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(Heilongjiang, China) In December 1999, Supervisor Shao from team #3 of the Yimianpo Labor Camp in Heilongjiang Province asked Sun Huibo whether he would continue to practice Falun Gong. Sun answered, "Yes!" Then Shao grabbed a huge metal lock and hit Sun in the head with it. Blood instantly gushed out. The scar that is on Sun's forehead right now is the evidence. Sun Huibo and Tan Chengqiang were frequently beaten by officers from the labor camp. During the evenings, they were asked to crawl underneath beds to clean the floor for hours every time. When beating practitioners, these guards in the labor camp treated practitioners as if they were dead. The practitioners were not allowed to move or dodge, otherwise they would be considered "opposing the government," which would call for more severe punishment. This is the so-called "assistance and education" the lawless accomplices of Jiang Zemin publicly claim to offer.

In January 2001, the main training team of the Yimianpo Labor Camp organized Falun Gong practitioners to watch a video of "reformed" practitioners [Note: those who gave up their belief] Li Chang and Yao Jie. After the viewing was finished, the chief, Zong, asked everyone to go back and write down his thoughts. Everyone thought Falun Dafa was good and demanded that Teacher's reputation be restored. Zong lost his temper after he read those statements. He said, "This is a labor camp, not your home. How could it be acceptable for you to be allowed to write whatever you want? You must write what you are told to write. You must write such and such..." Because of the [insistent and angry] attitude of the chief, non-practitioner detainees picked up sticks and started to "help" practitioners [change their minds]. This is how the freedom of expression guaranteed by the Chinese Constitution works!

On April 28, 2000, the Yimianpo Labor Camp instructed all Falun Gong practitioners to carry rocks. The temperature was over 30 degrees Celsius (over 86 oF). Practitioners were not allowed to drink water, while non-practitioner detainees were allowed to drink. Some of them were even given tools for beating others. These non-practitioners didn't have to carry rocks; they were asked to monitor Falun Gong practitioners, and to forbid practitioners from taking any breaks. Practitioners had to run while carrying the rocks. If they were a little slow, they would be beaten. If the non-practitioner detainees were not up to the job they were given, they would be sent to carry rocks themselves. One of the henchmen said, "The government has spoken don't hit their faces, and it's ok as long as you don't beat them to death." The government staff members also loaded Falun Gong practitioners with more rocks than non-practitioner detainees, whose main job was to watch the practitioners work. If a practitioner fell due to the load of rocks being too heavy, many non-practitioner detainees would come up and start to kick him or her. The non-practitioner detainees overseeing this would also say, "Throw their rocks all over the ground [so that they have to go and pick them up]. Whoever tries to help the practitioners is going to get beaten. The practitioners that fall will also get more severe beatings." Yan Hongjie was relatively frail and fell down quite a few times. He was beaten so badly that he could barely stand up. Yet they continued to beat him.

On the afternoon of April 29, when Wan Yunlong was receiving the rock basket [that the non-practitioner detainees handed him to carry], two henchmen used their hands to block the two sides of Wan's face so that he couldn't see the basket. Three non-practitioner detainees threw two huge baskets full of rocks onto Wan Yunlong's back all at once. People heard a heartbreaking scream from Wan. Those people didn't even allow him to make a sound after injuring him. When he made some sound, he got more beatings. They claimed that Wan Yunlong's injury was "not caused by intentionally throwing the baskets on you, but by your not knowing how to receive the baskets."

After the work was finished, practitioners had to mop the floor, and were punished by being made to stand for long periods of time. They had to face the wall and stand in military style. No moving was allowed. If any movement was detected, they would be beaten. Some non-practitioner detainees were put in charge of watching the practitioners. Those in charge even arranged for some other non-practitioner detainees to beat practitioners viciously. Tan Chengqiang, a practitioner that belonged to team #3, couldn't bear the beating anymore and ran toward the wall and hit his head against it. Instantly blood came out but he didn't die. But the supervisor came to him and grabbed him by his hair and continued to bash his head against the wall.

On one day in July 2000, large pieces of rock were being loaded onto a train. Non-practitioner detainees had the frail Yan Hongjie, a practitioner, carry large pieces. [Yan should have been released in November of 2000. Because he was very determined in practicing Falun Gong, he is still in detention.] Yan said, "The rocks are too big for me to carry." The non-practitioner detainees started to beat him. The supervisor went toward them, and not only did he not stop the non-practitioner detainees, but he also slapped Yan hard on the face a few times. Carrying large rocks is by nature a very dangerous task. But government officials treat Falun Gong practitioners as slaves!

At the end of December 2000, Dafa practitioners detained at the Yimianpo Labor Camp were transferred to the Suihua Labor Camp.

In February of 2001, the labor camp received new orders. In general, those whom they have not been able to reform after a long time, and those who continue to practice, distribute flyers or go to make appeals will be subject to: 1) 3 to 7 years in prison; 2) the death penalty for those who have caused damage. Sentencing can be made once one of the above situations is found to be by and large true. Lu Hanhai from Weihe Town was falsely accused of having distributed Dafa flyers. As a result, he was sentenced to 1 year in a labor camp. Is this civilized rule of law, or is it cruel tyranny?

Please tell us: Aren't you supposed to use the facts as the basis, and measure them with the law? What does the statement "sentencing can be made once the situation is found to be by and large true" mean? Who is abusing the law of the country?

Please pay attention to the situation of all Dafa practitioners detained at the Suihua Labor Camp.

May 22, 2001