[Minghui Net]

[Tianjin] A Female Falun Dafa Practitioner Suddenly Died in a Forced Labor Camp

Falun Dafa practitioner Zhang (complete name is unknown), female, 49 years old, is from Tanggu District, Tianjin. She is a retired employee of Tianjin Harbor Department. Police caught her and forcibly sent her to a so-called "transformation class" held in a drug rehabilitation center on January 15, 2001. Over 100 practitioners were arrested at the same time. Since Zhang persisted in practicing Dafa and definitely refused the transformation, she was sentenced to a one and a half year term of labor re-education at the end of March. Around 5 am on May 11, Zhang suddenly fell down while cleaning. She was sent to a hospital and died after ineffective rescue. Doctors informed her family that she died of "a sudden heart attack".

[Sichuan Province] Materials Clarifying the Truth of Falun Dafa Are Distributed Around an Entire County

Falun Dafa practitioners in a county in Sichuan Province united after they studied Teacher's recent articles. They successfully held three experience-sharing conferences in May, breaking through all obstructions. All practitioners improved their understanding of the Fa [univervsal law or principle]. During this month, they distributed thousands of pieces of Dafa materials all over the county. The local police are very vicious and arrested dozens of the Dafa practitioners. These Dafa practitioners united and refused to cooperate with the vicious police. Police could do nothing but release all of them except four. In this county over ten thousand copies of materials clarifying the truth of Falun Dafa have been distributed since 1999.

[Northeast China] Falun Dafa Practitioners Improve Holistically and "Assist Teacher in the Human World"

On the eve of World Falun Dafa Day, Falun Dafa practitioners in a city in northeast China again stepped forward to collectively clarify the truth, suffocate the evil forces, save people of the world and present their actions as a gift to the great Teacher. At 7:30 pm they went out in a bus and played Dafa music from "Pu Du" and "Ji Shi." The solemn and sacred scene moved many practitioners to tears. After arriving at their destination, dozens of practitioners put up posters, sent out packages and distributed materials clarifying the truth about Dafa to passersby. At the end they posted many cartoons exposing the vicious forces in government buildings, police stations, courts, procuratorates and police substations. They distributed about 1000 copies of materials clarifying the truth; it was an effective blow struck against the vicious forces. Several days afterward all practitioners returned home safely. Local government departments, factories, companies and schools called emergency meetings to attempt to take measures to persecute the Dafa practitioners.

[Northeast China] Falun Dafa Practitioners from a City Distribute Tens of Thousands Pieces of Literature Clarifying the Truth

On the evening of May 21,2001, Falun Dafa practitioners in a city in northeast China distributed tens of thousands of pieces of literature clarifying the truth in order to suffocate and eliminate the evil forces. This action effectively struck another blow against the vicious forces and made a big impact on the local people; it also had a very good effect on eliminating the evil forces!

[China] A Ruffian Who Persecutes Falun Dafa Practitioners Is Actually a Corrupt Official

The former Minister of Judicial Department, Gang Changli, is a follower of Jiang Zemin and a pioneer of persecuting Dafa practitioners. Since July 20, 1999, he has actively participated in the persecution. He set up the Masanjia Labor Reeducation Camp as the model for persecuting Dafa practitioners. Under his instigation the police guards in the camp heartlessly stripped off the clothes of 18 female practitioners and threw them into male prisoners cells, an action which became a model for the treatment of Dafa practitioners. Under Changli's instruction the Judicial Department forbade lawyers all over the country to accept Dafa practitioners' cases.

Changli is such a wicked thug that the Central Discipline Examination Committee investigated him for causing severe economic problems and for degenerate practices. The committee dismissed him immediately after the investigation.

[Deyang City, Sichuan Province] Hope for Intellectuals - A Teacher Tells the Truth About Falun Dafa in Class

Finally there is an intellectual who stepped forward with the courage to speak out against the cruel dictatorship. An upright and conscientious teacher at the No. 5 middle school in Deyang City, Sichuan Province, spent one hour of class time explaining to the students what Falun Dafa is; the students were greatly moved. This forthrightness shocked the government. The city education committee called a meeting of the leaders from all schools instantly and took measures to prevent any similar incidences from happening again. Reportedly, the police have arrested this teacher.

[Beijing] Two Small Stories about the Righteous Thoughts of a Falun Dafa Practitioner

  1. A few days ago, I passed the gate of the Beijing Movie Production Company located at North Sanhuan Street by bus. In front of the gate I saw a large signboard of three meters high and five meters wide with these words: "Picture Display: Advocate Science and Oppose XX." [chinese government slanderous words omitted] All passers-by can see it. I had a bad feeling in my heart; instantly I sent forth a strong thought - "How can such a vicious thing be left there? How poisonous it is to people! It should be cleared out!" Because I was on a moving bus I did not get off. Two days later, when I passed the same place my eyes came across a scene of brightness. That vicious advertisement board was removed and only two poles were left there.
  2. Two days ago I was printing two new articles by our Teacher, "Teaching the Fa at the 2001 Canada Falun Dafa Cultivation Experience Sharing Conference" (http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2001/5/22/10271.html) and "The Disciples' Greatness" (http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2001/5/20/10227.html) for other practitioners. When I printed the first page, I found that due to the ink running low, the lower part of the page was obscure, though I could differentiate the words. If I went ahead with the printing the following pages would not print clearly. At this moment I recalled the article "Dafa Disciple's Righteous Thoughts Are Powerful" (http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2001/4/25/9088.html). I held both of my hands against each other in front of my chest and thought, "What I am printing are the sacred articles of the supreme and great Teacher for instructing us to practice following the Great Law of the Universe. They are not long and I hope to finish printing them. Teacher, please help me finish printing these few pages and I will add ink right after this." After this thought, I saw the following pages of the articles print out as clearly as the first page; the ink tone did not diminish and all words were legible; instantly my heart was filled with infinite gratitude and admiration for our Teacher.

[Beijing] Judicial Department Illegally Issues A Document to Instigate People to Act as Special Agents and Incites the Masses to Struggle against Each Other

The Judicial Department issued a document to labor camps throughout the entire country to carry out a so-called "national reporting and exposing action" to "report and expose" Falun Dafa practitioners and Falun Dafa sites. This includes practitioners who print and distribute flyers, the Falun Gong practice sites, the Falun Dafa material printing sites, the practitioners who continue to practice at home, and the practitioners who go to Beijing to appeal, etc. The document states that those prisoners who are successful in the reporting and exposing will be rewarded with shortened detention terms, release before the completion of their detention terms and the privilege of serving their sentences outside of camp, etc. Thus, those "reformed" people in labor camps are persecuting Falun Dafa practitioners in order to be released in advance. Recently, because of the "reporting and exposing", many Falun Dafa practitioners have been arrested, sent to labor camps, forcibly sent to illegal "reform classes", and had their homes ransacked. Falun Dafa practitioners, please be alert.

[Heilongjiang Province] Department of Propaganda of Heilongjiang Province Spends One Million Yuan RMB to Slander Falun Dafa

Information from a reliable source stated that the Department of Propaganda of Heilongjiang Province Government has applied for the allocation of one million Yuan RMB (about US $121,000) to the Financial Bureau of the Provincial Government to cover the cost of an exhibition which slanders Falun Gong in Martyr Memorial in June. The authorities do not care that hundreds of thousands of people have lost their jobs, are unemployed, and have nothing to cover their cost of living. Instead, they spend the people's money, earned through hard toil, on wantonly persecuting good people. All kindhearted people throughout the entire country must condemn this malicious action.

[Beijing] Fengtai District Court Illegally and Secretly Tried and Sentenced over Ten Falun Dafa Practitioners in March

In March 2001, Fengtai District Court illegally and secretly sentenced over ten Falun Dafa practitioners to 1-5 year jail terms. The persecuted were not allowed to hire their own lawyers. Thus, they refused to let the lawyers designated by the court defend them. They defended themselves and their voice of justice shook the court. The puppet judge was rendered speechless and announced, in a hurry, the sentences made beforehand by higher authorities. The court staff, knowing the true situation, felt that the sentences were unreasonable and that the wicked actions of Jiang Zemin and his associates were spiteful and ridiculous. Almost every resident in Beijing knows that 90% of Falun Dafa practitioners are still practicing at home even under such harsh suppression and that many of them are educated people or senior officials. It is also well known that in the central government only Jiang Zemin and a few other villains are against Falun Dafa. With the exposure of Jiang Zemin's vicious actions, more and more people will know the truth.

[Shuangcheng City, Heilongjiang Province] Falun Dafa Practitioners Are Illegally Arrested for Holding an Experience Sharing Meeting

On May 16, 2001, 30 to 40 Falun Dafa practitioners from Heilongjiang Province held an experience-sharing meeting in the woods outside Hongcheng Village, Handian Town, Shuangcheng City, Heilongjiang Province. Within less than ten minutes, they were surrounded by over thirty people including police from Handian Town, local government officials and jobless people who are thought to have been called together temporarily. These people went to the meeting site with three large vehicles and several motorcycles, and arrested all of the practitioners. They beat and kicked these practitioners and forced them to kneel down. The practitioners refused to kneel. The farmers working nearby gathered to have a look and an official yelled to the farmers, "I asked you to catch them, why do none of you act?" These Falun Dafa practitioners were sent to Shuangcheng City after being held for a short time in Handian Town.

[Wuhu City, Anhui Province] A Teacher from Wuhu Normal University in Anhui Province Is Arrested for Distributing Falun Dafa Truth Clarifying Materials

Falun Dafa practitioner Hou, a female, from Wuhu Normal University was arrested in April while distributing literature clarifying the truth of Falun Dafa, and was later detained in Wuhu Detention Center. She protested the illegal detention by going on a hunger strike and was force-fed on the fourth day. No further information is available.

Falun Dafa practitioner Huang Guizhi, a female from Hefei City went to Beijing to appeal in December 1999 and was illegally sentenced to one year of forced labor. She was released in December 2000 and was taken away by vicious police in April 2001 while distributing Falun Dafa materials. She is currently being detained in the Anhui Female Forced Labor Camp.

In Hefei City two "reform classes" were held in the Hefei Tire Factory and the guesthouse of Anhui University. Over 80 Falun Dafa practitioners were illegally detained and forced to attend. Each practitioner was made to pay 1,200 Yuan (about US $145, a salary of over two months for an average urban worker) per month. Their work units are required to dispatch one person to accompany each practitioner and pay 1,200 Yuan also.

[Tanghai County, Hebei Province] Lawless Authorities Persecute Falun Dafa Practitioners by Illegally Charging "Tuitions" for "Reform Class"

Over ten Falun Dafa practitioners including Qin Yuzhi from Tanghai County, Hebei Province were handcuffed and sent to illegal "reform class". They protested the vicious "reform" attempts with hunger strikes. They were escorted to Ankang Hospital of Tangshan City, which is actually a drug rehabilitation center. Detailed information is not available.

On May 10, 2001, Tanghai County of Hebei Province held an illegal "reform class" and forced over 20 Falun Dafa practitioners to attend. Each practitioner and his or her work unit were forced to share the 2,500-Yuan "tuition" for the class. Most of the factories in the county have either stopped production or closed due to poor profit. Employees are losing their jobs and do not have money for daily life. How can the practitioners afford to pay the "tuition" that the corrupted officials spend freely for themselves?

Zhang Guanghui is the person-in-charge and the deputy director of Tanghai County Police Station in Hebei Province. Phone: (86315) 8712942 ask for extension.

Liu Jinzhong, the head of Public Security Section.

Sun Zhaodong, the person-in-charge and the deputy director of Tanghai County Government.

Phone: (86315) 8711925

[Yingcheng City, Hubei Province] Witnessing the Persecution of Falun Dafa Practitioners in a So-called "Law Education Class"

The so-called "Law Education Class" in Yingcheng City was held by the Yingcheng City Party Committee. The class consisted of police dispatched from each police substation. They committed vicious actions while claiming that they treat Falun Dafa practitioners as their own people, being politically equal, and without beating or swearing.

One day a female Falun Dafa practitioner sat in a lotus position and was discovered by police guard Xu Changde. This policeman Xu said she was practicing Falun Gong, swore at her and pulled her near a wall to beat her. They forced Falun Dafa practitioners to write guarantee statements promising to give up practicing Falun Gong. Falun Dafa practitioner Zhang Xiangfa refused to write this statement. Policeman Xu beat and swore at practitioner Zhang in public, threatened to dismiss him from the Party and send him to forced labor camp in Shayang. Falun Dafa practitioner Tang Bixin was pulled outside, and was brutally beaten inside a restroom by police guard Chu HongX for clarifying the truth and validating Falun Dafa. The police forced the Falun Dafa practitioners to swear at Teacher before meals. During the meal, the police forced the practitioners to drink alcohol for the purpose of proposing a toast. Practitioner Li Guoping became drunk. The police forced the Falun Dafa practitioners to acknowledge and sign materials slandering Falun Dafa and the Teacher. The police guards forced the Falun Dafa practitioners to watch video programs slandering Falun Dafa and pornographic periodicals, play Majiang, a Chinese traditional gambling game, and drink wine everyday. The police spoke dirty words daily and instigated Falun Dafa practitioners to conduct immoral wrongdoings. They often told practitioners, "You will be released if you do not practice Falun Gong. It will be alright for you to dally with women."

Everything described above is what I have witnessed.

[Tanghai County, Hebei Province] Falun Dafa Practitioners Were Illegally Detained and Mercilessly Beaten at the Tanghai County Detention Center

At the end of last year, nine Falun Dafa practitioners from Hebei province and more than ten Falun Dafa practicitioners from other places went to Beijing to appeal. They were arrested, and afterwards they were illegally detained in the Tanghai County Detention Center. Among them, Yan Zixia was allowed to go home only after she (extremely weak from a hunger strike) fell down and injured her leg. Now there are still six Falun Dafa practitioners detained in the County Detention Center because they refuse to sign any statements guaranteeing they will cease to practice Falun Dafa. Supposedly, the application to sentence them to labor reeducation has already been submitted.

On the evening of May 11, people from the public security office of Jidong oil field in Tangshan, Hebei Province went to the home of Falun Dafa practitioner Ye Shuxia in an attempt to forcibly take her away. Ye firmly resisted these evil forces. Finally the police retreated to outside of her house, and stayed there for half the night.

[Heilongjiang Province] In the Spring Festival of 2000, over 20 Falun Dafa practitioners from a place in Heilongjiang Province went to Beijing and were all beaten severely after they came back. Among them, Sun Shuwen was beaten so severely that his whole body became black. Sun was later sentenced to a year of labor camp.

[Shandong Province] Wangcun Labor Camp Mobilizes 500 Armed Policemen to Persecute Falun Dafa Practitioners

Last October, Wangcun Labor Camp mobilized more than 500 armed policemen to persecute Falun Dafa practitioners.

Wangcun Labor Camp carried out forced "reform" on Falun Dafa practitioners. Any practitioner who refused to be reformed was harshly punished. Every day, this practitioner who refused would be forced to sit on a cold bench, forbidden to move or speak, and would be followed by somebody even when going to the bathroom. Wardens encouraged the criminal inmates to persecute Falun Dafa practitioners. If a practitioner slightly violated the stipulation, he was beaten or forced to stand still. Those practitioners who protested with a hunger strike or who practiced the sitting meditation, were whipped with rubber hoses, shocked with electric batons, locked up in confinement cells, and so on. For two days these cruel people continuously shocked Falun Dafa practitioner Ma Jialin with ten electric batons. Another Falun Dafa practitioner Hua Yuliang was punished by being made to stand still for nearly 30 days. Many Falun Dafa practitioners went on hunger strikes to protest, persisted in practicing Falun Gong, and firmly refused to be reformed. Over ten fellow practitioners intensely protested upon seeing that those people working at the labor camp were extremely vicious. Thus, the labor camp mobilized more than 500 armed policemen with loaded guns in order to monitor the practitioners.

Falun Dafa practitioner Zou Songtao's death in Wangcun Labor Camp was the direct consequence of this brutal persecution.

Moreover, Wangcun Labor Camp took 25 Falun Dafa practitioners to the wilderness, stripped off all their clothes, and forcibly injected a kind of drug which made the practitioners unable to urinate for six or seven days. This was done to force the Falun Dafa practitioners to sign a statement guaranteeing that they would give up practicing Falun Gong. Their viciousness is really disgusting.

[Yingshan County, Sichuan Province] Unjust Officials and Police Persecute Falun Dafa Practitioners

Unjust people from the police station of Yingshan county, and from departments of the Langchi township government in Sichuan province, arrested, scolded, and beat Falun Dafa practitioners frequently in the past two years or so. They illegally detained the practitioners, put them into labor camps, and sentenced them to jail many times. They also froze and confiscated the practitioners' properties for no reason. They even persecuted Falun Dafa practitioner with all sorts of criminal means such as framing, setting traps, and deceiving.

The Education Bureau of Yingshan County polluted the young students' minds with degenerated thoughts by holding ignominious, pitiful parades and demonstration, and by subjecting them to negative propaganda, which slandered and defamed Falun Dafa [the great law of the universe]. This seriously undermines humanity's morals and devours people's hopes.

Below are some brief facts about the persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners:

Tang Huaiji, male, 30 years old, is from Fengchan village of Yingshan county. He was escorted back to the county police station and then detained at the detention center after he went to Beijing to appeal in June 2000. He firmly cultivated Falun Dafa and believed in Teacher, did not surrender to the evil, and went on a hunger strike to protest during his detention. He was brutally tortured; for example a tube was forcibly inserted into his stomach for force-feeding, he was forced to wear foot shackles and handcuffs, and he was kept on the "punishment bed" for 7 days [a bed where the person's arms and legs are tied and they are forced to relieves themselves through a hole]. The wardens also encouraged the criminals to beat him, scold him, and not let him sleep. On many occasions the wardens even demanded money from his family members. They illegally detained Tang for 30 days before releasing him. Less than ten days after his release, Tang was arrested and sentenced to one year in jail for distributing truth-clarifying materials to people in government departments. Presently he is imprisoned at Xinhua Labor Camp in Mianyang City, Sichuan Province.

Countywide, eleven Falun Dafa practitioners were illegally put into labor camps or sentenced to jail, with the longest term being 3 years and the shortest term 1 year; 24 Falun Dafa practitioners were illegally detained or imprisoned for a duration ranging from 15 to 40 days. Some of the practitioners were detained five to six times within one year.

A List of the People Who Carried Out These Evil Deeds:

Yingshan County, Sichuan Province

County Party Committee Secretary: Yang Yupei (wire-puller)

Chief of the Police Station: Zhou Yuping

Chief of the first section of the police station: Zhang Weimin

Politics and Law Committee Secretary: Wu Bingquan

Chief of the Education Bureau: Yan Zelin (participated in hoodwinking young, innocent students and frequently organized counter-Falun Gong parades)

Procurator Chief: Yang Runmin

Deputy Director of the Detention Center: Yan Tao

Langchi Town

Party Committee Secretary: Deng Yanlin (main criminal), residence telephone: (86) (817) 822-1940, office telephone: (86) (817) 822-1182 (this is a switchboard number)

Party Committee assistant deputy secretary: Yang Qiang (principal offender)

Head of the Langchi township government: Li Ping

Assistant deputy director of Langchi Town Street Office: Li Zhaoxia (frequently participated in making arrests, beating people, and so on)

Director of Langchi Town Street Office: Li Renchang

Evil persons: Deng Jianhua (participated in making arrests, beating people), residence telephone: (86) (817) 822-8688

Evil persons: Yan Yunbiao, Zhang Quanhui, Li Wusheng, Hu Fayang, etc.

Local police station chief: Ye Yong (participated in making arrests many times)

Other cruel policemen: Luo Yongzhi, Cao, Li, etc.

[Xinji, Hebei Province] Policemen Steal Computer from Civilian's House

May 6, 2001, Shi Jianmin, the chief of Jianshe Street Police Substation Xinji City, led a group of people to search the home of Zhang Wen, a female practitioner. The excuse was that they were looking for practitioner Zhang Qing, Zhang Wen's sister, who didn't even live there. When the police arrived, no one was home. So they climbed over the wall and broke the windows to enter the house. They searched the house thoroughly, stealing many valuable things including a personal computer. Then they even used the stolen computer to extort money.

Phone to Jianshe Street Police Substation: (86) (311) 322-1469

[Qinghe County, Hebei province] Exposing the Vicious Behavior of Qinghe Police

Falun Dafa practitioner Zhao Baosheng, male, 38 years old, is a resident of Gexian Village, Qinghe County, Hebei province. On December 29 2000, he went to Beijing to validate Dafa. Five vicious policemen from Shaling Police Station of Shunyi County Beijing beat him so viciously that they broke his right arm. (Two of the badge numbers were 049069 and 049070.) Although it was the dead of winter, the policemen stripped off his clothes, tied him to a tree in the yard and poured cold water all over his body. Then they used electric batons to shock him. They used a long electric baton to shock his genitals many times. Finally they used several pairs of handcuffs to tie him to two beds and to chairs so he couldn't squat down.

Then the policemen applied electric batons, rubber batons, and police batons to beat him from 6:00 P.M. to 10:00 P.M. (over four hours). After the torture, he was transferred to Qinghe detention center. Although his family members pleaded with the authorities, he was not given any medical treatment. Finally, after being detained for 60 days, he was allowed to have an exam in a hospital. The X-ray showed that his arm was broken and that the cracked bones had been dislodged. Zhao had not been able to move or raise his arm for the entire 60 days. Yet throughout this time, the police did nothing. After 100 days in the detention center, Zhao began a hunger strike to protest the illegal detention and asked for an unconditional release. Even then they refused to release him. Instead they sent him to the forced labor camp in Handan City. (Zhao refused to sign the forced labor reeducation notice as it was not clear how many years he had to serve. Some said it was 3 years.)

At the Haidan Forced Labor Camp, the medical clinic found his arm was broken, the bones dislodged, the muscles withered and his right hand numb. So they refused to accept him and escorted him back to the Qinghe detention center. Zhao continued his hunger strike to protest. On the sixth day, the detention center force-fed him. On the seventh day, Zhao Baosheng was released. After he was released (on April 15), he was told that the Law Enforcement Section extorted 4500 Yuan (nine months of income of an average Chinese worker) from his family to issue the Release Certificate. The Detention Center also extorted 1900 Yuan of so-called "living expenses" before releasing him.

The director of detention center Zhu Zengxin said, "If the family doesn't bring in the money, we will force-feed him every day. As long as he is alive, nothing will ever be found to be our fault." Zhu has completely lost his humanity.

[Xinji City, Hebei Province] Criminal Records of Policemen from Hemujing Village Police Substation

Some witnesses reported that a group of plain-clothed policemen rushed to Maoying Village in Xinji Town to arrest Falun Dafa practitioner Zhao Ru around 7:00 P.M. May 3, 2001. About 20 policemen arrived in 5 police vehicles. They also brought two police dogs. They illegally ransacked the house of Zhang Dachun (Zhang Ru's father) claiming they were searching for Falun Dafa practitioners. Zhang Dachun's daughter-in-law Wang Can (not a practitioner) tried to stop them but they knocked her down to the ground, handcuffed her and kicked at her legs. Wang Can's legs got so swollen that she couldn't even walk. The police put Wang Can in the detention center for 4 days and fined her 5000 Yuan (10 months of income of an average worker in China). When releasing her, the police threatened her with violence if she appealed to higher authorities because they detained her illegallyand extorted money from her.

Xinji City Hemujing Village Police Substation: Phone (86) (311) 337-1006

Xinji City Detention Center: Phone (86) (311) 322-1676

[Shanghai] Practitioner Is Sentenced to 3 Years in Prison

The police in Shanghai have invested extensive resources in the persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners. Last June, practitioner Li Feng, female, was arrested and sentenced to 3 years in prison. She is still there. The police found an article downloaded from Minghui Net on her computer at her home in Shanghai. So the police decided that she was the person in charge within Falun Gong. When they found this article, Li Feng had already moved to Beijing.

Li Feng graduated from Qinghua University (in Beijing) with a Master's degree in 1999. She taught at a high school in Shanghai and was known to everyone as a good teacher. In May 2000, she resigned and moved to Beijing. It was there that the police from Shanghai found and arrested her, handing down the 3-year prison term.

[Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province] Lawless Officials Persecute Practitioners and Extort Money

Huangpu district government of Guangzhou City set up the third term of the illegal month-long "Transformation Class" on May 16 2001. 20 practitioners have been illegally detained to attend this class.

All the practitioners were deceived or kidnapped and forced to attend the "Transformation Class" without knowing anything about it. At the "Opening Ceremony", the family members and relatives were only allowed to look at the practitioners from a distance and were not allowed to say anything to them. Even though the relatives were very angry at these brutal actions, they were too afraid to say anything. Even more shameless, these thugs forced the practitioners' families to pay 6000 Yuan each (over one year's income of an average worker in China) as the "education fee" which contributed to the organizers becoming quite wealthy.

In the opening speech, a lawless thug named Jiang said, "The earlier they reform, the earlier the end of the class; the later, the longer. If (practitioners) refuse to reform, the class will extend indefinitely. After reform, a certificate of reform will be issued. If anyone refuses to reform and uses a hunger strike to resist transformation, she (he) will be sentenced to forced labor camp or imprisonment."

A vicious person: Yang Zhenni, Secretary of the Office of the Party Committee in Jinan University.

Party Committee Office Secretary of Jinan University, Yang Zhenni, is responsible for the persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners. Two years ago, she persecuted practitioner Gao Xianmin, a teacher of Jinan University, to death. Not only did she feel no regret for her crimes, she even persecuted more practitioners this year. In May, she deceived a steadfast practitioner Pan Xiaoping to get her to attend the illegal "Forced Transformation Class" held by the Higher Education Bureau. Pan is still in custody.

Yang Zhenni's home phone: (86) (20) 8522-1842


[Changchun City, Jilin Province] Guards in Team No. 1 of Chaoyanggou Labor Camp Instigate Criminal Inmates to Persecute Falun Dafa Practitionersá

The guards in charge of Team No. 1, of Chaoyanggou Labor Camp, behind the scenes, instigated criminal inmates to force Falun Dafa practitioners to smoke, drink, and beat others. Practitioners were punched and kicked when refusing to commit these wrongdoings. When practitioners demanded to meet with the labor camp guards, those guards made up excuses to avoid seeing the practitioners. These criminal inmates forced Falun Dafa practitioners to sit on wooden planks for fifteen hours a day as physical punishment. Some practitioners were bleeding on both sides of their buttocks and suffering from unbearable pain due to this long term mistreatment.á

[Beijing] Criminal Activities of Rogue Police Officer Fan Jinghu in Tuanjiehu Police Substation of Chaoyang District, Beijingá

A nefarious police officer, Fan Jinghu (phone number: 86-10-85994520), together with Director Guo, of the 610 Office [An office created by the government to deal specifically with issues related to Falun Gong], has been actively engaging in the illegal persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners. During the brief period from the beginning of this year to the present, over twenty people in the Tuanjiehu residential area have been forcibly abducted from their homes, without any legal procedures. Practitioners have been illegally placed into custody, isolation, detention, and so called "forced transformation." Officer Fan and Director Guo perpetrated this through intimidation, threats, arbitrary beatings, and by breaking and entering into practitioners' homes. As a result, some practitioners were forced to flee their homes, and their families became split up. Some of these practitioners are still missing.á

[Qinghe County, Hebei Province] Partial List of Falun Dafa Practitioners, Illegally Sent to Labor Camps

Sun Xiantao, from Qiansunzhuang village, Qinghe County, is currently being held in Handan Labor Camp.

Liu Jichuan and Zhao Ruixin, both from Daitun village, Qinghe County, are currently being held in Handan Labor Camp.

Zhao Ruixin, from Daitun village, Qinghe County, is currently being held in Handan Labor Camp.

Zhang Xianghua, from Dinglong village, Qinghe County, is currently being held in Shijiazhuang Labor Camp.á

List of criminal suspects in Qinghe County:á

Zhang Anchang, phone number 86-319-8181353.

Security guard with last name Liu, phone number 86-319-8188990.

Supervisor with last name Liu, phone number 86-319-8181778.

Zhu Zengxin, phone number 86-319-8185226.á

Zhang Anchang and the security guard with last name Liu are in charge of the Politics and Security Section of Qinghe Police Station. Since July 20, 1999, they have been engaged in the beating of Falun Dafa practitioners, destroying Falun Dafa books and slandering the Falun Gong founder. They also frequently broke into practitioners' homes to abduct practitioners, by climbing over the walls at midnight. During the daytime, they often forcibly lifted practitioners into police vehicles to send them to detention centers. They extorted money and other personal property, and sent out their vicious minions to the practitioners' homes to harass them.á

Supervisor Liu is the chief of a police substation. Since July 20, 1999, he has directed his accomplices to destroy Falun Dafa books and materials, smear the founder of Falun Gong, and to curse at and beat practitioners. He frequently visited practitioners' homes to harass them.á

Zhu Zengxin is the chief of a detention center. Since July 20, 1999, he has cursed at and beaten practitioners, and has extorted money and other personal property.á

[Jinzhou City, Liaoning Province] Finance School Teacher Cooperates with Police to Persecute Falun Dafa Practitioners, Following His Own Arrest

When Jin Shengxiao, who teaches at the Jinzhou Finance School, was arrested, he immediately informed the police of those Falun Dafa practitioners who had access to the Internet and those who were engaged in spreading Falun Dafa. He also revealed those who had clarified the truth of Falun Gong in the past. As a result, the police have abducted many practitioners involved in Falun Dafa work, and their whereabouts still remain unknown. Also, many others have been forced to become homeless and destitute.á

In order to arrest practitioners, Jin has resorted to lies and other deceitful means to trick their family members into revealing the locations of practitioners.á

Jin's pager number is 86-416-95951-13162.


[Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province] Secretary of the East Asia Company of Harbin Civil Aviation Bureau Sun Shiyan Cannot Shirk Responsibility for Persecuting Dafa Practitioners

The secretary of the East Asia Company of the Civil Aviation Bureau Sun Shiyan forcibly sent company employee Yang Tian (female) to Harbin Drug Rehabilitation Center to be "transformed" by coercion because she refused to cooperate with the evil and firmly refused to write the "guarantee letter". She's not released at present. The secretary of this company bears the inescapable responsibility for this matter.

The secretary of the East Asia Company of Harbin Civil Aviation Bureau Sun Shiyan

Telephone number: 86-451-2896609(home) and 86-451-2896387(office).

Pager in Chinese: 86-95808--98387


[Weifang City, Shandong Province] Qi Meifeng Persecutes Dafa Practitioners

Qi Meifeng, an unemployed worker in Weifang City, Shandong Province, over 30 years old, about 1.55 meters (5 feet 1 inch), runs a department store. Both she and her husband, whose last name is Du, are accomplices in persecuting Dafa practitioners.

Qi Meifeng reported Dafa practitioners, a couple, Du Hongfeng and Liu Huiqin, who live in the same residential quarter many times to the higher authorities. Fellow practioners had been studying the Fa and sharing experiences at the couple's home. Fortunately, Du Hongfeng's home was installed with a security door so the police failed in arresting people numerous times.

Dafa practitioners Lou Aiqing, who has been tortured to death in Kuiwen District Detention Center, and her husband Ji Jun, who has been sentenced to forced labor re-education, lived in this same quarter. They studied the Fa with fellow practitioners at home, and were reported by the vicious person Qi Meifeng. As a result, a dozen Dafa practitioners were arrested, and seven of them were illegally detained and one was illegally sent to the labor camp.

Currently, we disclose the crimes of Qi Meifeng to the people of the world, and let all kind-hearted people recognize her vicious nature.

[Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province] Vicious Police in Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province

Police of Xiacheng District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province are very vicious. In 1999, they illegally detained Zhang Jianbo, a graduate student in Zhejiang Industrial University for over 1 year. After that, he was illegally sentenced to 4 years of imprisonment. This is the first case in Hangzhou that a person was sentenced because of practicing Falun Gong. After the former director of Hangzhou assistance center Wang Dawu was illegally sentenced to 2 years of forced labor re-education, his wife Wu Xiangbing had to shoulder the heavy burden of the whole family by herself. She has a paralyzed mother and a 3-year-old child, yet she was also illegally sentenced to 2 years of forced labor re-education not long ago.

Most of the Falun Gong practitioners within the jurisdiction of Xiacheng District police were illegally sentenced to forced labor re-education. The police not only persecuted all of the Falun Gong practitioners within their jurisdictional area, but extended their devil's talons to the practitioners of other areas. Dafa practitioner Hong Chang from Hangzhou City was arrested in Ningbo City on May 10. Now Chen Xiaobing, a junior student of Chinese Art College faces evil persecution.

Phone number of Xiacheng District, Hangzhou City: 86-571-887036789 Extension 3614 or 3616.

The head of the Political Protection Section: Xiao XX.

Address: 11 Qilin Street, Haier Xiang.

Phone number of the Public Security Bureau of Hangzhou City: 86-87076677(telephone exchange)

Phone number of the Management Section of the Labor Re-education Bureau of Zhejiang Province: 86-88072800.

[Tianjin City] Criminal Acts of the Unlawful Guards from Banqiao Female Labor Camp in Dagang District

Dafa practitioners Chi Guixia and others were illegally sent to the labor camp because they validated Falun Dafa. They are currently detained in Banqiao Female Labor Camp in Dagang District, Tianjin City. Dafa practitioners detained there all suffered illegal torture. The vicious people forced them to work 12 hours per day, and only gave them 4-liang (200 grams) food. Once Dafa practitioners talked to each other, their grain ration would be cut off. The guards also forced Dafa practitioners to run. They were not allowed to tell the truth of their situation to their families, and could only write how kind the Team leaders were. When their relatives came to visit them, they had to come out walking in parade step, and were forced to stand at attention while talking. If practitioners resisted the regulation, they would be beaten and were not allowed to eat for several days. Many practitioners became very thin and weak and were badly bruised due to the torture. When visiting them, their family members could not help shedding tears and said they felt as if a knife was piercing their hearts.

The list of vicious people:

The head of Section 1 of Team 5: Song XX, the vice head: Bai XX

Records of the vicious people:

The secretary of Dagang District of Tianjin City: Zhi Shenghua

Phone number: 86-022-25991591

The chief of Dagang District: Chen Yugui

The 610 office of Dagang District Committee: Liu Shulan

The Public Security Sub-bureau of Dagang District: Yao Jiawang

Gangbei Street Police Station of Dagang District: Zhao Wanmin

The Politics and Regulation Committee of Dagang District: Zhang Jiamin

The head of Thangshan Kaiping No.1 Labor Camp of Hebei Province

Phone number: 86-0315-3362702(office) or 86-0315-2020980(home)

The Politics Committee Member of Thangshan Kaiping No.1 Labor Camp of Hebei Province

Phone number: 86-0315-3368810(office) or 86-0315-2037944(home)

The Reforming Team leader of Thangshan Kaiping No.1 Labor Camp of Hebei Province Phone number: 86-13001417678

The head of Hangye Public Security Political Protection Section of Hebei Province: Shi Jinzhu

Phone number: 86- 0317-5221076(office) or 86-0317-5225318(home)

Huangye 610 Office: Kang Xuebo

Phone number: 86-0317-5210390

The Secretary of Huangye Politics and Regulation Committee: Zhao Wenguang

Phone number: 86-0317-5995618