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My experience on December 9th, 2000 illustrates the corrupt and ruthless nature of Jiang Zemin's administration. I saw that "the people's police" were as vicious and ferocious as scoundrels. They only give lip service to protecting human rights in China, and the rights of women and children.

For speaking out and saying, "Falun Dafa is good" and "Falun Dafa is the righteous law," six of us practitioners were taken to the Qianmen Police Station. They stripped off our clothes to perform body searches and number us. My number was 100. Ma Zenyong, the Vice Command Officer of Qianmen Police Station, interrogated me. This rascal has the heart of a beast. He asked me to kneel down and give my name and address. I refused, telling him, "I will only kneel down to my Teacher. You don't deserve it." He beat me with the baton and placed his hands on my breasts, letting out dirty laughter. He then used the baton on my breasts, my private parts, and all over my body for an hour. My body was covered with bruises that were all black and blue. A newly married 20-year-old woman was interrogated soon after me. Her number was C 105. After I had experienced the ruthlessness of this policeman, I was worried about her. After 2 hours, she was brought back to the cell. Her pants were loosened. There was black stuff around her eyes. Her hair was all messed up, and was falling out tuft by tuft. Her pants were filled with filthy water and completely soaked. There were bloodstains all over her body. The baton was broken from the beating. Nevertheless, the evil policemen forced C 105 to pay 200 Yuan (Yuan is the Chinese dollar. The average monthly income of a city worker is 500 Yuan.) as a reparation. Ma Zengyong sent two policemen to threaten her not to tell anyone about what had happened to her.

After I went through the interrogation, a policeman took off my coat and put me outside in the cold until three o'clock in the morning. I started a hunger strike to protest my illegal detention and physical torture. We were sent to the Chong Wenmen Detention Center, but seeing our severe wounds, they refused to take us in. Then we were sent to Boai Hospital in Beijing for examination. The policemen there all saw that our bodies were covered with bruises. One of them asked us in a "kindly" way not to tell anybody.

What we have experienced fully reveals the Fascist conduct of Jiang Zemin's gang towards women. As a female citizen of China, I hereby call upon all kind-hearted people in the world to look into what is happening in China and stop the violence and persecution against Falun Gong carried out by Jiang Zemin and his gang.

The totalitarian government who forbids people to practice "Truthfulness, Benevolence, and Forbearance " is evil!

Those damaging Falun Dafa will receive retribution!

The policemen who release the criminals are incompetent and pitiful!

The policemen who arrest good people are mean and shameless!

Written on May 10, 2001 by practitioners in Mainland China.