May 6, 2001

[Minghui Net] My father was 72 years old. He died on January 1, 2001. How did my father die? Who is it that caused us this trouble and broke up our family?

My family has five people over three generations. In the second half year of 1996, all of us obtained the Fa [law and principles] and practiced Falun Gong in succession. From then on, my wife, my child and I did not spend a cent for medicine. My mother had hemiplegia and stayed in bed. Because she benefited from the practice, she gradually recovered. My father suffered from hypertension, blood capillary sclerosis, coronary heart disease, aged asthma and many other chronic and stubborn diseases. He took much medicine every day. After he practiced, all of his diseases disappeared and his blood pressure stabilized at 120/80. He was glowing with health. His body was strong like people in the prime of life. In addition, he quit smoking. He often went back to his hometown and helped others. My parents almost parted from doctors and medicine. This is the fact that was obvious to the people around us. It is Falun Dafa [great law and universal principles] that gave these seriously ill family members the health and happiness they had previously sought in vain.

However, after July 22, 1999, my father gave up the practice of cultivation. He was a veteran party member. He believed that the party could not be wrong and the government was correct at all times. He always said: Does the television still have fake materials? He also taught his children that you should listen to what the party said. How can you, he reasoned, eat the party's meal, and be against the party? Finally, he did not have any methods to persuade us. He had to admit there was nothing wrong with, Zhen-Shan-Ren [Truthfulness-Benevolence-Forbearance] but the arm can't wring the thing. Since the government does not allow practice, you better not go outside to practice and not go to Beijing to make appeal.

On July 19, 2000, my wife was illegally detained by the police. After 17 days, she was finally released. On August 10, 2000, my wife brought a jointly signed appeal letter to Beijing to validate Dafa. That same day, she was taken back to Laishui County Lockup. In October of that year, the court that prosecuted the innocent Dafa appealers hurriedly convened. On December 27, 2000, she was sentenced to serve five years at labor for being in a square full of several thousand people. (They publicly arrested and sentenced 28 Dafa practitioners. In addition, they had the effrontery to intentionally put them and a murderer awaiting the death penalty together and sentence them at the same time.) The discussion of widely spread falsified stories, malicious gossip, worry and anxiety to his children, and the fear of the evil forces produced heavy mental pressure that was difficult for my father to bear. At last, on the fourth day after the public judgement, the afternoon of December 31, 2000, my father suddenly suffered a stroke and died the next morning.

Who killed my father? Who brought such trouble to a good family and caused its breakup? Who is it that makes scene after scene into tragedies? It is the evil-doers, the vicious authorities who control the regime and the rest of the Chinese ethical degenerates! Opening its mouth is the law and closing its mouth is morality. Who is it that tramples on the law? Who is it that destroys morality? Who is it that deceives tens of thousands of kindhearted old people like my father? My father left with so many sorrows. I believe that no matter where he goes he will certainly see the day of the great disclosure of the truth!

This sad event helped me to realize more soberly that cultivation practice is serious and Dafa is serious. Master is merciful to all beings, because we can practice cultivation and can go back through it to our origin.