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On May 19, 2001, two of us arrived in the beautiful seashore city of Durban, South Africa. That afternoon, we joined local practitioners to Hongfa (promote Fa) on the beach. On the way there, we handed out Dafa materials to people, most whom hadn't heard of Falun Gong before. Everyone we approached kindly accepted the materials. A black person spontaneously volunteered to help us distribute materials. Dafa is being spread to all nations of the world. No matter how deeply lost a life has become, this is an opportunity to return to his or her origins. Our wish is that all people in the world can have the opportunity to know Dafa and cherish the opportunity given by Dafa. It is with this wish that we went to Africa.

On May 20, we attended a large-scale Spirit and Health Expo in the Westville Civic Center in Durban. Many people attending the expo were very interested in spiritual cultivation. We demonstrated the five sets of exercises twice: once in the morning and once in the afternoon. Many people took introductory Dafa materials, and there were people who wanted to learn how to do the exercises on the spot. A white lady told us that she had practiced Yoga for a long time and found it very difficult to improve her level. After watching our demonstrations of the Dafa exercises, she felt that Falun Gong would enable her to advance further. Having read Zhuan Falun, she told us in tears that this was what she had been looking for. Some people left their phone numbers and hoped we could come again. Another white lady invited us to introduce Falun Gong in her neighbourhood. She helped us to advertise and reserved the facility. She also invited a columnist from a local newspaper to attend.

On May 21, we held a Falun Gong introduction seminar at University of Natal, the largest university in Durban. Because of the short notice, only a few people attended the seminar. But the people who came were all very interested in Falun Gong cultivation. On the morning of May 22, the largest newspaper in South Africa interviewed us. They asked many questions and took lots of photos while we were doing the exercises. They also said they would publish introductory articles for us if we were to conduct seminars in the future. That afternoon, we visited the Durban municipal offices, and gave Dafa introductory materials to the mayor's office and to two councilors' offices. The councilors were in charge of education and health for two cities. We also met with the official in charge of the city's daily operations and the mayor's assistant. Everyone was very kind to us. We also donated Falun Gong and Zhuan Falun to the Durban Library.

On May 24, we returned to City Hall to attend Christianity Memorial Day activities that were being held in front of the building. Some priests and religious representatives from local churches attended the event. We took the opportunity to give them Dafa materials and chatted with one of the priests for quite a while, with topics ranging from the emergence of Falun Gong to why we came on that day. Through the continuous efforts of every practitioner spreading the Fa, there will be a day when all kind people in different religions or races will attain the Fa. When we stood on the street distributing materials, people walking on the street occasionally came over one after another to take the materials from our hands. A silver-haired old gentleman came to us and said, "I know you. You are always in my prayers." We had never thought that in Africa, there were people who knew the truth behind Jiang Zemin's persecution of Falun Gong. We also gave Dafa materials to the provincial government representatives, and presented Falun Gong to the Provincial Health Minister. We met the minister's assistant, and introduced to him the benefits of Dafa in improving people's health and increasing people's moral standards.

Over those few days, we felt that many people, from ordinary citizens to government officials, listened to our introductions to Dafa with sincerity and curiosity. As time goes on and more people understand Dafa, we believe that in the near future, Dafa will surely spread widely and save people in the African continent. When we stood among the hastily walking black people in Africa, we felt strongly that this land is waiting for us to spread Dafa.