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[Shuangcheng City, Heilongjiang Province] Voice of the Universe Broadcast Heard at the Shuangcheng Detention Center

Around 1 AM On May 7, 2001, the voice of the universe broadcast shook the Shuangcheng Detention Center. It was Teacher's new article. The broadcast lasted for about 40 minutes, and it came from a speaker placed on the 7th floor of a building about 600 feet from the detention center. After hearing the broadcast, many policemen came to the site. They tried in vain to remove the speaker, and finally they had to call in a fire engine to do it. According to the police, the high-tech installation of speaker had to have come from somewhere outside of Shuangcheng City.

Policemen in Shuangcheng City change shifts at 3 A.M. in the morning, and they usually don't lie in wait to arrest people during normal working hours.

[Lanzhou City, Gansu Province] Ring Around the Sun Appears In Lanzhou City

Around 12:50 PM on June 6, 2001, I saw a ring around the sun. The inside of the ring was red, and the outside was blue. Furthermore, the ring was very clear to the naked eye. At the time, the sky was especially clear and blue, and the sunshine was very mild. I immediately called my fellow practitioners and told them about the scene. The colorful ring did not fade until about 2:30 PM.


[China] Righteous Thoughts Drive the Police Away

A group of policemen suddenly broke into the apartment of an elderly female practitioner, and they wanted to take her away for "transformation". The old practitioner sat on the bed firmly while holding one hand vertically in front of her chest, saying the Fa-rectifying verse. The policemen then left dejectedly after a short while.

[Shanghai] Practitioner Wang Quandi Arrested Again for Making Declarations

Dafa practitioner Wang Quandi (female) was arrested for practicing the exercises at a park at the beginning of 2000. She was sentenced to 1 year in a labor camp. At the beginning of 2001, she was released after writing a "notice of transformation".

After her release, she read Teacher's new articles and realized that she had 'enlightened' along an evil path. She published a "Solemn Declaration" on Minghui Net in February 2001, after which the police and the community center staff continually harassed her.

On April 17, 2001, some policemen from the Hongkou Township Police Department (Shanghai City) suddenly broke into her home and arrested her, leaving her 80-year-old mother behind. When her brother heard about what happened, he went to the police department and questioned the policemen. He asked them for the reason for her arrest, what laws she broke, and if they had an arrest warrant. The policemen kept silent and did not answer.

We later learned that Wang Quandi was sent to the "transformation class" in Qingpu Town. The persecutors did not allow her family members to visit her, and even her clothes could only be relayed by the staff in the community center. In their notice to her family members, the perpetrators said that the duration of the "class" was one week. However, she has still not been released, more than one month after she was arrested. Before her arrest, the community staff first made sure that she was at home, and then they called the police for the sudden arrest.

[Shulan City, Jilin Province] Unlawful Police Persecution of Dafa Practitioners in Baiqi Township

On July 4, 2000, policemen from the Baiqi Township Police Station and the head of the Administrative Protection Division Xiao Yong broke into practitioner Liu Wentao's home in Shentun Village. In the vacant home, they found two Dafa books. Policeman Wang Wei waited for Liu Wentao and arrested him when he returned. Practitioner Wang Jikong and Zhu Zhaoping were also arrested. By 2 PM, we were sent to the nursing home of Baiqi Township for a "transformation class". By the evening, more than 20 practitioners were sent there, including an elderly lady of more than 60 years old.

On July 13, a police vehicle pulled into the nursery home at around 9 A.M. Led by police chief Sun Zhongcheng, more than 10 policemen (one of them named Bao Zhiguo) interrogated practitioners one by one. During the interrogation, Sun slapped every practitioner's face. He said, "I will tear your skin off today", and slapped practitioner Lu Tianyue, Li Shubo, and Xie Guixian's faces most viciously. In the afternoon, they drove 11 practitioners to the police station, where another 6 practitioners were detained. Wang Delong had just returned from working out of town, and did not even have time to change before the policemen arrested him and detained him for one night. According to the 6 practitioners, they were all beaten by Sun Zhongcheng.

The 17 Dafa practitioners were handcuffed and made to stand in a line along the wall. The perpetrators videotaped every practitioner and the Dafa materials they found at the practitioners' homes. They then sent all the Dafa practitioners to Shulan Detention Center to be illegally detained.

When going through the procedures for detaining practitioners, policeman Zhao Ruiwei asked the police chief, "What crime should I record for them?" The chief replied, "Disrupting the order of society." The policeman said, "But that's against the law!" The chief replied, "Just write it."

After the Dafa practitioners came back from the detention center, the policemen in Baiqi Police Station told them, "If you want to go home, you have to write a pledge against Falun Gong and pay 100Yuan RMB (translator's note: the average monthly salary of urban areas is about 500 Yuan RMB) for the transportation, 150 Yuan for the detention fee, plus the expense for food in the nursing home, a total of more than 300 Yuan." The perpetrators asked the family members of the practitioners who stayed at the nursing home to persuade them (to "transform"). If that did not work, the policemen would beat the practitioners, forcing them to write the pledges and pay the fee before they could be released.

On July 29, there were still 10 practitioners detained in the nursing home (5 male and 5 female).

Currently, the police are still trying to arrest practitioner Fu Xiushan, forcing him to flee his home. Practitioner Liu Wentao, Lu Tianyue, Xie Guixian, Wang Hongyun, Wei Lianhong, and Zhang Shuchun have all been forced to run away from their homes.



[Yuci City, Shanxi Province] Dafa Practitioners Illegally Detained

Dafa practitioners Wang Liping, Chang Bianyun, and Xu Ning were sentenced to criminal detention under fabricated charges of "obstructing the application of state law" for downloading and distributing Falun Gong truth-telling materials. They were held in Second Detention Center of Yuci City. A large number of Dafa practitioners from Yuci have been to Beijing to rectify the Fa since the end of last year. In the First Detention Center of Yuci City alone, there are over 30 Dafa practitioners being held. These Dafa practitioners are staying with Dafa even while imprisoned, and they are following the course of their own cultivation by treating the Fa as Teacher in the Fa-rectification process. Until now, there are still three practitioners being illegally detained. They are likely to be sentenced to prison terms with other Dafa practitioners in the near future.

[Gansu Province] The Suffering of Dafa Practitioners

Li Jiankui, a Dafa practitioner in Linxia County of Gannan District, was detained for half a year by the local police for steadfastly practicing Falun Gong. He was illegally sentenced to one year in labor camp in August 2000 and is now being held in No 1 Detention Center, Gansu Province.

Chen Xingquan, a Dafa practitioner in Zhouqu County of Gannan District, went to Beijing to appeal twice. He was detained in the County detention center for seven months after being arrested for his first appeal. He went to appeal again after being released, and as a result he was then illegally sentenced to labor camp. He is currently being held in No 1 Detention Center, Gansu Province.

Zhao Yongcai, a Dafa practitioner in Zhouqu County of Gannan District, is a model teacher. He was illegally detained for seven months after being arrested for his first appeal. During this period of time, he steadfastly studied the Fa, did the exercises, and clarified the truth of Falun Gong to the guards, relatives who came to visit him, leaders of the school and the district. He turned the detention center into a Fa-promotion site. After he was released, he went back to his school to work. However, he was once again arrested because they suspected that he had something to do with the truth-clarifying literature found in the local area after Chinese New Year. To date, he is still in detention.

Recently, a family member of a Dafa practitioner visited the detention center. The guard said, "If you curse Falun Gong, I will let you see your relatives; otherwise, you can't see them." The family member answered, "Dafa is more important than my life, I would rather not visit them than curse Dafa". As a result, he couldn't visit his jailed relatives.

It is said that Hepingtan Detention Center in Anning Town of Lanzhou City also illegally sentenced some Dafa practitioners to jail. They detained Dafa practitioners secretly and didn't inform practitioners' families of the sentences. We hope that the insiders who have righteous thoughts can provide detailed information, expose the evil, and support Dafa practitioners.

[Changchun City, Jilin Province] Criminal Record of Malicious Policeman Li Tong in the Heizuizi Female Labor Camp

Malicious policeman Li Tong in Heizuizi Female Labor Camp was the former section chief of the labor camp. She was transferred for accepting bribes. When Jiang Zemin's criminal group started persecuting Falun Gong in July 1999, Li Tong became chief of the sixth subsection of the labor camp. She then ganged up with Fan Youlan to illegally persecute Falun Gong practitioners. After they "learned" techniques from the Masanjia Labor Camp, in order to please their superiors, they took even more drastic measures to persecute Dafa. They tried all they could to lead Dafa practitioners onto an evil path, intentionally distorting Dafa. In persecuting Falun Gong, Li Tong was rewarded as a "pioneer", and she was even featured on TV. Her hands are stained with the blood of Dafa practitioners, and she has committed countless sins.

[Jinan City, Shandong Province] Vice Chief of Licheng Security Bureau Gong Yushan Receives Retribution

Gong Yushan, vice chief of Licheng Security Bureau, has been in charge of persecuting Falun Gong since 1999. He deployed and led all the police substations and security committees in Licheng area, brutally persecuting Dafa practitioners for the last two years. In October 2000, he illegally sentenced those practitioners who appealed in Beijing many times to three years in labor camp. Licheng Security Bureau became notorious for ruthlessly persecuting Dafa practitioners under the lead of the evil people like Gong Yushan. In late 2000, Gong Yushan was assigned to Security Bureau Agency of Shandong Province in Beijing to arrest and persecute Dafa practitioners from Jinan City. He has committed all kinds of unforgivable crimes.

Due retribution for goodness and evil is the true law of the universe. Gong Yushan, in the prime of his life, suddenly had a stroke and was hospitalized in Jinan Hospital. The treatment of his disease was ineffective, and he was transferred to Beijing for better treatment. However, he still has not recovered, and half of his body is paralyzed. Gong Yushan, who covets fame and fortune, lamented for the tragedy suddenly occurring to him in a critical time for his further promotion. He became awakened to a certain extent while hospitalized, and once said to his friends, "After I recover, I will not take charge of the Falun Gong issue anymore."

Gong Yushan's contact information:

Phone: 86-531-8918766

Cell: 86-13806419556

Page: 86-198-27000688

[Qingdao City, Shandong Province] Former Secretary of School for the Blind Sun Xiuhua Receives Retribution in This Lifetime

Sun Xiuhua, former secretary of the School for the Blind, actively persecuted Falun Gong practitioners in her school since April 25, 1999. In November 1999, a practitioner was arrested for appealing in Beijing and released after being detained for 15 days. The school officers led by Sun Xiuhua illegally detained this practitioner for another week. Then, she arranged the school staff to monitor this practitioner, until the practitioner was sentenced to three years in a labor camp. Soon after that, Sun was diagnosed with breast cancer, and she required surgery. We warn those officers who are concerned only with their political futures but disregard justice and conscience - "due retribution for goodness and evil is the true law of the universe"

For the sake of political gain, Zhao Peng, the principal of the school, followed the lead Jiang Zemin's criminal group. He has attacked Dafa publicly many times and illegally conducts "transformations" of Dafa practitioners.

Office phone number of School for the Blind 86-532-3835989

Zhao Peng's home phone: 86-5325828215

Former Secretary Sun Xiuhua's home phone; 86-5323819625

[China] Two Examples of Due Retribution

The chairman of the worker union in a company actively cooperated with Jiang Zemin's criminal group to conduct the so-called "transformation work" on Dafa practitioners. Even though Dafa practitioners clarified the true story of Dafa and persecution, he still tried to force Dafa practitioners to write the repentance statements. His attempt, however, was strongly resisted by Dafa practitioners. He forced a practitioner to attend the "transformation class" held in March, and he published this in the newsletter of the company to promote the evil. After that, this wicked person was hospitalized for cholecystitis.

The chief of the security section in the same company verbally attacked Dafa in front of a practitioner's family member. His mouth became seriously misshapen the next day, and it took him over 1,000 Yuan to cure it.

Falun Dafa is the Fa of the universe, and receiving consequences according to your actions is the universal law. Disrupting Dafa will certainly result in retribution.