After studying Teacher's new article Dafa Disciples' Righteous Thoughts are Powerful, I had a strong determination to go to Tiananmen Square to validate Dafa. I said to my fellow practitioners, We will be back in two days. On the night of May 13, one of my fellow practitioners and I got to the train station and asked for tickets to Beijing. The ticket seller told us that there were no through trains to Beijing, and suggested that we could go there by changing trains in Tianjin City. It was our first time going to Beijing. Neither of us had ever been out of our hometown before. I thought that if there were not a direct ride, we would probably not be able to get back in two days, so we should wait a couple days to go. However, when my fellow practitioner asked me if we were still going or not, I quickly responded, Let's go. We had to go because I vowed to ask Teacher Li to strengthen my determination. After making this decision, we took a train to Tianjin. On the train, we spread Dafa to the people around us. When we arrived at Tianjin, we did not get on the train to Beijing since we heard from other practitioners that there were a lot of policemen in the Beijing train station. Therefore, we went to Beijing by bus.

In the morning of May 15, we asked our way to Tiananmen Square. Because we got there very early, not many people were there. Between the sides of the square and the People's Monument, there were continuous groups of people, and a few policemen patrolling back and forth regularly. There were also a couple of police cars.

We walked around the Square for about an hour. I saw there were not many people and got worried. I found a place to sit down and decided to wait until there were more people. A middle aged woman walked towards us, and thinking she was a practitioner, I asked her, Did you come here by yourself? She answered, I came with several others. I asked her again, Do you have a banner? She said, I know why you are here and I am not a practitioner. I looked at her and was not scared at all. I asked her again, Have there been many Falun Gong practitioners coming here in the past few days? She responded, There have not been many in the past couple of days, but days ago there were many because it was said to be Teacher Li's birthday. The most people are in the Square around 9:30am to 10:30am. She pointed to the policemen and said, They are carrying police clubs. I feel really bad when I see you Falun Gong practitioners being beaten. I don't think you should unfold your banners, as they are too easily spotted. You should just pass out flyers. A couple of days ago, a practitioner passed out all his flyers and blended in with the masses of people. The police did not catch him.

Then I looked at my watch and saw it was almost time to validate Dafa, because we had to arrive at the train station before 9:30am to buy tickets for home. I said to her thank you very much and then walked away with my fellow practitioner. We walked over to a group of people on the side of Tiananmen. While a breeze of wind and dust blew, I unwittingly yelled: Falun Dafa is good! The people all stood there in a daze. After those words were out of my mouth, my face bathed in tears immediately. I looked at the people mercifully. Then my fellow practitioner yelled out: Falun Dafa is treated unjustly! We shouted slogans alternately because we did not have any banners or flyers. I cannot remember how many times we yelled them. The people around were stupefied. We took a glimpse at each other, and then without thinking went through the underground passage with a group of people. My fellow practitioner said to me Look at the policeman near the memorial hall walking towards us. He probably saw that something was going on around where we were. I thought, We only yelled slogans a couple of times, and we were not breaking a law. What could he do to us? I said, There's no problem, let's go. There was a policeman at the corner of the passage, and a couple of riot police also came towards us. With steadfast determination, we walked calmly and unhurriedly through the underground passage.

We rode a bus to the train station and caught the train home at 9:30am. Because we had a righteous thought that we would be back in two days before leaving for Beijing, we returned in two days. I deeply experienced this truth: that when your heart is filled with righteous thoughts, you will get what you want. After coming home, I also passed the tests imposed by my workplace easily.