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March 14, 2001, was a tragic day for the 180 Falun Dafa practitioners who were illegally detained in the Jilin Labor Camp. Under the supervision of their captain, the labor camp police started beating practitioners detained on the 4th floor; they also beat practitioners on the 3rd floor who were in the so-called "strict class" and practitioners on the 2nd floor who were in the so-called "lenient class." These beatings lasted from 9am to 4pm. Specifically, the result was that 95 practitioners were beaten and over 10 were left in shock. Among these a few practitioners' heads would not stop bleeding, one practitioner's rib was fractured, and another practitioner's life was in danger. This practitioner was sent to the hospital for medical attention.á

This tragedy began on March 7, the day when the so-called "Brigade" was founded for the purpose of detaining Falun Gong practitioners. On the afternoon of the same day, Pan Zhaowen, was illegally detained in class 2 of the strict supervision squadron (the Brigade is divided into strict supervision, regular supervision, and lenient supervision squadrons). He approached the team leader to discuss some matters concerning his detention. Hardly before he started talking, a policeman in the room started to beat him with an electric baton. The policeman beat him to the ground, and around the corner of his eye Pan was left with a 2-inch long cut that kept bleeding. In the evening, all of Pan's fellow practitioners started a hunger strike to protest the crime committed by those in charge of the strict supervision squadron. After 2 days of hunger strike, the leader of the Brigade admitted that beating people was wrong and he guaranteed such incidents wouldn't happen in the future (later he changed his words and said that he would do his best to prevent beatings from happening). The practitioners in strict class number 1 stopped their hunger strike. However, at 9pm on March 11, only 3 days after this issue was resolved, the sound of beating and practitioners' cries came from the 4th floor. Practitioners went to the administration of the Brigade on the 12th and 13th of March, but nobody would listen. So the practitioners from the lenient class on the 2nd floor and the strict class on the 3rd floor stopped taking meals one after the other to support the illegally detained practitioners from the regular supervision class on the 4th floor. á

At 9am on March 14, the sound of beating, cursing, and yelling came down from the 4th floor and became louder and louder. The practitioners on the 2nd and 3rd floor knew the real heavy beatings had started. They shouted together solemnly "No beating! Beating is a crime!" etc. The sound shook the whole building and it lasted for almost an hour. Then the sound of beating and yelling stopped on the 4th floor. But the silence only lasted for half an hour, and the sound of clubs striking and people yelling started again. It didn't stop until 11:30am. It was revealed later that among the 70 practitioners who were detained in 2 classes on the 4th floor, 35 were pulled to the Discipline Room, where most of them were stripped and tortured with electric batons and spiked clubs. A rib of practitioner Bai Jingzhi was fractured from the beatings and he was sent to the hospital. Practitioner Song Wenming got scores of beatings with an electric baton and a spiked club; he was beaten into a coma and couldn't get up from bed for several days. There were altogether 12 practitioners who were severely wounded like Song Wenming.á

Around 1pm on March 14, Zhao Xun, manager of the education department, and Zheng, manager of the discipline department, led the heads of 3 squadrons and 5 or 6 guards as they rushed into strict supervision class number 1. They gnashed their teeth, and while they beat the practitioners with sparkling electric batons, they yelled, "Cry more and continue your hunger strike!" A lot of practitioners shouted statements such as these: "No beating!" "Falun Dafa is the Righteous Fa!" "It's no crime to practice!" Hearing this, the thugs hit, kicked, and beat them with spiked clubs. They used all means to force 19 practitioners into the Discipline Room. In the beginning, the practitioners' cries could still be heard, but later only the sound of beating could be heard. Captain Liang sat on one side to direct 5 or 6 police to beat one practitioner. They stripped the clothes from the practitioner; one policeman stepped on the head or neck of the practitioner, 2 others pressed the practitioner's legs to the ground, and another 2 people beat the practitioner with clubs, one on each side. When one was tired, the other would take his turn and continue the beatings. They beat until they could hear no sound or until the practitioner agreed to take meals. First the police beat Niu Jinhui until he lost consciousness. Then the thugs got afraid that they might beat this person to death, so they hurried to carry him to the hospital for medical attention. After 10 days he's still not back and it's not known if he's still alive. The second person they beat was Li Qiang. One policeman ferociously struck Li Oiang's head with a spiked club that was filled with lead. Li Qiang immediately lost consciousness. Captain Liang was afraid he couldn't take the responsibility of beating a person to death, so he said, "Hit them in the buttocks, hit them in the buttocks hard!" 3 policemen pressed him to the ground and another 2 took turns beating him. After some beating, they asked Li Qiang if he would continue his hunger strike. Li Qiang didn't reply, so they continued the beatings. The 2 nurses who stood on the side and who were responsible for any emergencies said, "Stop beating him, he's almost dead." Only after hearing this did the 2 thugs stop. When Li Qiang regained consciousness, 2 practitioners carried him back to his room. He was laid on his bed, his face was pale and full of sweat. He was in a coma and unconscious for over an hour. Other practitioners who suffered the same type of torture were: Fu Hongwei, Hou Zhanhai, Li Qingru, Guo Zhanhai, etc. Those practitioners who didn't receive beatings watched with tears; they themselves had contusions on their buttocks and their backs were covered with bruises.á

While the police were beating practitioners in strict supervision class number 1 on the 3rd floor, they also beat, kicked, and electrically shocked 40 hunger-striking practitioners on the 2nd floor. They force fed 6 practitioners. They beat all 40 practitioners without exception. Liu Changhe's head was covered with blood from the beating. Over thirty times, Shang Chunguang was hit with a stick on his back and buttocks. Eight practitioners on the 2nd floor were severely injured.á

Feeling guilty and uneasy, the mobs knew what they did was against the law, so, without a single exception, they stopped accepting visitors for all the inmates. They said that they had learned a lesson from the exposure on the Internet of practitioner Li Zaiji who was beaten to death. At that time the foreign reporters came to interview the cause of Li Zaiji's death and made the labor camp notorious in both China and abroad. It's extremely undesirable for them to have such a big incident exposed, so the staff took special precautions to block the flow of information.á

Less than 3 days after the incident, the gate of the labor camp was crowded with the practitioners' visiting relatives. The door to the reception room was tightly shut. The police used electric batons to make sparks and a buzzing sound in order to drive the visitors away. The visitors were very angry and said, "What a labor camp, we must sue you!" In less than a week, the police's atrocity was made well known in Jilin City. In order to prevent the attraction of foreign media to expose this incident as in Li Zaiji's case, they declared in the early morning of March 17 that they would dispatch 50 severely beaten "diehards" to other labor camps in the province. 2 buses loaded with practitioners headed for Jichang and Jishen Expressway. It was later revealed that 15 practitioners were sent to the Liaoyuan Labor Camp, 10 were sent to the Tonghua Labor Camp, and another 25 practitioners were said to be detained in the Siping and Yinmahe Labor Camp.á

While practitioners were being beaten, Captain Liang shamelessly said, "I don't have the guts to treat you like this myself; I have to do this because this is supported by the authorities." We have no way to find out which level of his authorities ordered him to do this. But it's well known that the head of the evil forces is Jiang Zemin, who was just appointed "The Human Right's Scoundrel" by Amnesty International. á

In "Deter Interference" Master Li says, "A person--no matter who he is--must himself pay for all of the bad things he has done in the world." á

We hereby warn the police in Jilin Labour Camp, "The crimes of 'The Human Right's Scoundrel' Jiang Zemin must be punished by justice. Your crimes must be paid for by yourselves and no bad people can avoid the trial of justice in the end."á