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Retribution for Vicious Policeman Wang Weijun in the Fangshan District of Beijing

The people of Chengguan Town in the Fangshan District all knew that the chief officer of the local police station was corrupt and liked bullying others. During the Jiang Zemin regime's suppression of Dafa practitioners, Wang has cruelly beaten Dafa practitioners ranging in ages from 10 years old to 60-and-70-years old. Gao, who was Wang's chauffeur, often beat practitioners when he was on duty as a driver. On April 5th, Wang and his chauffeur Gao were in a car accident. Both died at the scene.

One will eventually be rewarded for doing good deeds or penalized for doing bad deeds. The fate of Wang and all others who beat and otherwise abuse Dafa practitioners should serve as a serious warning to all of you who are now persecuting Dafa practitioners.

Assured Retribution for Damaging Dafa

On November 14, 2000, Sun Lijie, a female teacher in a junior college at Changchun, was arrested and placed in the Heizhuizi Labor Camp, where she was "reformed" on the 7th day. She started to mislead practitioners in the camp and helped to persecute them. She slandered Dafa in a TV program. Sun was a "good" assistant to the labor camp officers. On her advice, the labor camp bought a batch of books entitled "Exposing The Truth of Falun Gong" that defamed Falun Dafa and Master Li Hongzhi. All the inmates who had money in their accounts were forced to spend 20 Yuan to buy a copy of this book. On the night before her death, she organized everyone to defame "truth, compassion, forbearance." Because few people made comments, she demanded that everyone make comments the next night. However, the next morning on March 7, 2001, she suddenly experienced breathing difficulties. We were told that she died of a heart attack before anyone could perform emergency rescue attempts on her.

Actually, prior to Sun going over to the evil, from "720," [July 20, 1999] she went to Beijing several times to appeal for Dafa. She was detained, beaten, and lost her job and home. She acted quite well and had a significant impact on other practitioners. It was just like Master Li has said: "No matter how well they acted when arrested or beaten, all of that was setting the stage for their leaping out today to damage the Fa and confuse students. I hope that students don't listen to or believe their vicious lies. This has happened because I'm purposefully allowing them to expose themselves in order to let all of you clearly recognize them and to have these hidden malignant tumors be removed from among disciples." ["Suffocate the Evil"]

This is to advise those "reformed" persons to stop "reforming" other persons. Otherwise, "your efforts of waiting an extremely long time will be in vain instantly." [unofficial translation from "Suggestion"]

Firing Dafa Practitioners Incurs the Retribution of a 3-Year Jail Sentence

Zhou Xiaomei, a manager of a medicine company, fired all 16 Dafa practitioners and caused much difficulty in their lives. Half a year later, she was sentenced to 3 years of imprisonment for her involvement in a financial dispute. When she met Dafa practitioners in jail, she expressed her regrets, though it was too late already.

We would like to advise those people who resign themselves to aid the unrighteous and vengefully persecute practitioners: it is a heavenly principle that one reaps rewards for doing good deeds and one receives punishment for doing bad deeds. To be responsible for your own life, please don't persecute Dafa practitioners any more. When the retribution happens to you, it will be too late for regrets!

Woman Develops Serious Diseases Because of Defaming Dafa and Persecuting Practitioners

Yan Xuemei, a Party secretary assigned to the Foreign Language Department of Jilin University, several times, at meetings, used malicious and vicious words to defame Falun Dafa and Teacher. Without valid reasons, she financially and psychologically persecuted Dafa practitioners in her work unit by suspending the practitioners' bonuses, allowances and tickets for purchasing food. She disallowed practitioners to participate in group activities, to attend their classes and to teach classes for other colleagues. She forced practitioners to be "reformed," monitored their activities, forbade other teachers to talk to determined Dafa practitioners, and ordered practitioners to do cleaning work and serve drinks for her. She treated Dafa practitioners as enemies of society and advanced the political persecution on a large scale.

Whenever she did such things to persecute Dafa practitioners, she had a headache and felt distressed. She was even hospitalized and felt pain in her head, heart and eyes, and sick all over her body. The doctor did not know what the reason for all her discomfort. He could not name the disease that caused all of her discomfort and no prescriptions worked. She had a fortune-teller come to predict her fate. The fortune-teller said to her, "You are an extremely malicious and vicious person."

We would like to advise those who conduct themselves in a similar way to distinguish what is righteous and what is unrighteous, and not resign yourselves to being Jiang Zemin's slaves that persecute Dafa practitioners in order to get promoted and become rich. If you continue to help Jiang Zemin persecute Dafa practitioners, what you will eventually face is a never-ending and horrifying future.

A former Vice-chief Officer Dies In a Car Accident Within a Week of Openly Swearing at Dafa Practitioners

The former vice-chief officer of Cuizhenbu Town in Tieling County used a loudspeaker to openly swear at Dafa practitioners, and he died in a car accident within a week. The only injury that could be detected on his body was that his mouth was smashed. This event created quite an impact in the local area. Many people asked, "If he had not sworn at Falun Gong, would his mouth have been smashed?" After this incident, the police personnel in the station did not behave as viciously as before.

A Police Station Head Got His Legs Broken for His "Wonderful Results" in Persecution of Practitioners

A police station in a city of Jilin Province had "wonderful results" and was considered as an "actively involved" work unit in the persecution of Falun Gong. Before long, the head of this station experienced retribution. His legs were broken, and he had to stay home and not work. This is the retribution for his wrong behavior.