[Minghui Net] Recently, Jiang Zemin and his accomplices have escalated the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. As a result, the number of practitioners who have been tortured to death keeps increasing, and many who practice at home are forcibly taken to illegal "transformation classes." The evil forces are using every possible means to torture practitioners, and we realize this is an austere test for us. Only by stepping out fearlessly to validate Dafa and clarify the truth to people can we truly keep pace with the great Fa-rectification process.


Dafa practitioners validating Dafa at Tiananmen Square on May 23

Having seen so many fellow practitioners arrested and persecuted, we have come to understand that only by actively wiping out the evil can we create a new environment. We also realize that going to Tiananmen to validate Dafa is an indispensable link in the Fa-rectification. During the period of time after the self-immolation incident staged by Jiang's group, fewer practitioners went to Tiananmen to validate Dafa. Some practitioners thought that we should focus on clarifying the truth to the people, as we saw the evil running more rampant during this period of time. Through Fa-study and experience-sharing, we have seen our shortcomings. Steadfastly cultivating, validating Dafa, and clarifying the truth are all indispensable links in Fa-rectification. As Dafa practitioners, we are a whole that is closely connected with the great Fa amidst Fa-rectification. Therefore, we should do well in every link so as to harmonize Dafa. Failing to do well in any link will leave a loophole for the evil to enter and attack.

Since late April, more and more practitioners have gone to Tiananmen to validate Dafa. The majority of practitioners who stepped out were captured on their way, and very few reached Tiananmen Square.