One morning in early May, while I was practicing the Falun Gong exercises, I heard a knocking sound. My mother, brother and younger sister had come to my house to visit me. I saw that they were my family members and therefore became less alert. This was how the plot started. At about eight o'clock, they started to talk about the issue of my practicing Falun Gong. I insisted on my viewpoint and told them that I would never be reformed. They then began to show their vicious side. They said that I had no choice and they had already brought the police. I immediately wanted to leave and took my suitcase and coat. However, the officials of the street committee had already entered my house. At that time, I was so angry that I could not calm down. I thought that I would rather die than give up my own belief. When they saw me like that, they began to use violence. Two or three of them began to drag me and lift me up. They dragged me downstairs. I would rather die than go to a reform class [a class established to brainwash practitioners to give up their belief in Falun Dafa and accept Jiang Zemin's ideology]. Suddenly, I recalled one practitioner's experience that when the police came to drag him from home, he loudly yelled for help to his neighbors and those policemen left eventually. I then did the same thing. I called for help and said that "My practice of Falun Gong is righteous and your arresting people is illegal." I was struggling at the same time. However, I was still put into the car. Since, I was prepared to jump out of the car at anytime they therefore held me very tightly. My wrists received big bruises because of that.

When we arrived at the detention center, I was much calmer. I knew that I could not cooperate with the evil. When they asked me to get out of the car, I would not follow. When they asked me to wear shoes, I refused (my shoes and socks were pulled off when they lifted me). I just wanted people to see how they really treated me. However, they called four young, strong men to carry me into the reform class. I began to think how I should go through this test and recall what Master Li said in his new article.

At first, they brought some reformed people [whose mind have gone astray due to Jiang Zemin regime's brainwashing or torture] to talk to me. I was not afraid at all because I had my Master and the Fa [Translator's note: Falun Gong's teaching, or the Law of the Universe]. In the beginning, they pretended to say nice things. They asked when I had obtained Dafa and where I had validated Dafa. At the beginning, I remembered that Master asked us to reveal the evil and clarify the truth to those who were doing the job of reforming practitioners. However, after a while, I found that these people just wanted to make me talk to them but they did not want to listen to me. They just wanted to see where I had shortcomings so that they could take advantage of my attachments. Since I noticed that, I stopped talking. Master said: If you don't want the future, I would let you go. [Suggestion Unofficial Translation]. I would no longer let the evil take any advantage of me.

In the beginning, they started to attack Dafa and expressed their evil thoughts. I did not want to listen to them. I covered my ears. However, I could still hear their words. Later on, I remembered Master ask why we should be afraid of the evil when we endure the persecution; I had to use a righteous mind to treat the evil. I remembered the article I read on Minghui Net that some practitioners had already used their righteous thoughts to eliminate evil. I started to use my righteous thoughts to call all guardians from all other dimensions to eliminate the evil in this dimension that controlled humans, and at the same time, I recited Rectifying the Colossal Firmament. When my righteous thoughts came out, whatever they said to me no longer had any effect on me. The Fa started to show me its power. If they said anything, I used my righteous thoughts to stop it and destroy it. I did it repeatedly. At this time, I remembered that Master said that no matter under what circumstances, one should not follow the evil's command and demands. My understanding was that I would never listen to whatever they asked me to do. Because they are evil, I would not follow the evil's commands. I would not talk if they asked me to talk; I would not eat and drink when they asked me to. I would sit when they ordered me to stand. I would insist that I needed to rest whenever I wanted because they had no right to ask me to do anything and they had no right to detain me in the first place. If they asked me to read the Fa (they would ask you to read a scripture with them and then express their evil thinking about it), I would not read out loud with them but just read it silently. After finishing the reading, I would tell them that I wanted to rest and would not listen to them. They asked me to write my understanding but I refused. They asked me to write, I firmly practice Falun Dafa with no doubt. However, as long as it is the evil's order, I would not follow it. I did not need to show my heart to them as Master can already see my heart. They then said that I do not deserve to practice Falun Dafa, that I was afraid and I was worse than an ordinary person. I thought that whenever the evil says that I am bad, then I must have done something right, but if they say that I am good then I must have done something bad. For 7 to 8 hours, from daybreak until 3:30 am the next morning, I never cooperated with them. They were very angry and said that they never saw a person like me. They were very tired and there was nothing they could do to me, so they let me rest.

At that time, it was about dawn. I lay upon my bed and thought about what I should do next. If I don't eat or drink, they would be scared but in the long run, they would still not let me go unless I am reformed. They would send me to a labor camp if I only passively resisted. They wanted to exhaust me and make me unable to resist. They even said that being reformed was the arrangement of Master. However, I remembered that Master said that he would never accept the arrangement of the evil and why should I? I should not passively endure it and I should try to escape. When this thought came out, my whole body shook. I understood that Master was encouraging me to do it.

But, how should I do it? I had no shoes, no clothes, and no money. I didn't even know where I was detained. I had to resolve these problems. I thought that I should use my wisdom to harmonize the Fa. However, when my righteous thoughts came out, Master resolved everything.

On the second day, I began to eat. I used all opportunities to observe and find a way out. The vicious people saw that I started to eat and they became very happy. They thought that I had changed my mind. I also told the person who was watching me that I didn't have any clothes, shoes, and washroom items and that I would like my family to send me some money.

During the first day that I was brought there, I noticed a window. I thought that I could escape from there but I had no idea where the window led to and what direction I should take after getting out of there. At that time, someone came to talk to me and told me where the road led and where we were, etc. I understood that Master was helping me for my further plan and resolving all my problems.

When the evil surrounded me to express their deviated thoughts, I still used righteousness to destroy the evil lives that controlled them. I then gradually felt that I was in a shield and what they said had no effect on me. They thought I was listening to their talking but I actually heard nothing. I was constantly thinking about my escape plans.

In the afternoon, I received money, shoes, and goods from my family. However, there was still the biggest problem: the place where I was detained was a hotel, and when the door was opened, the sound was so loud that people in the room would hear it. I thought of many ways but it was still not resolved. Therefore, I told myself not to worry about that until the time came.

Seeing my changes, the evil relaxed its guard. At night, the person who watched and lived with me also relaxed and slept deeply. I slept with my clothes on (on the first night, I told the person living with me that I was used to sleeping with my clothes on) and thought about how to escape and how to find other practitioners. That night, a hotel staff member suddenly knocked on our door and asked if we had ordered something. I said no and closed the door. Using that chance, I did not lock the door. My heart was very clear that Master was helping me to open the lock and had dissolved my last problem. I thought that Master had prepared everything for me and what was left for me was how I would go for it.

I lay in bed and thought that I must break through this, I must succeed, and I would succeed. I prayed to Master to give me the strength and asked the guardians of the Fa in all dimensions to help me. I used my righteous thoughts to influence the person staying with me and the guard outside the door, and make all people unable to catch me. When I thought about these, the person turned her face to me. Previously, she slept on the other side but then she turned to this side. I then quickly laid down flat. However, I thought, why should I be afraid. I then walked around the room and she did not wake up. I then opened the door. The guard outside the door usually stood straight out there but this time he was writing something and bent his waist down so he did not see me. I quickly ran behind the window curtain and jumped out of the window. Everything happened as planned and nothing went wrong. I then took a taxi and ran away from the control of the evil force.

This made me realize that when your true heart melts into the Fa and sends forth righteous thoughts with your true wish, practitioners' righteous thoughts are powerful. At the same time, I also want to tell everyone that, originally, this whole thing could have been avoided if my attachments were not so strong. Two weeks ago, the officials of the street committee already came to my work unit and tried to force me to go to the illegal reform class. Because I had prepared for it, I went away and stayed in a practitioner's house. Ten days later, I sent some truth-clarifying literature to my family and then stayed at home. Two days before I was arrested, some practitioners already reminded me to get away from home. However, I could not let go of sentimentality and thought that my family would not betray me. At the same time, I was also afraid of suffering. It was because of all these attachments that the evil could take advantage of me. Master said: Everything that the evil has done has actually targeted the attachments and fears that you have not let go of. [Eliminate Your Last Attachments]. Through this, I have seen my shortcomings. I have to let go of my attachments, eliminate them, and melt into the great process of the Fa- rectification.

May 12, 2001 (edited from a practitioner's words)