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Gao Juya is a Falun Dafa practitioner in Gaoyi County, Hebei Province. Her husband was illegally sent to Shijiazhuang Labor Camp because he firmly practiced Dafa and went to Beijing to make appeals. Consequently the burden of her whole family's livelihood fell on her shoulders alone, which meant supporting her mother-in-law, who has been bed-ridden for years, plus two young children. Additionally, she was frequently harassed by the police. During the week before the Chinese New Year, the police broke down her door and forcibly dragged her to the police station to conduct illegal interrogation. Unable to bear the harassment anymore, she went to the relevant government offices many times to ask for legal protection.

On March 26, 2001, Geng Jinshu, the chief of the security department in the police station, along with two people from the county's 610 Office (created by the government to deal specifically with issues related to Falun Gong) and the vice-head of Xifu Village, came to her house. They asked her to write about how difficult her family's situation had become after her husband had been sent to the labor camp and to write that she would not practice Falun Gong anymore. Their real intention was to blame Falun Gong for their own crime of tearing a family apart. Geng, of the security department, was even so hypocritical as to offer this: "When you go visit your husband, I'll go with you. We'll have the labor camp see the difficulties your family is going through, so that they might release him earlier..."

Before he could finish, Gao Juya refused immediately, saying "Don't even think about deceiving people! You tore our family apart, and now you're attempting to put the blame on our Teacher and Falun Dafa. Teacher tells us to practice Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. We have done nothing wrong! You put us good people in jail and still say that you're just working for whoever pays your salary. You've forgotten that it is the people who feed you and provide you with clothes. You should serve the people. Please start by fixing my door, which was broken down by the police from your station." Geng responded in a hurry, "Do not write about the broken door for now. Please cooperate with us in your writing, and I won't let anyone read it. I know you are all good people. Isn't it a fact that your family has had lots of difficulties since your husband was sent to labor camp?" Gao Juya replied, "That's all because of you! Why did you send my husband to labor camp if you know we're good people? Now you're attempting to swindle false evidence from me in order to defame Falun Gong. I won't let you succeed!" With this, they became frustrated and they left empty handed.

People like Geng Jinshu are surely Jiang Zemin's loyal henchmen. Not only are they die-hards for following Jiang Zemin's orders, but they also apply at will the people-harming techniques that are used all the time by Jiang Zemin, such as distorting the facts and framing innocent people. But these stupid and mean tricks can't fool Dafa practitioners, who have wisdom and clear-headedness. All the filthiness displayed by these vicious people will eventually come to a shameful end.

(Note: Because she went to Shijiazhuang Labor Camp to visit her husband, Gao Juya has been detained at Gaoyi County Detention Center, and is still there today. Kind people, please rescue her.)

The responsible departments and individuals (phone #'s all start with 011-86-311):

  1. Geng Jinshu 403-3705 (h)
  2. Gaoyi County Police Station: Chief's Office: 403-1366; Deputy Chief's Office: 403-5197, 403-5203, 403-5900, 403-5903 and 403-5207; the Party Secretary's Office: 403-5910; the Political Commissar's Office: 403-1644; the Assistant Commissar's Office: 403-5901
  3. Gaoyi County Detention Center: 403-1532
  4. Xifu Village, Gaoyi County, the Party Secretary's Office: 406-8232; Head of Xifu Village: 406-8323
  5. Gaoyi County Politics and Law Committee, the Party Secretary: 403-6281, the Disciplinary Inspection Committee: 403-3719
  6. Gaoyi County Governor's Office: 403-1257, 403-1268, 403-1292, 403-1298 and 403-1299
  7. Gaoyi County Appeals Office: 403-1336
  8. Gaoyi County Justice Department, Chairman: 403-1950

Gaoyi County Women's Association: 403-1322