[Minghui Net] Since New Year's Day 2000, the Wenjiang county committee and the county government (in Sichuan province) have been passing out mandates to all the governmental organizations, work units, village and town governments on "order of higher authority" to unlawfully, inhumanely and brutally persecute Falun Dafa practitioners. Falun Dafa practitioners are being arrested, jailed, detained, searched, fined, and beaten up at will.

Starting from the end of 1999, Dafa practitioners have been going to legally appeal in Beijing. When they were arrested and sent back [to Wenjiang county], they were penalized with 15 days of detention for disturbing public order, or 30 days of detention for a criminal offence. The county government also drew up a penalty policy: the work place will be fined 10,000 Yuan RMB (the Chinese currency; average monthly income of a city worker is approximately 500 Yuan) if any of its employees goes to appeal as a Dafa practitioner; the leader will be punished with 3000 Yuan; for each practitioner sent back, his or her work unit has to pay 10,000 Yuan to the Chengdu city agency in Beijing. The charges for picking up and sending back the practitioners are all imposed on the work unit.

However, the costs are actually payable by the practitioner. For those practitioners who can't afford to pay the penalty, their houses will be searched and looted, they will be forced into debt; the title to their residence will be seized as well as other possessions - their tractors, furniture, electrical appliances, motors, etc. For the more economically challenged practitioners, the authorities will confiscate their pigs, piglets, food rations, and dig out the flowers and plants in their yard. Worse still, they have forcibly taken away the belongings of a practitioner's daughter-in-law (who has been living in a separate household, and led her own independent existence). For those in dire financial straits, they will ransack and turn their houses upside down, smashing all the tiles, windows, bowls, woks, and so on. (As happened to Hu Yuzhen and Jiang Lirong in Team 13 of Hesheng town).

Over 100 practitioners in this county have been fined. The sum of the penalty collected reaches more than 400,000 Yuan. Over ten practitioners have been deprived of their pensions, ousted from the party membership and even driven out of their own home. For instance, practitioner Huang Tianming, and his family of three in Liulin village were forced to become homeless. Their whereabouts are still unknown for almost one year now. Their house became the personal property of the village cadre, and all their belongings were looted. The crops in the fields were siezed and taken away by the village government. The village cadre took away the washer, TV, and the fan when they searched the house of He Chonghua in Jinma town. Even the piglets were not spared. The house of his daughter-in-law was also ransacked. A practitioner in Hesheng town was very poor, and the government seized his only rations-- grains. A practitioner in Zhenzi village borrowed money but still was not enough to pay off the penalty. His four-wheel tractor was seized as a result. Later he had to sign a debt instrument using the deed to his house as collateral. The Tongping town government forcibly extracted the penalty payments from the practitioners without even giving them any receipt ...

Since the beginning of 2000, Dafa practitioners have continued to be illegally detained. By April 2001, the number of illegal detentions has reached over 300. Four have been sent away for labor re-education.

The practitioners are not allowed to study the Fa [the universal law and principle] or practice the exercises while in detention centers or in prison. If they were discovered to be practicing, the guards and their accomplices would whip the practitioners with triangular-shaped transmission belts. The practitioners would be punished through forced kneeling for extended periods of time. Their faces or other areas of exposed skin would be rubbed with a plant called "Huoma"[Note: a hemp-like perennial plant, with downy branches and piercing thorns. It is also poisonous. When it comes in contact with the skin it causes an immediate reaction where the skin becomes red, swollen, extremely itchy and painful]. Some would be shackled for as long as 18 days and not allowed a change of clothing. When the practitioners protested the treatment by going on a hunger strike, which could last as long as 11 days, they would be force-fed and given injections.

After being released from the detention centers and prisons, the practitioners do not actually have freedom. Besides having their phones tapped, and being monitored and followed, they are also required to report to the government authorities every day. The town government holds "forced transformation classes" by order of the higher authorities. Such so-called "transformation class" is nothing more than a brutal means to torture and physically abuse the practitioners. To force the practitioners to shout slogans slandering Falun Dafa and our teacher, and be recorded; to write pledges "not to practice, appeal or associate [with other practitioners]," and pay a fine before being allowed to go home.

At the end of June 2000, Duan Xiancheng, the deputy director of the county security, in a meeting for collective action to apprehend Falun Gong, announced, "whatever measure necessary can be employed to procure written pledges and public denouncement of the practice, and to record the chanting of slogans to 'overthrow XXX'." The cadres in Hesheng town shouted, "You want to oppose the XX party, the XX party will fix you, make you suffer in poverty and hunger. You cannot even file a complaint." The general secretary of the party committee in Liulin village told practitioner Huang XX: "These days human rights have no place in the Chinese government. Human rights belong to those outside China. If you say something disagreeable today, and we beat you to death, it's not a big deal ..." The evil nature is thus completely revealed, as is Jiang Zemin's hypocritical statement of today being "the best period for human rights in China".

The following are some cases of persecution of Dafa practitioners:

Chen Jinhua, a retired cadre in Hesheng town, has been arrested four times and detained for three months for going to Beijing to appeal. She was called to the office at 2pm on July 1st. The moment she stepped into the office, she was slapped on her face, followed by kicks, poking in the face with fingers, and whipping with copper cables. Then four thugs got at her, and gave her a severe beating in the courtyard. Wary of witnesses, they dragged her back to the office and gave her another round of beatings. They took off her socks and whipped the soles of her feet with a twisted wire cable whip [Note: this is particularly harmful and intensely painful as it flays the skin off the person]; they also kicked her viciously and continued the torture for four hours. Chen Jinhua was beaten black and blue all over the body. The soles of her feet were too swollen to walk. While they tortured her, the government also sent people to ransack her house and seize all her possessions, including 350 yuan set aside for her mother's medical treatment. On the same day she was detained, they also stopped her 120-yuan per month pension that she had earned from her hard work for the government over the last several decades.

From June 29 to July 3, 2000, they also persecuted Zhang Qingshu, Zhong Sufang, Wang Guirong, Ma Huifang, Lin Sufang, Luo Jurong, Hu Yuzhen, Yi Shuying, Bai Qunfang, etc. Zhang Qingshu was taken to the police station. He was handcuffed and hung with his toes barely touching the ground. He was then beaten with batons, wooden sticks, and whipped with "Huoma" branches until he fainted. He was not taken down until June 30th. Zhong Sufang received similar torture: being beaten with wooden sticks, whipped by "Huoma" branches and forced to stand on "Huoma" leaves with bare feet. Wang Guirong was beaten until covered with wounds. Zhong Sufang was sent to the detention center later. Zhang Qingshu and Wang Guirong were tortured again on July 3rd. When they went to Ma Huifang's house to arrest her, they beat her with steel wires. The scars from the beating are still prominent today. Lin Sufang was kicked on the chin. It bled profusely and bloodied her shirt. They forced her to wash off the bloodstain lest it be seen [by the public]. Hu Yuzhen was brutally beaten up; they forced her to kneel down at the corner of an office table and her palms and soles were beaten until swollen and she was unable to walk.

When Yi Shuying was arrested, her house had already been searched (seven times in total). The moment she was taken into the government office, she was kicked to the ground. Some of the roughnecks slapped her face; some whipped the soles of her feet with wires cable; some beat her with bamboo sticks; some kicked her head with their leather boots (She is still wobbly, unable to stand up two months after her torture). The torture lasted until lunchtime. After lunch, they continued to beat her up until she fainted. Cuts and bruises covered the entire bodies of the persecuted practitioners. To rub salt on the wound, the vicious people in government said acidly: "Get them off the government grounds if they pass out, don't let them die here. If they should die, say that they have committed suicide."

The practitioner Luo Yuying has been illegally arrested four times for her practice in public, her appeal in Beijing, and for distributing truth-disclosing literature. At the end of June 2000, she was taken in for forced-transformation by the Tashui town government right after her release from the detention center, where she was tortured for 11 days. The thugs attempted to force her to give up Falun Gong, to shout slogans opposing Dafa and our teacher so they could record her on tape; but she refused. So they punched and kicked her, hit her head with a teapot. Several people beat her up in turn but could not shake her determination. They became more brutal and pushed her into a patch of wild "Huoma" plants. She felt pins and needles upon coming in contact with the poisonous "Huoma" plants. Welts and blisters started to appear all over her body. She struggled to get up, but was pushed down again, repeatedly (at that time, the weather was hot and she wore only one shirt). After a while, they dragged her out, forcing her to kneel down on the hot cement ground under the blazing sun. She then had to kneel on the broken bricks, followed by burning coal remains, then on the rough concrete until her knees bled. Even then the thugs did not let up. They cut off poisonous "Huoma" plants to whip her and forced her to rub the poisonous "Huoma" on herself until a large bunch of "Huoma" had been used. Later on, they also dragged LuoYuying under the burning sun, and forced her to lift two heavy cement poles with her two hands, not allowing her to lean on any support. She was not allowed to eat or go to the toilet. Whoever was unable to withstand it had to write pledges. Two days later, they forced them to do the same thing: carrying the concrete poles with their two hands under the sun, but they also had to stand on an sharp edged electrical pole until 6pm in the afternoon. They were not allowed to sleep in the evening and had to hold the flower poles in front of their heads. ...

There are a dozen other practitioners persecuted in Tashui town at the same time as her.

Mr. Huang Tianming, Falun Dafa practitioner from Liulin Town, was illegally detained three times. The second time, he was forcibly arrested while working at home, taken to a detention center and held for one month. After his release, he was "received" by the town government and handcuffed in the town commons and left to burn under the sun. Secretary Zhou of the town government said openly that it was all right even if they beat Mr. Huang to death. After 8 pm on July 29, a thug hired by the town government came to tell Huang, "The police don't beat you, the government doesn't beat you, but I dare to beat you." He first fiercely punched Huang Tianming in the temples with his first. Upon seeing that Huang didn't give up, the thug then found a large bundle of poisonous "Huoma" plants and wrapped up Huang's body with them. Then he continuously beat every part of Huang's body for over two hours with a foot-long bamboo stick until the "Huoma" was shredded into small pieces. Later, the thug pulled Huang's hair and struck his head with a board, then kicked and stepped on Huang's head so violently that Huang's head became swollen and deformed. Huang had great difficulty seeing, had bruises all over his body and blood all over his clothes. At the same time, the town government officials also secretly hired thugs to go to Huang's home; they smashed his door and windows, drove away the people who helped look after the home and confiscated all of Huang's personal property. Huang Tianming's wife, was also detained for 45 days for appealing to the government. Huang's daughter was also interrogated by the town police and government many times and was forced to write a pledge not to practice Falun Gong any more, or she would not be allowed to go to school. In order to resist the persecution of evil forces, Huang's wife and daughter had to leave their home after Huang was arrested. After he was released by the town government, Huang Tianming also left his home and no one knows his whereabouts now. In this way, a once happy family has thus been broken up.

More than 20 Falun Gong practitioners in the town of Jinma were arrested between the end of June and early July and forced to attend "transformation and education class." All the arrested practitioners were violently beaten, sunburned, fined, and their homes were confiscated. The ways used to persecute Falun Gong practitioners in Jinma Town grew even more vicious. The government's thugs always arrested Falun Gong practitioners late at night. They surrounded a practitioner in the dark and beat him. The practitioner had no idea who was beating him. Most practitioners' buttocks were beaten black and deep blue. One female practitioner, Ms. Yang was beaten and fined. Upon her release she went to Beijing to appeal. The second day after she got back from Beijing, she was handcuffed to a satellite antenna on the roof of the town government building. That same evening, they arrested another practitioner and handcuffed her to another pole. Around midnight, six unidentified thugs came onto the roof. They each took a bamboo stick and started in with violence against the practitioenrs. Some slapped Ms. Yang, some kicked her, some burned her face, hands and chest with lit cigarettes, and some held her lips and burned her lips with cigarette lighters. Some beat her with bamboo sticks and kept swearing at her with unbearably dirty words. After they beat Ms Yang for a while, they went to beat Ms. Du, the other practitioner. Ms. Du was beaten so badly she could not help but cry out in misery. Then they came back to beat Ms. Yang again. They took turns violently beating the two practitioners this way for half an hour until they went downstairs. At daybreak on the second day, Ms. Yang found that her body was bruised all over and the bamboo sticks broken in the beating were all over the roof of the building. On the second evening, there came three hired thugs. They first put a hand-made paper hat onto Ms. Yang's head so that she could not see who they were. Then they injured her face by rubbing it with poisonous "Huoma" plants and later pulled up her clothes and rubbed "Huoma" on her back. After rubbing "Huoma" on her body, they poured water on Ms. Yang's body and beat her with bamboo sticks [to increase the pain]. Some of these disgusting people took indecent liberties with her and touched and grabbed her body parts. If she offered the slightest resistance, she would encounter more vicious beating until those thugs became tired from their violent exertions. One hour later, they came back with a rod wrapped in paper (possibly a police electric shock club) and beat every part of her body with the rod. Ms. Yang was violently beaten in this way three times. The other practitioner, Ms. Du, also suffered from these violent beatings. They were handcuffed continuously in such a way on the top of a government building for seven days. They were exposed to burning sun in the daytime and handcuffed in the evening and were only allowed to have one meal each day. When they were released, they were required to pay a fine of 1500 Yuan RMB. Ms. Yang had borrowed to pay the fine at the time of her last arrest and had not paid off the money she borrowed. Her father-in-law had cancer and had been bedridden for several months. Despite such a situation, the government officials forced her husband to sign a promissory note before she could be released (because the season to harvest crops had started). Later they also came to her home with the promissory note to pressure her to pay the fine...

The brutal persecution in the town of Yongquan of Wenjiang County still continued: on June 29, the town government and police department arrested Falun Gong practitioners by force and detained them in the Yongquan Adult School to transform them. The Falun Gong practitioners they cruelly persecuted included: Zhang Xiguang, Yu Bixin, Feng Guangru, Yin Maohua, Li Faying, Cao Li, and Yang Guanghai, etc. Mr. Zhang Xiguang has been over 60 years old. Those evil people first kicked and beat him, then mercilessly pounded Mr. Zhang's feet with an iron rod until he fell down and lost consciousness on the spot. Those evil people didn't pay any attention to him and continued to beat the other practitioners. They brutally beat Mr. Zhang several times later. Since they focused the beating on his buttocks, Mr. Zhang's buttocks were injured to the point the skin oozed so much blood that his trousers stuck to his flesh. Ms. Yu Bixin was first beaten in the head with a wooden stick and then, when the stick broke, they pulled her hair and slammed her head into a blackboard. Her lower lip was split from the beating. Later those hired thugs made a bronze wire whip to first beat her buttocks and then her whole body. Several thugs took turns beating her until she lost consciousness. When her husband came to visit her, Ms. Yu took off her trousers and exposed her buttocks, which had become black from beating, and shouted, "Mr. Chen, have a look how they have beaten us, go and sue them..." Many people around felt shocked at such bruises.... The government acts totally without restraint these days. About one dozen hired thugs beat another practitioner, Mr. Tang Yuanli, on the night when he was arrested. Later this gang of thugs pushed him on the ground and beat him again. At first, his miserable cries could be heard and later these cries gradually faded away. When he woke up the next morning, he found blood and dirt caked all over his body. Those evil people wanted to cover up their crimes and forced him to clean up all the blood on his trousers. Another practitioner, Ms. Feng Guangru was brutally beaten six times. Each time she was beaten until those perpetrators felt tired from beating her. Another time, she was knocked to the ground and beaten with bronze wire whips until all her body became black and swollen. They also inserted poisonous "Huoma" into her clothes and took off their shoes to slap her. She was beaten until she could not stand up. She was detained for 28 days and didn't get released until her son-in-law paid a fine of 1500 Yuan for her. Yellow pus was flowing from all parts of her body. Ms. Cao Li was beaten so badly she could not stand without supporting herself on the wall. Ms. Yin Maohua was kicked on her buttocks until she could not stand up. The evil people didn't allow practitioners to drink or eat and threw away the food that their families sent to them. In the daytime, practitioners were exposed to burning sunshine and in the evening they were brutally beaten. Those evil people even publicly said, "Falun Gong practitioners don't have human rights and we can torture them in whatever way we want." It was extremely evil.

In September 2000, due to the great pressure from Jiang Zemin, our Falun Gong practitioners were even deprived of the right to speak. Therefore, practitioners started to clarify the truth to people all over the world. However one practitioner from the town of Hesheng was arrested by police while she distributed literature containing the truth of Falun Gong. In the police station, she was handcuffed and suspended with her hands and feet spread out and her toes barely touching the ground. She was hung continuously in this way for four days, and not allowed to eat or go to the washroom. Later some evil policemen in the station also broke her right thumb and her arm became swollen due to infection. She was not released until she went on a hunger strike to protest the detention. In October 2000, they decided that this practitioner and another three practitioners (three practitioners in Hesheng and one in Tashui) should be secretly sent to labor camps even though there was no evidence of wrongdoing.

Whenever there was so-called "sensitive day," such as New Year's Day and the Chinese New Year, the local government and police would arrest and illegally detain Falun Gong practitioners. Before the Chinese New Year of 2001, they arrested another group of Falun Gong practitioners and held them in detention centers. In order not to be arrested, many practitioners have now left their homes and are wandering around.

The various crimes of the evil forces in Wenjiang County of Sichuan Province are countless. However it is a heavenly principle that good will be rewarded with good and evil with evil. We hope those evil people can rouse their consciences and stop persecuting Falun Gong practitioners in time to position themselves correctly for their own future lives. Otherwise, the retribution is ahead of them.

The list of names of people that have persecuted Falun Gong practitioners includes:

Duan Xiancheng: the Deputy Director of the Police Station of Wenjiang County;

Huang Hongshi: the Deputy Secretary of the Chinese XX Party Committee in Hesheng;

Hu Dongxiang: the Head of the Arm Department in Hesheng;

Huang Shangmin: the Deputy Mayor of Hesheng;

Wang Jingshan: policeman in the Police Station of Hesheng;

Zhang Jian: the Deputy Mayor of Hesheng;

Zhang Xilong: the Deputy Mayor of Hesheng;

Wu Zhongfu: the official in Hesheng Town government;

Wu Conglin: the official in Hesheng Town government;

Huang Kaiquan: the official in Hesheng Town government;

Lei Yong: the official in Jinma Town government;

Zhou Hongwei: the Deputy Mayor of the Liulin County;

Wang Mingsong: the official in Yongquan Town government;

Li Zucheng: the Deputy Mayor of the Yongquan;

Wei Lin: the Secretary of the Chinese XX Youth League in Yongquan;

Xu Yuanhong: the Head of the Arm Department in Tongping;

Yang Zicheng: the Head of the Arm Department in Liulin;

Huang Song: the policeman in the police station of Jinma;

Wang Zhongshang: the ex-director of the police station in Jinma;

Zhang Hong: the policeman in the police station in Jinma;

Peng Sijiang: the Mayor of Jinma;

Li Hualiang: the Secretary of the Chinese XX Party in Jinma;

Chen Biqin: the Deputy Director of the Detention Center of Wenjiang County.

May 29, 2001