May 26, 2001

[Minghui Net]

One evening before this year's Chinese Spring Festival in Beijing, while I was posting the last piece of Falun Gong truth-clarifying literature in a bus station, a young man came to me in a hurry and asked, "What are you posting here?" I said, "They are Falun Gong flyers. Would you please take a look?" After he read the flyer, we spoke briefly. I introduced Falun Dafa to him and shared my cultivation experiences with him. It seemed to me that he did not care much about my answers to his questions. After a while, he said to me, "I'd like to take you as my teacher!" I was surprised by his request and immediately explain to him: "We have only one Master; no matter when we start to learn Falun Gong, all of us are students. We should take Dafa as our teacher." He said he had been longing to learn Falun Gong but had never got a chance. I asked, "Aren't you afraid of the current cruel situation?" He shook his head and said, "No!" so I said to him "Then please keep these three words in your mind--Zhen Shan Ren (Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance.)" He looked at me with understanding and left his telephone number with me.

Another story occurred at a fast food restaurant where I had lunch one day after posting flyers. The restaurant was full of people. I took out a flyer from my pocket and started reading it. I had found this flyer posted by other fellow practitioners. At this moment, a security person standing beside me moved his head closer to me, trying to read the flyer. He said, "What is it? Give it to me!" He grabbed it away and asked me where I had gotten it. I told him, that I'd picked it up in a public phone booth. I couldn't help thinking that this time I might be in some serious trouble. But immediately I calmed down. I said to him, "Please take it!" His face turned red. He nodded but did not look at me. Instead, he looked around vigilantly and quickly folded the flyer and put it in his pocket. When the security person left, pretending like nothing had happened, I found all the people around my table looking at me silently. I could tell from their expressions that many of them understood what was going on. Two middle-aged ladies sitting close to me asked me what kind of materials had been objectionable to read. I said that it was a Falun Gong flyer. She asked, "Is it that letter to Premier Minister Zhu written by the people from Qinghua University?" I said I had read that letter before but what I was reading presently was different. Then she asked if I still had some more flyers. I gave them a few flyers that I had brought with me. After lunch I told them that I was a Falun Dafa practitioner and I encouraged them to find out more about Dafa. They looked surprised and just nodded their heads without saying anything else.

When I left the restaurant, I found another security person following me in a distance, with a walkie-talkie in hand. I slowly walked down the stairs and so did he. When I looked back at him, he smiled to me nicely. It seemed to me that he was extremely unwilling to have me misunderstand his activities. He guided me to the door and went away. Nothing happened.

When I was posting materials in Beijing, I also found many other truth-clarifying flyers and banners posted by fellow practitioners. Some were pasted with glue; some were printed; some were handwritten and some were painted. It was wonderful to realize that every Dafa practitioner was involved in the Fa-rectification process.