sharing Conference") "At present, humankind's every day is arranged according to Dafa's needs; Dafa disciples' performance in the human world is to be left for history." ("What are Supernormal Abilities") Master permits and guides disciples to fully employ supernormal abilities in Fa-rectification. This is truly unprecedented, solemn, great, serious, and crucial in history. It not only relates to the great Fa-rectification, but also associates with the indefinitely far-reaching history. Thus in the Fa-rectification, the application of Dafa disciples' every righteous thought and every supernormal ability is not an individual behaviour; instead, it is one part of Fa-rectification process and must be treated seriously and carried out conscientiously and no human thoughts should be mixed into it.

Regarding this issue, many practitioners follow Master's teachings and do a good job. What's more, they are doing better and better. But recently, I got some interference and persecution due to my attachments and carelessness that should not have happened.

At the noon of June 15, I read Master's new article "What are Supernormal Abilities" and was greatly encouraged. At the same time, a relative big attachment of zealotry arose in my heart too. I thought: Master has opened up everything for us, should we still take the evil beings seriously? Because the attachment of zealotry, I went so far as to put Dafa materials in the bicycle's front basket and rode the bike to post Dafa materials. When I nearly finished my work, I found two young men were watching and approaching me. I thought they might be plain clothes police officers, but I still kept on posting material on the cement pole, thinking: if you want to make trouble for me, I will freeze you! Obviously, the attachments of zealotry and showing-off made me lose my senses. The state was almost like the person Master said in Zhuan Falun who is walking on the road while holding a Dafa book and yelling: "Master Li is protecting me and I am not afraid of being hit by a car." But at that moment, I didn't realize the problem even a little bit in my xinxing.

When the two plain clothes grabbed my bike's handlebar and made me go to the police substation with them, a few pieces of anger arose in my mind and even I noticed my unsteady heart. So when I said, "freeze," I was not able to freeze them. At this moment, four or five policemen who lurked nearby rushed towards me and grabbed me. Although I was resolute not to cooperate with them, they took me to the police substation in the end. During the night, for several times I intended to take the opportunity to go to restroom to walk out. But because I couldn't freeze the police for the first time, I had a trace of doubt in myself. Thus I failed several times to freeze the guards.

At that time, I searched in my heart very seriously: because of my attachment of zealotry and showing-off, the evil saw my intentions; doubting the power of my righteous thoughts in essence was caused by insufficient belief in Dafa. Behind the iron bars, I thought with shame: So many of my shortcomings have been exposed at this crucial moment! Of course, I didn't give up the effort to escape because of the shame. I sent out the righteous thoughts: this is not where I should stay; I must leave and I must be able to leave! The next morning, the director of the police substation had me go to the second floor to talk to him. During the conversation, he needed to take an important call so he asked me to go to the meeting room across the aisle. I noticed there were no iron bars on the window and there was a one-story house below the window. I could leave the police substation from the roof of the one-story house. My heart brightened: this was the perfect opportunity that Master arranged for me, and I needed to hurry up and go for it! So I opened the window and jumped onto the roof of the house, then slid to the ground from the roof, ran through several streets, took a taxi and left. Although I ran away from the police station, I exposed who I was to the police, therefore I lost the normal working and cultivating environment.

This is a grave lesson for me in which I made a blunder. This lesson made me more sober. My fellow practitioners also helped me to improve a lot from it.

The great Fa-rectification has entered into the final stage. Dafa disciples' overall Fa-rectifying behaviours determines the process of Fa-rectification. What's more, "Every one of us is creating history for the future." ("To All Students at the Nordic Fa Conference") We must be more clear-minded and keep in mind Master's teaching: "Validate the Fa with reason, clarify the truth with wisdom and spread the Fa and offer people salvation with benevolence." ("Rationality") We should study the Fa well everyday and keep in mind to seek inside and cultivate ourselves on every step. While making every step a good steady one, "Cultivate until no-omission left" (Hongyin) (non-official translation) Keep up the righteous thoughts in each and every matter and send forth righteous thoughts no matter when and no matter where. Never be disappointed and never be suspicious if you fail one time. Adjust your thoughts and state of mind, and then try again.

At the same time, we should use the wisdom that we have attained from the Fa-rectification to create various methods to handle different situations. For example, before clarifying the truth, we can eradicate the bad things in our thoughts, and then clear out the evil elements in the targeted area. For instance, when two practitioners do things together, one can carry out the task directly, while the other keep a distance and act as a "Fa-Guarding God." If the first practitioner runs into danger, the "Fa-Guarding God" can perform the supernormal abilities well as she or he is not threatened and it is easier for them to keep a calm mind. She or he can, for example, command mosquitoes or wasps to drive away the bad people lurking nearby; for police who bring dogs, she or he can command the dogs to bite the police...

Our righteous thoughts will become purer and purer through using them more and more; our supernormal abilities will be displayed and will become more complete and more powerful. The better the overall Falun Dafa disciples' Fa-rectification actions turn to be, more people will be saved and the sooner the moment "When Dafa has consummated everything amidst the tribulation" ("What are Supernormal Abilities") will arrive.