[Minghui Net ] In the Heizuizi female labor camp in Changchun City, Jilin Province, illegally detained Falun Dafa practitioners are tortured by prison guards. Prison terms are arbitrarily extended by prison guards if practitioners refuse to write letters to denounce Falun Dafa. Some practitioners have been imprisoned for nearly 2 years, even though their sentence was originally for 1 year. There is no sign so far that they will be released.

Fan Youlan, who is in charge of "reform," does not do anything to stop her subordinate's illegal acts; instead, she connives with them and shields them.

My Bitter Experience in the Heizuizi Labor Camp in Changchun

The prison guards instructed other prisoners to beat Dafa practitioners if they practiced Falun Gong exercises. One morning, even before practicing the exercises, I was taken to a bathroom, beaten and severely kicked by Feng Guojing, a prisoner convicted for drug addiction. She stopped hitting me after I told her that sooner or later I would be released. With other prisoners, she would not stop beating them until she was tired.

The prison guards shocked us with electric batons. We were also restrained in our beds and were not allowed to sleep. We were forced to "Fly like an airplane" (a type of torture with arms and legs outstretched,) and if our legs were not straight enough, we would be kicked until we couldn't stand up anymore. Dafa practitioners were forced to "Fly like an airplane" with their bare feet on the ice-cold cement floor in winter. Practitioners were also tied to the "deathbed" for over 10 days, were not allowed to move, and were forced to eat and relieve themselves in the bed. During the 2000 Chinese New Year, we practiced the exercises. Prison guards hit us with electric batons, and did not allow us to sleep for 5 days. We were beaten as soon as we closed our eyes. Once, because of practicing the exercises, we were beaten by other prisoners with wooden sticks used to carry water, until the sticks were broken. Later on, if anyone was caught practicing, the guards would shock her with three electric batons at the same time, and arbitrarily extend her prison term. Since we did not use our righteous thoughts to fight against this evil, the evil actions became even more aggressive. We were also forced to admit guilt. If we refused, our prison terms would be extended, and we would be further shocked by two electric batons at the same time.

We appeal to kind-hearted people around the world and the relatives of jailed Dafa practitioners: please extend your helping hands, and request the release of illegally jailed Dafa practitioners.

The List of Evil Prison Guards

Prison guard Li Tong , female, is the chief of the six brigades in Heizuizi female Labor Camp. In order to "reform" Dafa practitioners, she memorized Zhuan Falun and Teacher's other publications and articles. While trying to "reform" Dafa practitioners, she recites Zhuan Falun and Teacher's other works and then recklessly misinterprets, twists, and viciously misrepresents the implication of Dafa, and tries to mislead practitioners to the wrong conclusions. She uses an electric baton and other torture instruments to torture Dafa practitioners if they refuse to obey her orders. All Dafa practitioners believe that this deceitful, sinister individual, who has committed unforgivable crimes against Dafa, is the reincarnation of an evil demon whose purpose is to distort and destroy Falun Dafa. This evil prison guard who tried to destroy Falun Dafa was appointed a "High Achiever," and her "Meritorious Deeds" have been reported to the Ministry of Justice. She was on China Central Television's program on May 20. The name on the screen was Zhang Guimei, another prison guard, but it was Li Tong who was in front of the camera. Nobody knows if that was done intentionally or if it was a mistake. The practitioners in Changchun suggest practitioners may use righteous thoughts to eliminate evils.


The home phone number and home addresses of the Heizuizi Female Labor Camp staff in Changchun:

Camp director in charge of "reform:" Fan Youlan, +86-7697329, Building 6 Right Side, 33 Jianyang Street.

Adminstrative section chief: Yue Jun, +86-4638699, 305 Ziyou Avenue, Provincial Firefighters' Dormitory #3-601

The following are the leaders of the brigades and their home phone numbers:

Lian Guangri +86-7919799

Li Ying +86-2749435

Liu Hu +86-2713607

Yan Lifeng +86-7931582

Zhang Lilan +86-5675939

Lu Qingling +86-5648111-58177

Xi Guirong +86-5104049

Shen Minglian BP +86-126-5829274

Guan Wei +86-5705043

Liu Ying +86-5651943 new +86-5652308

Zhang Guimei +86-7965537

Wen Ying +86-854906

Li Xiaohua +86-5682402

Li Wenna +86-594488

Zhu Dan +86-2700303

Wang Limei +86-8663778

Li Tong +86-5938393

Ren Feng n/a